Multiple Sclerosis Monday- Using Tysabri to Treat MS Symptoms

Author: Mallery Schuplin

What's up YouTube! This week I'm shaking things up a little bit with a new video series called Multiple Sclerosis Monday, or MS for short. I felt it was time to create a little bit of awareness up in this joint! I'm really, really, really lame. I get asked a lot of questions about my experience with MS, and since MS is different for every single person out there, I thought I would just share. Lay it all out, spread eagle and shit. It's time for me to let you in, to this. I warn ya, you might not want to be in this head, but I'm lettin' ya in. I know you guys are here because you Googled Tysabri and you're trying to figure out which medicine you should take.

Do I take Avonex? Do I take Copaxone? What's Tysabri? Do I want to just be okay, or do I want to feel good? Do I want to give myself injections, or will I remember to take a pill everyday? There are so many choices out there. It is extremely overwhelming. I wanted to discuss Tysabri because it happens to be time for my monthly.

And I'm not talking about my period. I'm talking about Tysabri because it's a once a month infusion. You have to get Tysabri on the nose every 28 days. They give you a couple days leeway, but you're really supposed to take it every 28 days. Let me tell you a little bit about what happens once a month. I drive down to Farmington Hills to the Michigan Institute for Neurological Disorders, and I take a pregnancy test. Which I'm not pregnant! And then once they realize that you really are not pregnant, you get hooked up and they start your IV. I used to get wicked infusion headaches! Oh my goodness! Like, I would just come home and just get in bed because my head hurt so bad.

I found that if I get a really, really good night sleep and I take Aleve, to pre-medicate myself, before I go, then the headaches aren't as bad. Now before I get to the scary stuff, the stuff that might deter you from Tysabri, let's talk about the good stuff. Tysabri is effective! High risk, high reward. That's the way I was.

Multiple Sclerosis Monday- Using Tysabri to Treat MS Symptoms

I was diagnosed when I was 19, but we're gonna talk about that later, and it was the only option for me. I just wanted to live a normal life. If I die, I die, but a normal life is good.

But don't let that scare you. Just because I said die. Die is probably not the word I should use in a video like this, because I'm not dying. No, I'm living. Now the downside to Tysabri is you can develop PML. PML is a rare brain infection.

I have MS, and my mom has MS. I am JCV positive, she is JCV negative. Now if you are JCV positive, like myself, your odds of developing PML are greater. Which is a little scary, or a whole lot scary because I have a child, and a husband, and a house, and 5 cats.

Five cats. You know, they can not live without me. I know this.

My hair did fall out. I have a lot of hair though, so it was really only annoying for the person cleaning the drain, and maybe my hair stylist because I had bald patches. A little bit. That's what Cortney said. But. Just I had hair fall out when I started the medicine. At first, you could really tell.

Day 26, 27 I was exhausted. Just tired. I needed my drug! But then after the headache went away, all was good, man! Would I trade it for any other medication on the market right now? Answer. No! I am not keen on giving myself injections every day. Or remember to take a pill because I can not remember to feed my cats. Which they are sitting right there because they're hungry. Really, a monthly infusion is the only option for me. My speed has improved.

My walking has improved. It reduced the inflammation. And there's nothing active. So, to me, it is worth it. But you should totally weight out the pros and cons for yourself! Be sure to subscribe because we are talking about JCV and PML next week, since I touched on them a little this week. And leave me comments below if you have a specific question about my experience.

I am here to help you! Check you guys later! Bye!.

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Multiple Sclerosis Monday- Using Tysabri to Treat MS Symptoms

What's up YouTube! This week I'm shaking things up a little bit with a new video series called Multiple Sclerosis Monday, or MS for short. I felt it was time to create a little…

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