Night Terror Medication: Do You Really Need It?

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Night terror medication. Do you really need it? Or is there a better way to solve night terrors for your children? Hey, I am Ryan from I Have 3 kids of my own, one of which has experienced night terrors which can be solved without the need for medication. Night terrors are quite common in children. Study say they range from 1 % to 6% of children having night terrors. Other studies say up to 15% of children have night terrors. And night terrors occur when your child wakes up in the middle of the night, crying, screaming, tantrum-ing, thrashing about and they appear inconsolable. You cannot cuddle them.

You cannot talk to them. They are just non-responsive. And the reason night terrors occur is because a part of your brain or a part of the child's brain wakes up and that is the part of the brain that controls movement. But a part of the brain stays asleep and that is the part that receives input, that creates consciousness that allows them to be aware of their surroundings.

So part of their brain wakes up that controls movement, so they are moving around crying, screaming, tantrum-ing, yelling out. Sometimes my son even says, "Oh, I got so legs! So legs!" But the part of their brain that is receiving input and that is actually conscious is still asleep. So it is very difficult to wake your child up, very difficult to stop the night terror from happening.

But the good news is, you should know as a parent, your child is not going to remember the night terrors and they are very unlikely to be dangerous to your child. They are considered benign by the majority of the medical community. And children generally grow out of them. But there are things you can do to actually the night terrors from occurring. You can try medicine but for most people medicine is going to be an absolute last resort. The medicine that is usually given for night terrors are things like Xanax or usually, I think, it is Valium. And so these are obviously designed to zonk your kids out.

Night Terror Medication: Do You Really Need It?

Just make them go into a really deep sleep and calm them down. Everything that I have seen around medication of night terrors is all focused on reducing the stress in your child. Now, some people do believe that night terrors are caused by stress in your child's life so this maybe a one-time stressful moment that triggers night terrors. It could be an ongoing stress. So some people do believe that stress causes night terrors. However there are signs that night terrors are hereditary.

There are also signs that it might not be stress related. So there is Valium and Xanax, which obviously are designed to calm your child down, calm down their brain. There is also St. John's wort, w-o-r-t, which is a natural supplement which is used in depression. So Valium is used in depression and anxiety. St. John's wort is used for depression as well.

So these are medications that people occasionally give their children for night terrors. But it is in very rare instances that you should medicate your child when they are having night terrors. The better solution is a product that is called Lully which you can check out. Go to, L-u-l-l-y.

This is a vibrating disc that goes under your child's bed. It is a technology product. It is about this big. It is just a disc that you put under your child's mattress and it vibrates. It is quite a strong vibration but it is not too intense. Basically, what you do is you put it under your child's bed.

It plugs into the wall. And then it connects to your phone while asleep. So you get your phone, there is a Lully app on your phone and you input data into the app: when your child goes to sleep usually, how long it takes them to fall asleep as well as when the night terror usually occurs. And what the Lully app will do is then let you know when it is time to turn the Lully on. So for example I put my son to bed at 6:30. Usually it takes him about 20 minutes to fall asleep. And then Lully tells us 2 hours and 10 minutes after we put him to bed, it is time to turn the Lully on. So it is really simple.

I get a notification on my phone. Me and my wife, we might be watching television. My phone will go bu-bling! And it will say it is time to power on Lully. And the way this device works is I then go into my son's room. It will advise you to watch over your child while you use it.

Using the app I turn the Lully on. It connects via Bluetooth. It then vibrates under my child's bed. It goes through 3 minutes.

However if he moves slightly - you know how you shuffle around when you sleep, or if he wakes up or if unfortunately he has a night terror - which has never happened, you then turn it off. And so the reason Lully works is that it creates a partial awakening in the child and interrupts, not the sleep cycle but the sleep pattern and stops the brain getting into that disassociated state. So by interrupting it, it stops the child from entering the sleep state when the night terrors are likely to happen. And it just solves the problem. They advise that you use the Lully every night for a month or for 4 weeks and then you should be night terror free after that. I have been using it probably about 2 months now and my child used to have night terrors about twice a week. And now I cannot actually remember the last time he had a night terror at night.

And monitor once ever one month or once every 2 months. In fact the last night he had, he was actually having a nap on the couch and had a night terror during nap time. But at night, no more night terrors for us and this solves the problem without medication. So it is great! It is very safe for your children. It is not even interrupting their sleep. It is not even waking them up.

It is just creating a partial awakening which happens naturally anyway, which is where they just wake up for a couple of seconds and fall straight back to sleep and something that they will not remember. So the Lully is great. I do not think my son even knows that the Lully exists because he does not know he is having night terrors. He does not know when they happen and he never remembers them. So he does not even know that the Lully exists but his night terrors are gone. So Lully is definitely recommended. Go to, L-u-l-l-y in order to get access to that and purchase it through

If you are outside the United States and you are having trouble getting it shipped to your country, then I had to use a service called So just go to and they will give you a physical address in the States. You then get the Lully shipped from Amazon to them and they then package it up and send it on to you internationally and you can receive it from them. So that is what I had to do to get it shipped out to Australia. So if you are outside the US, I recommend using

But Lully, great product! So go ahead, check it out. If you do not want to purchase the Lully, you can use what is called scheduled awakenings. So this is when you make note of when your child is likely to have their night terror and you wake them up about half an hour before that and you keep them awake for 3 to 5 minutes and then put them back to bed. And this is shown in small clinical studies to work. And you do this for 7 weeks and then after the 7 weeks your child should not have night terrors anymore.

I think they did a review at 12 months and the night terrors have not returned in the children. It was a very small study but it has proven to work with a lot of different parents. And so if you cannot afford the Lully or for some reason you do not want to buy the Lully the scheduled awakenings are going to be the next best thing. I do not like them because I do not want to wake my son up. I spent a lot of effort getting him to sleep. I also do not want to interrupt his sleep cycle. I want him to get good rest. And also, I do not want to wake up my daughter who sleeps in the same room.

SO the Lully is just discreet. My kids do not know that it is happening and it absolutely works. So I recommend it 100%. The whole reason I created this website is because when my child had this problem I could not any information or solution on it.

And I looked into a solution by hearing a podcast about start-up businesses, about a fund having invested in Lully. So I found out about it through happenstance and so I want to recommend it to you guys and to put some information out there to help you solve night terrors in your children. So if you are thinking about night terror medication, if you are thinking about medicating your child then definitely try the Lully first. Go to, L-u-l-l-y.

Purchase it through my affiliate link there. Or try scheduled awakenings before you try night terror medication. And if those do not work, if the Lully does not work or scheduled awakenings do not work, then obviously go and see a pediatrician to discuss your options with them. Most children grow out of them eventually and I actually have not heard of an instance where the Lully did not work for a child. However, I am sure that probably would not end up on..

I guess it would end up on Amazon reviews. If it did not work people would say it did not work. But I have never heard of it not working. So it has worked for a lot of people, hundreds of parents and hopefully they will work for you. So if you think about night terror medication, think again. Try the Lully or try scheduled awakenings first and use night terror medication as a last resort.

I hope that this has helped you guys and until next time, sleep well!.

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Night Terror Medication: Do You Really Need It?

Night terror medication. Do you really need it? Or is there a better way to solve night terrors for your children? Hey, I am Ryan from I Have 3 kids of my own, one of…

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