Molly's Top 5: Reasons Why People On YouTube Think I'm Not Blind

Author: Molly Burke

(Intro sound effects) Hello everyone, it's Molly here again for another video and I am out once again in the beautiful hot steamy weather, which as always means I have to give a disclaimer that I live on a street corner. Which means there's traffic over there and there's traffic over there and so there's going to be lots of noise and hopefully you guys can deal with it and it's not too distracting, but I just again can't help but want to be outside in this gorgeous weather. So as you can see from the title today is another Molly's top five and its reasons why people on YouTube think that I'm faking or lying about being blind. Now I've touched on this kind of idea in a couple of videos in the past and like I mentioned in my most recent Q&A video which I'll link down below in case you haven't seen it, you know back when I was losing my vision in grade eight I had some students and even some teachers, kind of question whether or not I was legitimately losing my vision or whether I was faking it. My medical doctors, my psychologist, my family have always believed in me and supported me because there's scientific proof that i have retinitis pigmentosa and that I've actually gone blind so I can't fake it scientifically but really now in my life it's been eight years since since then and now in my life there's really nobody who questions it like everybody just knows that Molly's blind it is what it is. The only people I get now really that question it are people right here on YouTube on the internet and it's not my subscribers it's not you wonderful supportive beautiful human beings who I simply adore.

It is the random trolls who either stumble upon my channel and comment on my videos or reply to comments that I have made on other videos. Now I don't go around YouTube just like commenting on random people's videos being like "I'm blind", like it's not like that, but if I'm commenting on a video that I've watched and my comment needs to have the context of 'by the way I'm blind' for the rest of the comment to make sense, then yes, I mention that I'm blind. And that's often when I get ,you know, a thread of a hundred replies to my one comment with ridiculous statements about how I'm probably faking. So without further ado, long rambling intro is done, let's get into the top five reasons people here on YouTube think that I'm faking blind. So the first one is a very common one and that is after I've posted a comment on somebody's videos and these are people who often don't know that I have a YouTube channel they haven't watched any of my videos, they've just read my comment where like I said, I've mentioned that I'm blind and they questioned how could I possibly be blind if I'm typing.

"you're not blind you just typed a comment, you couldn't possibly be blind, blind people can't type" and when somebody. To be clear when somebody comments and says "oh, out of curiosity if you're blind I was just wondering how do you type, I don't want to be rude or anything but I was just curious". That's totally cool like ask away, I'm here to educate, that's why I make videos, that's why I'm a motivational speaker. I want to help people learn about the world of the blind and visually impaired. But when people are like "no you can't be blind you're typing" and insert multiple swear words you know, when they're clearly trying to be rude and get a rise out of me I have no time for it.

I just I often think "dude it's like 2016 there's Siri on your phone that you can talk to and it'll do things for you". Don't you think that the world has figured out a way for blind people to type? Yes! Yes, the answer is the world has: voiceover! And at a certain point I just got so sick of constantly replying to comments and being like, explaining voiceover and apple and how I use it, touch typing and blah blah blah, that I just made my 'how I use technology as a blind person' video which I'll link down below in case you haven't seen it. And now if somebody comments I just go "look if you're really interested there's a video on my channel you can watch it and learn" Simple as that because I just have no time now to reply to everybody's comment especially when they're just being rude and trying to get a rise out of me.

Molly's Top 5: Reasons Why People On YouTube Think I'm Not Blind

Now the second one, again this often comes from people who have not watched my videos but have read a comment of mine are replying. So this is when I again mentioned in my comment that I'm blind so they know I can't see, but I've also said oh I really enjoyed watching this video or when I watch this, you know something involving that and people go "well how could you watch the video if you're not blind, you're not blind you just watched the video." "Why are you even on youtube if you're blind why would you want to watch TV or YouTube videos if you can't see them?" Comments like that, now I'm not going to walk around going "oh, I was listening to this YouTube video" or like I really- commenting being like, " I really enjoyed listening to this video" It just doesn't make sense or I'm not going to be like "oh, I was feeling this really cute shirt at the mall the other day" or "I heard that there was this really cute guy at the bar", like why would I say that? I'm going to say I saw, I watched, look over there, I'll see you later, you know, I'm not going to change my whole way of speaking just to suit my circumstance, it would frankly be kind of weird to walk around talking like that and I don't know any blind people who do, and for me when I use the word 'watching' obviously I don't mean physically watching with my eyes the way a sighted person would watch, but for me the word watching means listening. It's interchangeable for me and there's many ways that I watch a YouTube video and still enjoy it. A lot of people ask "how is that even enjoyable for you?" well it's enjoyable because my life was without sight you know, I still enjoy the rest of my life too, and there's multiple ways to enjoy whether it be I'm watching something that just simply does not require any further description it doesn't really require site to watch like a story time video I don't need to see the person sitting telling the story time video I can just listen to the story, or there's things that yeah sometimes need description so I can watch something with a friend or a family member who will give me the audio describtion of what I might be missing out on or I can watch TV stations like accessible media inc, where they do describe video or go on netflix and watch stuff that has described video on netflix.

