Miracle Mineral Solution MMS Sodium Chlorite, How I Use It, Mix It, What It Does ~~~Nancy

Author: Nancy Gurish

Hello, this is Nancy. I would like to talk to you today about Miracle Mineral Solution, I have got some here. It's [uh] it is abbreviated as MMS and I think I can show you the label because it is not a brand name. It is pre-mixed citric acid this is the citric acid. You get it in two (2) bottles, like this. I am going to show you how to mix it today, sodium chlorite solution 28% water purification drops (MMS) original formula and the bottle here is the Citric Acid what you do is, you activate the sodium chlorite solution with the Citric Acid solution. And I would like to give you some of my experience and show you how I mix my MMS and show you some talk about some of the pitfalls I have run in to with mixing sodium chlorite - MMS solution.

It's uh, there is a lot to learn about it, I have been taking [uh] mixing using sodium chlorite [smiles] for about a year I imagine I have web pages on it and when I am done with this video I will insert it in to my web page. So, you can find me here on You Tube, or on my Web Page, you might be viewing this, on my web page. When you purchase MMS they all of them come in a bottle like this. With a cap that has a small opening so that you can measure drops out. Miracle Mineral Supplement or Miracle Mineral Solution, which this is, it is not a supplement.

The name has been changed to Solution. It comes out in very fine drops and what I have found out is, the size of the drops are very important, you only take a small amount from a half a drop one drop two drops, is somewhere where you start at and I am not recommending anything I am not recommending this, it is something that I use, and I have experience with mixing it, some experience, and I have run in to some mistakes with it and I have learned about it. The size of the drops are important because you only need a small amount of it to work. And when you only need a small amount of something the accuracy is very important. Now, one thing I first learned is that a Sundae Glass is very good to use for mixing MMS, because it comes to a point at the bottom, whereas a flat glass a flat glass, if you pour drops in to the bottom of a flat or rounded surface or cup; when you activate it with the citric acid drops, they cannot meet, or meld or join properly in order to work together, so what you do so the rounded glass helps it to meat, or meld or join, and then it can activate. Now what I did was that I investigated Miracle Mineral Supplement a lot before I even ordered it, and I just watched more You Tube Videos the original one that I watched is still on the internet, on You Tube. And I am very grateful to that man; he is somewhere in the United Kingdom, I am not certain which country, but he has an accent [joking, "I want to do my accent for you one time. There is a young man from Britain who does an American accent, and I am not going to do that today, I'm not ready for that yet] I cannot find the name of that man's website but I also watched one by a Michelle Heton, she has a You Tube video on MMS Facts Dot Com.

She is using MMS for some health conditions and she is getting some good results [um] I am looking, ... I didn't put the name of his website down but if you browse on You Tube about Miracle Mineral Solution, or MMS you will find some information, lots of information so, as I am a licensed cosmetologist, I don't recommend anything for anybody's use at all, and I don't know medicine my intention is to avoid the medical community and [uh] in fact I watched another woman's video. She is from Israel and she has some videos on her applications with MMS. She has got an interesting story. And there is a new product out it is called CDS (Chlorine Dioxide Solution) which is this already mixed. It is stronger and The count is very important if you have 4 drops of this, and 5 drops of the citric acid, it won't mix properly and, it should come to a nice golden brown, and if it doesn't mix properly you can tell that it is not going to do the right job, it is a chemical, a chemical mixture, a chemical solution, so you need to have the right quantities. So I am going to, say I will do 4 drops, You're going to I want you to see the drops there is, 1, 2, 3, 4 now, what is important is the size of dropper; if this bottle has this particular lid; then you're citric acid bottle has to have the same sized lid, so that the drops will come out in equal proportions. Now the citric acid solution is refrigerated after you open it and, you mix it you shake it rather, it's a powder, it comes as a powder, and you mix it with distilled water.

