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(music) good morning everyone I'm Olga Villaverde and I'm Amber Milt Welcome to The Balancing Act. So you know, have you ever lost your voice? Are you telling me that you want me to be quiet more often? No, I was just thinking, you're so funny. I was just thinking the other day remember when I lost my voice and I was struggling? That was tough. That was the first time that ever happened to me and then I realized that there are people who unfortunately lose the ability to speak. So today we're going to be learning about technologies that are helping those with laryngectomy. It's a great medical story and we're going to talk to a man who went through it, inspirational, You gotta watch this.

Oh. Such powerful stuff and speaking of distinctive voices we've got Chef Ralph in the house. Okay. And it's getting hot in here. Today I'm going to show you how to make a Chimayo cocktail with Tsimayo chili powder. Oh my! Plus so much more, so let's start the show. The Balancing Act starts right now.

(Music) Our voice, naturally a large part of our identity. It's who we are but imagine a world in which your ability to communicate is challenged after you've undergone a surgery called laryngectomy. Well the good news is thanks to advances in modern technology there are a number of ways to help you get your voice back. Joining us with insight is Meaghan Kane-Benjamin of Atos Medical. And later on you're going to meet a man, who can now chat it up again with the best of them. Good morning Meaghan. Good morning.

Thanks for being here. Thanks for having me. You know before we talk about laryngectomy. I think about you know the voice. I need my voice to do my job and I take it for granted. You probably only notice your voice when you lose it and you can't do your job. It's very inconvenient when you don't have a voice and that's of course it's laryngitis, but now let's talk more about laryngectomy. What is that? Laryngectomy is the removal of the larynx or vocal cords.

Natural Ingredients for a healthier Lifestyle

II's located in your neck. If you put your hand up here you can feel the vibration when you talk. Let me see for a second, absolutely.

Yeah okay and then when you swallow you feel the larynx move. The primary function of the larynx is actually to protect the airway from food and liquid going down the wrong pipe. Secondary is really to produce sound, which is your voice. Now this may seem like a silly question, but can we speak without a larynx or a voice box? You can speak without a larynx or voice box. We just need to find an alternative sound source. Which is oftentimes the esophagus. Okay, so when I think of laryngectomy, I don't know if you think about this? I think about those anti-smoking ads that we see.

You know which ones? Yes! They're very competitive. So compelling because the objective is to get people not to smoke right? But, most of the 3,500 laryngectomies, that's new laryngectomies each year that have surgery and go on to live very fulfilling lives. So there is life after laryngectomy? Absoulety. Now the great news, is there is technology that's helping people get their voice back. Absolutely and it's this. What? Just that? Just that. It is called a voice prosthesis.

There's a surgical opening between the trachea and the esophagus and this voice prosthesis gets placed, just like this and so there's one part sits in the esophagus, one part in the trachea and when the patient goes to talk they cover the stoma, that they're breathing through. It shunts the air through here and causes the esophagus to vibrate and the beauty of it is that there is a small valve on the backside so when the patient is drinking and eating the food and liquid doesn't flow back into the lungs. Fascinating.

Now tell me what this is here? So this is amazing, this is called the flexi voice, this is placed on the outside of the stoma and it's a, it's a, it's a pressure-sensitive membrane so that the patient can talk without using their hands to cover. Oh my good ness. Which is basically what they were doing before they had surgery. And then we have you know H.M.E. The heat moisture exchanger.

Just in a nutshell, this is your new nose this is what you put on to help warm humidify the air which is very important to the health of your lungs and there's one for the day and there's also one for the evening. Now I know we have a clip with some patients who are using this technology. Oh great I want to hear what they have to say, so let's take a look real quick.

I'm the luckiest in the world. I had cancer and lost my voice. I've now got it back and when people see me, from I was normal. Haven't seen me for a while. And to see me talk to the them now. They saty, it's just like having you back Bill. Everyday me and my wife go for a walk and when we walk, we talk. To use the hand free speaking back is giving me the possibility to live a very active life.

