Mohs Surgery Skin Cancer Procedure Part 5 of 6 - Educational

By: Michael Lin_MD

Hi, I'm Dr. Michael Lin, founder of Dr Lin Direct and Linage Dermatology Institute. I have several offices throughout Southern California, and I'd like to invite you to check out my educational videos. This lady came in with a nodule on the right cheek area for the viewers. The nodule had been growing quickly over the last few years. We excised the lesion and it turned out to be a squamous cell skin cancer.

It was deeply penetrating. We ended up having to excise all the way through, through to the buccal mucosa and beyond. And you can see the teeth in the oral cavity through the cheek. We had to close the skin in multiple layers and ensuring that there was no dead space underneath. So we closed the superficial layers, the deep layers and the mucosa layers. The patient had excellent result. These videos are intended for educational purposes only. They are in no way meant to serve as a tool to self diagnose or provide a medical diagnosis.

You should always consult your physician first.

Mohs Surgery Skin Cancer Procedure Part 5 of 6 - Educational


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