Miracle Mineral Solution MMS Sodium Chlorite, How I Use It, Mix It, What It Does ~~~Nancy

Now I did four drops and I will mix it with 4 drops of this. And if I make a mistake I 'ditch it' [throw it out] and I start over o.k., it does not always come out that beautifully, it came out very nicely, and then you just let it let it you can give it a few turns swirl and then you time it three minutes is what is suggested it can be up to 5 minutes [Update: I don't time it any more, I wait until it is golden brown and it is done] setting my Ipod and I will talk to you while it is timing I have trouble setting this timer I could be watching the clock if I don't find it I'll just... found the clock under clock timer for three minutes thank you for your patience my magazine is Your Health And Tech Friend sometimes technical things are not easy my timer is set to 'bark' when it is done so, you can see it is already at the golden stage [note: some MMS instructions will say for 1 minute now] see how nicely it is activating [that means the drops 1:1 ratio was right] I can still give it a swirl or two [sometimes it does not activate properly and it will be the wrong color] It is not 'rocket science' just make sure you use a cup where the two solutions will 'meet' so that they can blend properly. after it is processed, you can smell that it is right when you inhale it and I don't advise this but, if I had a sinus condition I could use it to inhale it to help my sinus's inhalation is a long time method of treatment for sinuses like, you can go in to your bathtub and run the bath water on very hot and get a good 'steam' treatment for you sinuses or chest congestion. [note - I would do that with MMS in my hot bath water from what I know today] create a steam atmosphere, so that you can help your sinuses if one was sick. You can get a big pot of water and hold your face over the steam and put a towel over you head to capture the steam so you can inhale this solution and it is therapeutic if you decide to use this I do not recommend any product for use this is just what I do I have read a lot about it on the internet and again, I do not recommend this what this is is actually a way to purify water and a man named Jim Humble [was in a country in Africa, I read the entire story and he helped people with this product, to get rid of their Malaria] You can look for his website, he discovered that these drops could kill malaria and he also experimented on himself with healing his gums and his teeth, he just got the idea one day if it kills germs and bacteria, would it, or would it not help my teeth and he suggested that he believed that it would be possible. I also have a web page on my gums, I had periodontal disease, I had a lot of gum loss and I was I was recommended to a periodontist I had my referral slip here recently and I was going to use it to talk about a video for that.

I was scheduled to get about $1200.00 worth of work on one side; $950.00 on another and $1000.00 there three quadrants of my mouth had a lot of gum loss [note, this is updated May 2014 and I have never required a periodontist, and my gums have re-grown; and my teeth (cavities) have repaired themselves. so I tried brushing my gums and my teeth with this solution [the timer is barking, three barks... A little bit late] but I did re-grow the gum and as my dentist said, "You can't grow gum" because I mentioned that I was using a supplement, and he said "Oh I hate those things, they promise you this and that, and they don't do anything and you can grow gum!" A couple of months after that visit, I was in his office and my gum had re grown; it had grown in, he said "Well, now that your gum has 'grown over'..

We can fill that cavity" [that was how he said it 'grown over'] [he wasn't going to fill a cavity in the back of my mouth, until I saw the periodontist and had the gum replaced artificially, where they sew new gum in place] but the gum grew in enough that he had to say "we can fill that cavity now". What I am finding out today is that some things are way more simple than we have thought that they were, and after some time, I realized that if you scrape your hand it cuts it and the top layer of skin comes off if you keep it clean, that skin grows back and it, after some time I came to understand that our gum is skin your gums are skin the only reason they don't heal is they are in a moist environment moist and dark environments hold bacteria and then it can't heal, and what something like MMS can do is the bacteria ... as long as you keep the bacteria away things heal and the skin healed the gum grew it filled in nicely. And then I started to brush that back tooth with it and the cavity began to heal it healed to a good enough extent that I did not need it to be filled and then I quit brushing with it so it is healed to a good extent I can chew hard candy on that tooth it is unbelievable, and that happened in a short the gums healed in a really quick amount of time a matter of weeks and, but the tooth, a tooth takes a little bit longer to get it to heal you have to brush with a tooth brush you dip it in to a strong solution of MMS and brush vigorously and again, I would look in to many, many videos before using anything.

So now it has been 3 to 5 minutes, maybe longer, and I have distilled water to use it is a water purification system so if you use tap water this solution will kill the germs and disease pathogens that are in your tap water and it will de-activate, because it will be expended, by killing the germs in tap water. And I have come to understand a lot about MMS. You put some water in it if you are going to stir you don't need to sometimes I mix it in another cup and I pour it from one to the other to mix it. [I mention that I don't think that I need to drink this in the video] But I do take it by mouth [since about the beginning of 2010] [I am typing these captions and it is May 2014 and I still use MMS] today is February 24, of 2013. I believe a lot in the product MMS and I feel very grateful that I have come to learn about it.

