Mr. Wilson's Blackhead Extractions! #Throwback

Author: Dr. Sandra Lee (aka Dr. Pimple Popper)

The other thing I really try to keep things nice and clean sometimes people are on blood thinners [and] it creates an area that's a little more like every time you make a nick wants to ooze and Those are the ones that I don't, even though they might have good extractions. I don't love them because you know people It looks scary to a lot [of] people if they see red so um It's really weird that I've perfected some kind of art Keeps going my goodness see that's when you know you never know. It's surprising [it] was [a] good one You had a big [one] there just now Huh look [it's] still going actually in the same area that is going to take down your nose significantly right here Yeah, significantly actually improve that other side my goodness.

You just need to be like on a three to [four-month] plan with us Just come in every three to four months and make everybody happy people also say they like the snapping of the gloves the sound but it makes Its like [soothing] or something when we glove up yeah, they snap that yeah And they call this is something called ASMR. I don't think I talked to you about that Robert. There's like a like a whole all these YouTube channels on ASMR and like I think it's a I'm dropping.

I'm sorry. I need to clean you off after this It looks so much cleaner though. I'm I am getting I am very happy with this See the one I'm talking about right here Here and I'll have to grab some of this. Right Gary When I weigh around almost there He's getting close to the end here [less] you Almost there we just got this one thicker area here This is where we kind of sculpted. We sculpted him a little bit. I do think there's some oil in there.

But it's tough to get out The reason some of it's a little bit like sort of watery looking is because it was numbing and put under there I think it's just put liquid underneath the skin Yours are satisfying in the sense that I can do them and I can see them get lighter your doing great So [we're] kind of pushing slowly increase the pressure I know there's a bigger one I think under here Come on. That one flattened out nice You get a little sciatica these days. Huh Mm-hmm. I can tell you can't sit still you poor thing So annoying [it] is do you get it even walking around at home? Do you gotta leave? I think I used to get it when I was just sitting right? Like I think or was it standing standing, standing is the worst I think maybe huh? Or if I'm sitting and then I get up too quickly.

Mr. Wilson's Blackhead Extractions! #Throwback

I feel like I, or if I get up at an angle why don't you sit down, I'm ok. I just had to steady myself a little better. Ok, I just feel bad I don't want you to [I] know. I know it was hard for me when I was my last month - oh my God Just started with yeah, it's that last month. It's killer it is She's pregnant. You know she's gonna. Have a baby in about a month oh, I Think she was gonna name him his middle name was Gonna be Wilson It's like I go for one, and You can see where I pushed down these imprints because there's there's actually oil underneath there [thats] being pushed out I got to find the right holes to push them out of still working on this side here I like to [see] how well [you] healed after we use the cautery on you though and Essentially we sculpted you because it looks like you did really well, you don't have a lot of bumps Hopefully it wont nothing will come back really soon.

I mean sometimes you can get a little thickening again You know and that if happens we can do it again, but I doubt it. I've had patients Multiple patients, we've done this we've done that little coterie that surgery that we do that We shade down the edges and they haven't had to have it again there we go Oh you are so tolerant of me [hopes] will never let me do this Okay It's like everything ah there we go No, it's right next to it. Its still there. There we go There's a little bit on your nose right here. I think I have to nick there's a white head Right over this one that I [wanna] get off and then we're almost ready to do our little Shaving and then we'll see again what you do in three weeks three weeks, or so, we'll come back And we'll do maybe one more and then we might be pretty clean And I think it'd be nice [to] do one more kind of overall cleaning just to take a look Mm-hmm You'll like say anything right now to put up with me. See [how] I just open some of those up Just wanted to come out Goodness sakes they were all stuck in there Need to give you a little bit. I see that's even like little Walls that the sack wall [see] that's why I don't want to That's all we're going to do on this side That's for sure you actually healed even better on the right side of your nose in the beginning you had a little indentation Cui's in it that you [could] it make it smaller still? that larger cyst right in there It's keeps going, keeps going But as much of this I can look see I lied [not] on that now, theres a little bit right here All right, all right. I'm done.

I'm sad, but I'm done oh That one came right out that was stood out Things to [jack] your esthetician she's the one [that] got that one out Had you ever had a facial before Hmm. Oh that was your first facial, huh? We're gonna have to keep doing that Not gonna be able to come back from that way of life being spoiled [think] your wife's a little jealous in [this] star treatment. Huh Mm-hmm. She is whenever she comes in to she's always saying can I get a black head pop - [wow], these just keep giving. I think we did a good job here today really good All right [my] I see one more on the top of your nose here more I think we really trust the top of your nose here Push it clean it up a little bit, okay? You know the pressure I've explained to you.

What all this is from right you have a little rhinophyma You know a little thickening of the [skin] here an overproduction of oil glands just from you having rosacea And you know it's nothing life-threatening or anything is just that it thickens your skin on your nose in particular Oh if I could get to that one, it's almost there good ones Really good ones This is where we're gonna trim down next time is your nostril on this side.

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Mr. Wilson's Blackhead Extractions! #Throwback

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