So there's multiple ways I can still watch something and enjoy it and yes I'm still going to use the word "watch" and "look" and "saw " and "see" and that doesn't mean that I'm faking my blindness. Number three is usually for people who have come, stumbled upon my channel and have watched my videos because they, you know they can see what I look like and this is "you can't be blind your eyes are blue" or "you can't be blind your eyes look normal" or "your eyes are too pretty for you to be blind" just ridiculous statements like that. Now yes, I'm blind and I can have whatever colour eyes I was born with. I know blind people have brown eyes, blue eyes, green eyes, grey eyes, and hazel eyes, what ever colour eyes- they're still eyes. My eye doesn't work but that doesn't mean it doesn't look like any other eye would, and yes, there are some blind people whose eyes do not look like the average eye. Some blind people have glossy, um, like, glossy looking eyes or hazy looking eyes. Some people with cataracts get kind of foggy looking eyes, sometimes people have strabismus or as it is more commonly referred to as 'lazy eye'. I was actually born with it as well but got mine corrected through surgery which basically means their eyes don't line up, so one goes a different direction than the other but you can be sighted and have that as well So, yes some people who are blind have eyes that, due to a condition, don't look like a standard set of eyes would but then there's also tons of blind people like me.

Who my- like the condition I have, RP, does not affect the colour of my eyes, does not affect the shape of my eyes, does not affect what my eyes look like other than the fact that I do it nostagnes which causes my eyes to shake which again sighted people can have that condition as well. Now another one that again is often said by people who have come to my channel and watched my videos- Actually there was one specific person I've had other people but there was one specific man who was really passionate about this. He was kind of like, really going hard-core at me about this one and just like "you can't be blind you're looking straight at the camera- if you were blind you wouldn't be looking at the camera you'd be looking through the camera, but you're making perfect eye contact with it." blah blah blah. And I replied, trying to educate him as I always do, about why as a blind person I'm still able to easily look at a camera - because number one it's not that hard to look straight forward when the camera is straight ahead of you, and number two, I use a ring light which is a light that sits right on top of my camera, and I have light perception so I just look and see where the light is and then look directly below and know that that is where my lens is, so that's where I have to look. So no, it's not very difficult. But he continued to then be like "no, blah blah blah" and he's continuing to just like, be very angry about this and just again saying that I'm faking it blah blah blah. And it's just ridiculous like I explained it is very easy to - at that point I just stopped replying and I'm like you know what think what you want to think it's not that hard to look straight forward. And then the final one I want to talk about is "Why don't you wear sunglasses you're not blind you're not wearing dark sunglasses" now again this is a huge stereotype about the blind community that is not true.

Yes, some blind people wear dark sunglasses when they're inside and outside. Yes, some blind people, including often myself, wear dark sunglasses when we're outside - and some blind people don't wear sunglasses ever at all. Now I often wear dark sunglasses when I'm outside. I wear dark sunglasses when I'm outside often times, I'm not today because I'm not sitting in a very sunny spot, but if I was in the sun I would be wearing sunglasses, I'll wear sunglasses on a really glary day, so say if it's really rainy and gray and the light is reflecting weirdly, then I'll do it. I'll wear dark sunglasses if it's really snowy out because the sun reflecting on the snow is really bright and reflecting into my eyes - because I am light sensitive and I have light perception like I mentioned.

So yes, in those circumstances I wear dark sunglasses. But in a situation where I'm outside and it's shady like it is right now. I don't wear them. If I'm inside, my light sensitivity is not so bad that I need them inside, so I don't wear them inside.

Every blind person is different, some need them, some don't. I like to protect my eyes from things like eye cancer from the sun, so I wear sunglasses outside often, but again, not everybody needs to so not everybody wears them, and that's okay. I'm not going to wear sunglasses if I don't have to wear them.

I'm not gonna wear dark sunglasses if I don't need them and it's as simple as that. I'm not going to wear something just to live out the stereotype that is not true. I'm here trying to break down barriers, break down stereotypes and educate people, so, that's why I did this video. I hope it helped kind of clear up some misconceptions that maybe you even had when you stumbled upon my channel, and as always thumbs this up if you enjoyed, subscribe if you haven't joined the family already, and I'll see you in the next video guys. Bye! And the light reflecting is, uh, the light refl... Because the Sun reflecting - Oh my god, I don't know where I was going to go with that.

(Car engine in the background) What the heck? It's pretty sill- that's loud. (Talking about the car) (Car) Okay. Freaked myself out there, thought there was like an animal. (Darn cars) That's really windy. ...That's a lot of wind.

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