I also found out that you can use it in other ways. Not just by mouth, in other places in your body, what I have found out about MMS [I wanted to talk about some of the pitfalls that I have come across.] But anyway by taking it by mouth, for more explanation, it works for about two hours, in the body, from what I understand, and in 20 minutes; or, when it reaches a pathogen (bad bacteria), germ and it kills it then it will leave behind a small amount of table salt [MMS is a sodium substance] whatever the chemical name of table salt is, is left behind in the body. Now there are warnings about there are always warnings about all kinds of alternative types of substances or supplements and what they have come what some people have said is that MMS can cause dehydration and that is because they are drawing on the fact that some amount of a table salt is left behind in your body and sodium can be dehydrating and I have not experienced dehydration with the use of MMS but I do know that my mouth is dry if I take a larger dose of MMS in the evening so I drink some water But a dry mouth isn't bothering me if I know that something is killing germs, or bacteria so, it will work for about up to two hours or until it reaches a pathogen, and it destroys itself it's expended either through, like if you use tap water, in this, it will kill the germs in the tap water and then it no longer has the strength to kill any further germs because it has killed, it has used it self up; by killing the germs, in the tap water so use distilled water.

And then in your body, if it runs in to any material that is in a diseased state, any pathogens (bad bacteria), it is virtually expended, so you can I can take it every two hours if I chose to because it is only going to work for about two hours anyway or until it reaches a germ. Now, I don't know anything about medicine, or about the body but if you were to have something I watched a video by a woman from Israel and she had an ovarian cyst [um, yea] an overaian cyst, on both of her ovaries and she went to countries where she learned more about this substance and others and she what she did was, she used it in a 'douche' form you can buy bottles that are empty that you can create a douche for and the purpose of it and she also soaked a tampon, in order to insert it in to the vagina in order to reach the cyst. and she also layed some on her stomach, through her skin. And so there are ways to reach places where to, if you were to take it by mouth it wouldn't get down to your ovaries or that area or possibly if you had a prostate issue you could apply it topically to the area [but you wouldn't be able to use a douche - laughing - if you had a prostate!] so, but she did use a douche that way with that and also said that [um] that she used CDS which is Chlorine Dioxide solution and that is something new to me a nice website is out, introducing CDS, which is a pre-mixed Chlorine Dioxide already mixed with the citric acid [I'm just finding out more of this - CDS is different from Sodium Chlorite (MMS] [I will make a video on that soon] You don't have to mix it but you have to refrigerate it upon use. With these, you refrigerate the Citric Acid but you don't refrigerate the MMS I keep this [MMS] on top of the refrigerator, and I keep this [Citric Acid] inside of the refrigerator it is like a juice you can also use juice [I've use a fresh lemon and just counted the drops] you can use juice in here (for making the taste better); and then add in the water; because [um] I was going to get to that in a minute, about the taste and the smell, but you wouldn't want to use juice with Vitamin C added (ascorbic acid) because it stops the action of the MMS (sodium chlorite) MMS is sodium chlorite.

so for flavor, you can use a juice as long as it doesn't contain added Vitamin C. The taste of MMS is very bad [in my opinion] and the smell is obnoxious the taste is horrid I mean there have been times I have taken it and oh it is just, we shiver at the taste of it but [um] one thing I have come to understand just like castor oil doesn't taste good and cod liver oil back in the day back before my day like in the 30's the 1930's and the 20's they knew which what type of products healed the body or corrected body symptoms and certain types of symptoms of illness and they knew, those things tasted nasty like castor oil I think I had that once and it is just obnoxious the taste of it but I think medicines were meant to taste nasty. And one reason pharmaceuticals and drugs were easy to take in pill form is that you don't have to taste them; and on that note, there are capsules that you can buy where you can take MMS through capsules [I know about this today - I have a couple of videos on that] but I don't know where you would get this would be something you would want to look in to and other than that, I have seen today that people have mixed it with pomegranate juice, blueberry juice. [I've used pomegranate, it is very good and hides the taste] and grape juice and they say it is great. And in that case they fill it to about here with the juice and then they put a little water in there. And they said especially people with very bad illnesses can get a big aversion to the taste of MMS and it is just something, I have a huge aversion to it, I don't like the flavor of it, but I take it because I know that it is doing a job for me and that is all that counts for me and I am going to try it with juice one of these days.

Another thing is if you mix it wrong just throw it out and start again there is no use in trying to save it. If it is too yellow in color then it hasn't the chemical reaction hasn't happened, and I also bought a set of MMS bottles from a place that was a very good source but when I got it both of the parts of the MMS were, were old, or they just didn't activate. So I am planning on returning them, it took a couple of weeks to get here, but when I can I am going to send them back.

