NAD IV Therapy And Parkinson's Disease

Author: NAD Treatment Center

My name is Addison Thompson. I am a resident of Louisiana in St. Bernard Parrish. I am retired New Orleans Policeman. I am retired United States Army.

I am retired right now. What's it like to have Parkinson's? Besides being embarrassing, it's very debilitating. You really don't feel comfortable in company. You don't feel comfortable in crowds. All that is gone now with NAD.

It really is. Ten eleven years ago, I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. I was being treated at a local hospital for that many years. 8 or 10 years it was ineffective.

They put me on all kinds of medications. It was very ineffective. None of it really worked.

NAD IV Therapy And Parkinson's Disease

I was eating in a restaurant one day. The man that owns the restaurant. He says, "Addison why are you eating with a spoon?" I said, "because I cannot keep things on a fork." He says, "Would you be interested in trying an experimental thing called NAD?" "Well I cannot lose anything." So, he took me to a clinic in Springfield Louisiana. And for five straight days I took a thousand milligrams of NAD and within an hour of the first treatment I noticed a complete difference. And after the five days, I had absolutely no tremors. And prior to that I was dribbling.

I had visions in my peripheral vision. After the first five days, I did not have any of that. Now, whenever I have a traumatic event, it comes back. And every five or six weeks, I get a booster shot along with the medicine that they call the calm. And I no longer stumble, no longer I have dribble, my peripheral vision has been corrected. And my tremors are down to a minimum, maybe 90% cured.

I have... Every once and a while depending upon the stress level, I will have tremors. But, on a normal day, with normal circumstances, my tremors are absolutely gone. After I started taking NAD, and everything subsided, all the side and bad effects were gone, I went back to the doctor that prescribed these medications, and I said, "Doc, I have no more tremors, no more dribbling, or stumbling, slurred speech, lack of sleep." He said, "Well, maybe you did not have Parkinson's to start with." And I have been to other physicians and they said, "Oh Yeah, you have had Parkinson's." And I still have it by the way. Are you on any medications right now? Besides the occasional NAD? No. Vitamins. I recently had a heart attack. Not Recently, but eleven years ago.

I am on some heart medication. No Parkinson's medications? NONE! It didn't do any good anyway. Oh, my God! The quality of my life has improved one hundred percent. And I can go into mixed company now. I was afraid of going into mixed company before because I was afraid of the tremors. And I have no problems now. My memory is fantastic. It wasn't so good before.

I am seventy-eight years old, soon to be seventy-nine and I feel as spry and as good as when I was fifty-five sixty years old. That's what it's done for me. It's a youth drug! (If you will). My energy level, I thought was the same.

But my wife is very very pleased with my energy levels because I help her out a lot now and I didn't do it before. What would you say to someone who has Parkinson's out there? What would you say to them? I would say that if all your treatments didn't work like mine didn't. If all your medications were for naught, it would be well worth your while to give it a try and give it a sincere try because believe me, it works.

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NAD IV Therapy And Parkinson's Disease

My name is Addison Thompson. I am a resident of Louisiana in St. Bernard Parrish. I am retired New Orleans Policeman. I am retired United States Army.I am retired right now. What's…

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