Hello, my name is Torak Islam and I have a voice. Truly remarkable and just changing lives. It's amazing. All right, amazing also is our next guest, so stay right there because we're going to take a quick break and when we come back we're going to meet a man who is now talking up a storm. Thanks to this great technology. We'll be right back (Music) (Music) Before the break, we were discussing laryngectomy. A surgery in which the Voicebox, The larynx, is taken out. It's usually performed in advanced stages of cancer.

Well joining me once again is Meaghan Kane-Benjamin and also now is joining me is Henry Childress. Good morning. Thanks for having me. No, thank you so much for being here. For sharing your story tell me, tell me, what happened? We had a New Years Eve party at my house and the next morning I woke up horsed.

Which happens to many people. Especially after a New Years Eve party. Oh course, you were having a lot of fun. So I started going to the doctor and getting antibiotics, going to the doctor, getting antibiotics, on my wife fianlly told me we need to see a specialist. You weren't getting better. I wasn't getting better. I went to one specialist and they found a nodule on the vocal cord and even he's the one that found that I had stage four tumor on my vocal cords. So what were your options? They start out with chemo and we had chemo for two rounds in the second round like a bad reaction.

Mm-hmm. And so they pulled me off of it. And sent me back down to doctor's office and he put the tube back down me. The tumor was growing. So he rushed me into surgery and cut the tumor out. And then I got a trach right there so I can breath.

Mm-hmm. And then you realize you had to have a laryngectomy. When I come out of it, he talked to my wife and I, There's two options, I could not have the laryngectomy. He could maybe give me six months, two months, or have the laryngectomy. And that's decision we had to lmake. This is very common Meaghan, where you're misdiagnosed time passes and then maybe something like this can happen? Yes, because there's so many causes of hoarseness and it's cancer, laryngeal cancer is relatively rare so it's not the first thing. Now Henry, I was reading here you've been married for 36 years, congratulations.

Two children and three grandchildren and one in about for another week. Congratulations there, so when you underwent the laryngectomy, how how was your life, what were you doing how did it change your life? it must've been very difficult? I can only imagine Very difficult. Ummm. All right so let's move on. So you got the technology and then that helped all that bad stuff go away. Right, so let's talk let's talk about the positive stuff. How did this technology then change your life? Like the person I was before? What were you able to start doing? Play with my grandkids without talking to them and trying to write.

They didn't know what I was saying. Community support really important in the situation? Advocacy? There's such a small number of people that get a total laryngectomy, every year. That they need access to other people that have gone through it and to education.

Having people like Henry doing things like this helps raise awareness and then there's so many events and activities. There local support groups, there's national things and I think that really helps with the understanding of what the future could hold. I just want to give back now.

I meet with patients before they have the surgeries. I like to help the patients, the people. So Henry, I want you to use your beautiful voice and tell anyone out there who is hesitant about getting this surgery, what would you tell us. First of all I would tell them, if you don't get the answer from one doctor, go to another doctor. Until you get the right answer, Don't go with the doctor if they tell you you need the laryngectomy. See if they have got a patient waiting you can talk too. That made all the difference in the world for me.

Changed your life. Changed my l ife. For more information on how to reclaim your voice visit that's Or go to our website (Music) (Music) Spice up your kitchen with a culinary chemistry experience using organically grown chilies. I'm chef Ralph Pagano from Quickbytes and welcome to my kitchen.

Today, I'm going to show you how to make a Chimayo cocktail with Tsimayo chili powder. The Chimayo chili is the native chili of New Mexico. It's one of the finest spices, in fact it's not just the spice it's a way of life. Organically grown, Chimayo chili peppers are grown in the land that's known for its hot days and chilly nights and what happens from that incredible land that it grows in is its dark rich deep mix of sweetness and spiciness and it's so amazing. I'm going to take that Tsimayo chili powder.

I'm going to make a paste out of it using the chili powder, a little bit of garlic white vinegar and a squeeze of lime. This paste now becomes a chili sauce. Amazing, you can rub this on your fish and your chicken just as it is and I'm going to add good old-fashioned kosher salt to this mix. Mix it all together. This is where you're going to add to the glass when we're making our tequila drink. It's going to be fantastic.

