My Horrible Nightmare - Sleep Paralysis

By: Christian Lie

Hi guys! Sorry for not putting out any videos lately, but i`ve been in London so i haven`t had the time. Sorry... Well, i guess it doesn`t matter anyways since i don`t have any subscribers. I don`t have any subscribers yet! Or i have like 30 subscribers but... Subscribe to my channel. No, sorry guys. It`s abviously your choice if you want to subscribe to my channel or not. I`m not going to push you into doing anything.

Anyways, today i`m going to talk about dreams. I`m not refering to the dreams you have of getting a new car, starting a new life or your dream of growing a nice mustache. I`m talking about the dreams where you actually go to sleep and... Dream! The reason why i suddenly gained so much interest for dreams, is because i had an experiense for not so long ago that had to do with sleep paralysis. And ah, what does sleep paralysis mean? Sleep paralysis is like a state between sleeping and awakeing. And when you are in this paralysis, your whole body is asleep. Your muscles are paralysed so you can`t move, but you can still observe and see what`s going on around you in the room.

Your dream is still going on at this point, and the most creepy thing about this is that a lot of people feel heavy weight pushing on their chests. Some even imagine creatures and shadow-people around them in the room. And they can`t do anything, they have to lie there in the bed like:. . .So basically they`re like Steven Hawking when he`s trying to wake up from a nightmare. Ahahaha. I`m so funny. Anyways guys.

I experienced sleep paralysis myself, or it was kind of like a weird version of sleep paralysis. Here it goes. I suddenly had this nightmare where this rope started to swing like this. Very fast! (Broom) And then swoop... Suddenly it stopped.

My Horrible Nightmare - Sleep Paralysis

And i was like (gisp), and th i woke up. Unlike other sleep paralysis examples i was able to move my body, but i as still in my nightmare though i was awake. So i stood up and walked around in my room and booom! Suddenly i saw this gigantic cannon in my room, and i was like: "man what the Fu** is happening right now?" I was so creeped out! Suddenly the cannon started to move, something came out, and it was a cannon ball. You may think it would come at me like this (fast movement). But it moved in slow motion, so it was like (slow roaring movement/sound). It came really slowly at me.

And this scared me even more you know, so i ran down the stairs into the bathroom in order to get some water into my face. So then i woke up. It was the most terrififying dream i have ever had, and at the same time the most amazing thing that i`ve ever experienced in sleep.

Yet i wasn`t asleep, it is hard to explain :) The closest explanation i found to this was sleep paralysis. That`s what made me very interested in dreams. So i guess i`ll put out other videos where i talk about lucid dreaming and other things that has to do with dreams in later videos. I find it very interesting, so yeah. Hope you find it interesting too :) Well then you know what i`m up to at the moment.Thanks guys for watching this video.Please subscribe to my channel if you liked this video.

It would really help me out. Thanks again bye.

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