Neck and Back Pain, Arm pain, numbness into tips of fingers, neuropathy | Steve Testimonial

By: Currie Health & Wellness Diagnostic Center

Interviewer: Today is April 23, 2014, and we're in Arkansas Spinal Care and Neuropathy Treatment Center. Sir, what is your name? Steve: Steve Williamson. Interviewer: All right, Steve, so tell me what brought you here. What conditions were you suffering with before you came here to Arkansas Spinal Care? Steve: I had back and neck pain and numbness and pain going down my right arm and everything. Interviewer: How far down your right arm did it go? Steve: All the way to the tips of my fingers. Interviewer: Was it bad? Steve: Yes, it was. Interviewer: Tell me about it. Explain how it felt and how often you dealt with it.

Steve: Well, the tips of my fingers were so numb I couldn't pick anything up or hang onto it. I'd be dropping it all the time. The pain in my arm, it would just be miserable, especially if I was driving or just trying to sit and relax. And all that's gone. Interviewer: Back, leg, arm, everything? Steve: Leg and arm, yeah. I came in also where I fell on the ice and hurt my ankle pretty bad, and it's completely well now just from the laser treatments.

Interviewer: Yeah, that day when you came in and you said that you twisted your ankle, I said, "Well, we'll just do some laser treatments on that." After one or two treatments, how long did it take you before that laser helped that ankle? Steve: Oh, I'd say probably about four treatments. Interviewer: About four treatments. Steve: Then that's when I really noticed the pain going away.

It would feel better after each treatment. It really would. Interviewer: Like remarkably better, or just a little bit? Steve: No, remarkably.

Neck and Back Pain, Arm pain, numbness into tips of fingers, neuropathy | Steve Testimonial

It would take a lot of the pain away. By the next day, it might be hurting again, but then after about the fourth or fifth day, the pain started easing up quite a bit. It's gone now. It's completely gone, and I feel great. Interviewer: Awesome. Thank you. I'm sure you went to a lot of different doctors.

Most of my patients have been around the block a time or two with healthcare. What else have you tried to help with this, and what did they tell you? Steve: I went to the doctor first about it, the family doctor. They'd done a MRI and said that I had some kind of swelling in and around my spinal cord or whatever and that's what was causing my pain in my arms and the numbness. They referred me to a doctor in Seracy [SP], which that doctor told me I needed to have surgery. I didn't want surgery, and that's when I came here.

Interviewer: Okay. Steve: And I'm glad I did. Interviewer: Thank you. Overall, what have you seen with my other patients? Because you've been here, you know how they've done. What would you say about the experience here in the clinic and the overall results? Steve: I would say I had only heard probably a couple people say that they're not sure if it's working or not. Everybody else that I've talked to or seen, it's just done remarkable for them. There's a few of them that I just couldn't even believe with my own eyes, just how they come in here.

And then now they've walked out of here and they're doing even better every day that I see them now. Interviewer: Awesome, Steve. I appreciate it. What would you say to somebody who needs this care and this program? Steve: I'd say they need to come and see you and try it out. Interviewer: Thank you, Steve.

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