We've got this great paste. Gonna pop it onto a sheet pan. Spread out the mixture. Now I've got the paste ready to go on my sheet pan. Set the oven for 350 degrees. Now here this! Turn the oven off! The hot air in the oven is going to dry out the Chimayo chili and the salt just right. I'm going to pull it out and it's going to be absolutely perfect and ready to drink.

That's right, I said drink. I'm gonna make a cocktail today for the first time in country cook history it's cocktail time. Hallelujah! First things first, get a good dose of lime around the glass rim, run your glass around on your salt to get that beautiful smoky and richness all around. Your glass that looks perfect. Then there goes the secret.

I'm going to put ice in my shaker. I'm going to add to that some beautiful Blanco tequila creme de cassis. Creme de cassis is sweet, it's got the flavor a black currant and the black card with the smokiness and the richness from the Chimayo is going to be absolutely incredible. A little bit of lime apple cider and now we've got a fantastic drink. I'm going to shake that up a little bit.

This is going to be very exciting. So alright, now let me tell you what else you can do with some Tsimayo chili powder. How about a rub for your steak. Right over here, I've got the simplest of all ingredients coaches soul. Light brown sugar, garlic salt, black pepper and the star of the show the Tsimaya chili powder. How about my favorite guilt-free snack? Fresh pop popcorn with some Tsimayo chili powder on top. Absolutely fantastic. Rich, spicy, smoky, it's great.

Talk about guilt free and delicious, it is absolutely perfect. Want to know more about Tsimayo chili powder? Go to or our website and don't forget to share your favorite recipes with us. Remember this has been a Quickbyte but drink slowly. Hmmm this is delicious. (Music) (Music) We've all heard of super foods. Those powerful ingredients packed with nutrients and minerals that boost health, stave off chronic conditions, and keep us lean, but can they make us look younger, too? Here to talk about the connection between nutrition and our skin is Linda Lizotte, a liscenced nutritionist who is also president of the plant based skin care line AMG Naturally. Good morning, welcome back! Good morning, thanks! Alright, so let's get to it.

You know, we are what we eat, right? I actually believe that what I eat and if it's good gets me a nice complexion, yes? Absolutely, if you're eating the right foods. Right, which is important to do. Yes. So we are going to talk about foods that are you know packed with nutrients because the body it wants to assimilate those nutrients into the cells so that all of the cells can function at their best and it actually helps us look our best too. So good foods and bad foods.

Let's first talk about the bad ones. Those we should avoid. Yea we want to avoid the white processed foods. The white sugar, the white flower. The white pasta. Those are not good for any body. The hydrogenated oils, the bad fats, the trans-fatty acids. We want to avoid all of that.

No margarine. Alright so we now have four foods that nourish our skin. In fact we have them right behind us. Number one is coconut.

Coconuts grow in very hot areas so they naturally can protect the skin from like the sun for example which is interesting. They're loaded with electrolytes which would be very good for preventing dehydration and they're loaded with electrolytes, magnesium, potassium particularly. Twice as much potassium as a banana and those are great for the heart and great for blood pressure. I've got to start, lacking that. One I do love, and I do have energy is papaya. We actually call that fruitabumba, but papaya. That's a good one. Papaya is great for you.

It tastes great, it's sweet, it gets its orange color from one of my favorite antioxidants which is beta keratin. I use beta keratin a lot in this line. It Is extremely protective. It is a great antioxidant that keeps the skin young. You know it has a lot of vitamin C. That's going to help collagen production. Now my third one is one that my kids love as well - spinach and kale.

That is a really good one for your body. Yes, the greens! The greens have very different nutrients. Very high in calcium.

Very high in folate. And foate is a B vitamin that is really important for preventing strokes and heart disease. And the last one lets see what it is. I will let you say that one. Sacha Inchi. There you go! That's my favorite. And sunflower. Yea.

