Monkey Balm Dry Skin & Eczema Relief by Delasco

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Monkey Balm makes dry skin relief for your kids simple and easy! The all-natural formulation incorporates oils from the sea buckthorn berry, with other soothing botanicals in a coconut oil base, to create a truly remarkable product. Sea buckthorn is clinically proven to provide relief for eczema, rosacea, diaper-rash, sunburns, and extremely dry skin. Specially designed to be mild and safe for infants and children, yet works great for the entire family.

The no-sting formula comes in an easy to use, no mess applicator, that kids can handle themselves. Simply apply Monkey Balm to the problem area 2 to 3 times per day, or anytime relief of irritation is desired. Then continue to use daily, to maintain healthy conditioned skin. It's 100% natural.

No gluten, parabens, sulfates, or ANYTHING bad. And, GMO free! Use monkey balm to get baby soft skin for all your little monkeys. Order some today at or call us at 800-831-6273.

Monkey Balm Dry Skin & Eczema Relief by Delasco

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