New Life Chiropractic - The #1 Way to Prevent a Heart Attack

By: New Life Chiropractic

The number one cause of preventing heart disease and heart attack is regulating the nervous system. There is four different studies up here that talk about that exact same thing and I have a giant list of one that talks about hundreds pointing to that exact same thing and not just for heart disease, for everything you can think of. And, that is so, so amazing. That's why it changes people's lives. So, what we're going to look at is are you functioning normally or is there a problem here? How do you know? If you've never had your nervous system checked, how do you know if you have this or this. This is health. This is breaking it down.

This is causing dysfunction disease whether you feel it or not, it's right there. And, as it continues to go, worse and worse causing more problems. The further you go forward, the increased risk. Studies after studies show that exact same thing.

So, you can either choose to not believe that or think something else or ignore it or cover it up or fix it. That is always your option. You can do those very same things. But, you know what? Your choices have consequences, if you look at those things. If you choose to get that corrected and you choose to affect the upper part of your neck, you can get rid of headaches and insomnia and high blood pressure and chronic tiredness and dizziness and sinus problems and allergies and everything else by removing the interference, by correcting the cause and supporting that healthy or you can cover those up with medications or you can just ignore it and deal with it for the rest of your life. You have these different types of options. So, whatever option makes sense to you but, if you're one of the people who wants to get better, if you are looking over that symptom survey and you're like, "Man, I checked off like ten things. I definitely have a problem.

I want to be able to get that fixed." Then, you got to check this system first before anything else, even before nutrition and before supplementation, before exercising, before metabolic testing and everything else, you got to look at this system because that's what controls the most things.

New Life Chiropractic - The #1 Way to Prevent a Heart Attack

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