Seeds! These are Sacha Inchi seeds. These are sunflower seeds. You are familiar with those. Both great snacks. They are much better than potato chips. Its a super food right there. That's the highest omega three containing plant on the planet. And you had a great idea of taking a superfood and including it in your line of products? Yea, I was looking for a line that was naturally green, naturally clean, contained the super foods which makes since because again like you said we are what we absorb and then the most important thing like I wanted it to work.

I want the products to work. So I have that here and I am very proud of this and we have a hydrating mist and toner. This is a five step system. Daily moisturizer, it's going to have your sunflower oil in it and your Sacha Inchi oil and your Maringa oil. Very powerful super foods. And under eye serum. I would love for you to put some on right now and see how you like that smell.

So it goes under my eyes? Yep, this is for wrinkles. It contains retinol, CoQ10, hyaluronic acid. Anything for wrinkles I will use. Next one. And dark spots too. And then your night time moisturizer.

Very potent and absolutely good at turning cells over and making them younger while we sleep. And I know you are very passionate about your dead sea mask? Yea, the dead sea mud mask. It feels great. You leave it on until it dries and then you clean it off with a wash cloth and that's going to pull out impurities and it is loaded with minerals from the dead sea. It's great stuff. And the exfoliarter should be used about three times a week to get rid of the old dead cells and turn over the new ones. And every day we should start our day with a papaya fig splash cleanser. And something I love, we talked about this the last time you were here, is that you can actually understand what is in your line of products.

It's not ingrediants that you can't even recognize or say for that matter. Yea, because those long words that are hard to pronounce are typically chemicals that are being used as preservatives and nature provides so many preservatives that we don't need to put those chemicals on our skin. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it. And of course if you would like more information to learn more about the AMG Naturally line and Linda's work at her website go to or visit our website Your car's battery is essential to your vehicle.

Think of it as your automobiles heart. It constantly pumps a steady stream of life in your car. Get ready to start your engines because today we'll be playing a game called battery basic. Fact or fiction? Only cold weather affects a battery? The fact is, a dead battery is common in cold weather but did you know that extreme heat begins the wear and tear inside a battery. High under hood temperatures can literally dissolve your battery on the inside. However you begin to notice it in cold weather when your car requires more cranking power from the battery to start the engine.

Fact or fiction? A better battery doesn't make me safer? The fact is, consumer demand for modern power-hungry accessories such as heated seats, steering wheels, GPS navigation and cell phone chargers are driving the need for new battery technology which requires a new breed of battery. Batteries from Bosch offer first-class quality for a wide range of vehicles and also provide the reliability and performance that modern cars rely on. The Bosch AGM also supplies enough power for frequent stops and starts and provides a reliable source of power for models with high electrical demand during the stop phase. Fact or Fiction? It doesn't matter what kind of battery goes into my car? The fact is AGM batteries must be used as replacements in cars originally equipped with AGM batteries. AGM, Absorbent Glass Matt, is among the latest cutting edge technologies for batteries. Bosch AGM battery has up to two times longer life than conventional starter batteries and a four year warranty and is also 100% maintenance-free. Fact or fiction? You shouldn't trust your mechanic on selling you a more expensive battery? Point you could just change it yourself. The fact is modern cars use an increasing number of components that are running in a complex electronic system.

This is why it's important to bring your car to a certified technician such as a Bosch car service center. Thanks for playing, Battery Basics. For more information go to or our website I have got to get me some of that chili powder. Cause you like it hot.

I am Latina. Yes I like it caliente. Mmm, We Caliente.

You know I like my man hot, I like my coffee hot, I'm thinking. .. You what that'll be good into? we're talking food, right? A little bit in a Bloody Mary. Right, chili powder, like a little bit of a spice. We went from food, to coffee, to men, to drinks. That's the morning time, I mean, come on. There you go, come on lets say bye, bye. All right everybody, you can head to our Facebook page and our website and of course you can always follow us on Twitter.

Because we've got lots more there. Thanks for watching everyone. Bye, bye. (Music).

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