Neurocouture // Hemiplegic Migraine | Data I

By: Neuro Couture

Hey everyone so today we’re going to continue the migraine series and we’re going to be diving deep into the diary of my migraine life. Alright let’s get started. Hemiplegic migraine is not a common diagnosis by a long shot. It is actually a pretty rare diagnosis in that a lot of neurologists and a lot of doctors haven’t really even seen it in person. I’ve encountered doctors who haven’t even heard of it — and so I end up having to do a lot of educating of medical professionals when I end up going to doctors, neurologists and specialists before I even get to the treatment portion of it.  For people who also have combined co-occurring conditions that kind of conversation and education of professionals can get kind of tiresome after awhile. When I first started having changes in my migraine symptoms — because I again, have been having migraines since childhood — when I first started noticing changes were in my handwriting. My handwriting has not ever really been the best. I’ve always hated handwriting since I was a childhood.

As someone who is autistic that probably is no surprise for many of you on the spectrum, it’s a shared trait for many of us.  I noticed very quickly that something was different about my handwriting during migraines because it was so drastically like at a deficit, and it was very, very different and I was losing my motor skills very, very quickly.  I’m going to show, for the first time what my handwriting kind of looks like during an episode and share what that looks like. How those times differ. And so the first thing that I’m going to show is this writing sample took me approximately two minutes with great difficulty to complete, and this was during a full hemiplegic migraine with aura. This was about a year ago almost to the day and this is not typical for me — and I’ll show a typical writing sample after this. So this is, yeah, this took me about two minutes with a great deal of effort — I’m talking about my cat here [shows writing sample], [Writing Sample is a small, square paper with a pink flourished outline and with a larger letter K in a circle featured in the upper left corner, the note says: Upper right corner: Full migraine with aura and motor sym. Middle: hello brina how are you doing?  Lower left corner: 2 minutes 2/3/15 - 9pm (The handwriting sample in the middle section is not fluid — letters are of varied pressures/lengths/jagged around the edges)] And this was a great deal of effort and difficulty on on my part here.

So the next day it looks like on 9:30am, the first one was at 9:30pm, my migraine symptoms had subsided. It took me about 3 seconds to complete the same sentence and my writing had basically turned or repaired or however you’ would want to say it…regained.  [Writing Sample is a small, square paper with a pink flourished outline and with a larger letter K in a circle featured in the upper left corner, the note says: Upper right corner: - No migraine Middle: hello brina how are you doing?  Lower left corner: 3 seconds 2/4/15 - 930am (The handwriting sample in the middle section is noticeably more fluid — letters are of consistent pressures/lengths/have more rounded edges)] So that was my first attempt to start taking data for doctors and kind of keep them in my journals. This was out of a great deal of frustration because I had noticed that doctors that were not necessarily taking me very seriously when I was saying that I was having migraines.

They were kind of passing it off as everybody has difficulty during migraines your migraines are no different than anybody else….

Neurocouture // Hemiplegic Migraine | Data I

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