Myopia Treatment -- 5 Easy Steps to Treat Myopia

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Myopia Treatment -- 5 Easy Steps to Treat Myopia Myopia treatment usually means glasses, contacts, or eye surgery. But, as we established in the last few articles, they don't work as a myopia treatment. They only work as a crutch.

So, as hinted at in the previous articles, there is a natural way to treat and actually cure myopia. You just have to deal with the underlying causes. Myopia Treatment Step 1: First things first, you have to understand that mental, spiritual, and physical reasons come into play.

On the mental and spiritual side, it's not facing the future, having no purpose, no vision for life. On the physical side, it's the tight neck and back muscles that prevent the brain and eyes from communicating properly. A stiff back also interferes with the communication between your brain and your organs. That affects the liver and kidneys and, holistically speaking, they are connected to your eyes. The liver meridian opens into your eyes.

So if your liver is too toxic, the life-force energy destined for your eyes doesn't get there. If your kidneys are overloaded, the liver takes on their load. So it's a double negative for your eyes. Finally, there are the eye muscles. These are too tense due to chronic stress. So that's a kind of crossover of the physical and the mental. Myopia Treatment Step 2: Now that you know what areas to tackle, you have to start somewhere. For myopia the best starting point is developing a vision for life.

Myopia Treatment -- 5 Easy Steps to Treat Myopia

Know your purpose. Why are you here? What meaning does your life have? The Free Vision Improvement Toolkit here on the page contains an entire guide for walking through the process, step-by-step, so download it here. Myopia Treatment Step 3: Once you have a vision for life, start to tackle your physical issues. You have to balance out your body, get it more flexible, and detox your liver in a gentle yet effective way. Our website has articles about this and there are more tips in the toolkit. Myopia Treatment Step 4: Then you have to address what you don't or didn't want to see. What happened to you emotionally or spiritually in the 2 years before you first got your glasses? That's a great place to start investigating. Myopia Treatment Step 5: Learn to relax, get rid of stress, and then balance out your eye muscles.

Take life easier! Our stress today is created in the mind. It's not really all that bad. If you read this and think your life stinks, think about exchanging it with a native in Africa for a day and imaging what they'd think. The Problem of Eye Exercises The most common myopia treatment offered online are eye exercises and palming. These do have their place, but on their own are short-lived. Their effectiveness will greatly diminish over time if you don't tackle all these areas. The Free Vision Improvement Toolkit has a lot of tips, so download your copy here. Then add to the discussion below and let me know what you think.

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