They were a good sourc of MMS but it was just too old the bottles were just too old now [uh] the sodium chlorite was old. On that note, there is another video on line about how to make your own sodium chlorite, from sodium chlorite crystals and that is what I am going to look in to because they show you how to make it, using a big bag of sodium chlorite flakes, using a regular house coffee maker and that looks very attractive to me that is 28 % sodium chlorite, which this is 28 % sodium chlorite and [um] you just put it through the coffee maker and you buy plastic bottles like this and with the lids [that is Sedona Labs dot com] and um I am getting over a cold, and this is another thing that MMS can do I did get a cold and I normally take Colloidal (Ionic) Silver I thought it was a colloid, but I found out it is ionic silver, I make my own when I take it most consistently, I don't get a cold, this is my second cold in about the past six years I think it was more like a flu I think I would have been extremely sick if I didn't have my MMS and my silver to take to get better. Now one thing these products can cause what is called a Herxheimer Reaction so, when it is killing germs within the body, the body - as in when you are taking pharmaceuticals or you take radiation or chemotherapy it causes violent reactions sometimes when there is illness to correct or bacteria or pathogens to get rid of your body has to throw them off it is called a 'die-off' as things are being killed, these bacteria they need to be expelled from the body and in the case of MMS just like in chemotherapy if, if the body if pathogens are killed, too quickly more quickly than the body can throw them off, then you get a reaction such as diarrhoea or nausea or, one woman said that she had headaches and that is a good response because your body is expelling the dead bacteria. One way of getting rid of the dead cells is by eating apple sauce or eating apples. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Well apple, the pectin in the apple; it won't work with juice, it has to be apple sauce or apples the pectin will help the body to rid itself of the toxins and drinking water drinking water, with anything is good to clear the body out of the toxins, so with my cold or flu that I have when I take MMS or colloidal silver, I get sort of a scratchy throat, a rough throat; what it is doing is, it is killing some sort of germs in my throat area and then it gets scratchy and clogged feeling that goes away or I get; as one woman mentioned she gets gas I do get gas from MMS usage like the woman said 't.m.i.' (too much information) but she wanted you to know what might happen when you take MMS and that is how the body releases things even like cholesterol is through, expelling gas and uh, other toxins are released that way.

That is what happens to me with MMS and diarrhoea some people get and they say the more ill you are, the more pathogens there are to kill the more of a reaction you will have because the MMS is killing off the germs and bacteria and the body is going to respond by trying to get rid of it and a lot of people this bothers me a lot of people say "well I don't like getting sick" or "MMS makes me sick". The MMS or the colloidal silver doesn't make anyone sick, what they do is they make your body free of germs and disease or pathogens and then your body reacts just as it would to something like chemotherapy it is going to react by having diarrhoea or having nausea I haven't had nausea with MMS but then, I just also found out today that, the sicker you are the less sick you are - the less drops of MMS you can take because, it takes fewer drops If you take just a few drops and it reaches a lot of bacteria you are going to get sick because it has sickness to kill it has bacteria to kill if you are not sick, it is pretty much going to go through your body without any harm go through and pass through without any sort of reaction because if you don't have any bacteria to kill you won't get a reaction to it. [excuse me] So that was a good thing to hear, it said "the healthier you are, the more drops you can handle." The first video I ever watched is still out there. It is a man who was up to taking 15 drops a day he started out with one drop and then he described how to take a half a drop and I didn't understand that all you do is prepare one drop of each process it for 3 minutes and you add your water and/ juice mix it thoroughly, to make sure it is well mixed, distributed through half away; and then the remaining half is a half a drop so that was very cool to find out. you can start literally with a half of a drop and like that man said he said don't think that half a drop is not 'nothing' a half a drop is a lot and it is one drop is a lot especially when you're not if you have just begun using it when I first started using it I was very afraid of it I started out with a half a drop and then you can repeat every two hours maybe every three hours and you can increase if you start to feel some sort of sickness like say you take three drops you build up to a three drop level then um excuse me my nose is a little bit stuffed up you can, if you get sick at a three drop level then it is suggested you drop back the next dose [two or three hours later] you would drop back to two drops and um, because you want to stay under the level of nausea or illness because you are still killing pathogens you do not need to take more the two drops are still doing well and then at the point that you do not feel any illness or reaction then you can increase to three drops, and so on so you want to stay under the point where you feel illness or reaction and just consistently use it with MMS what I have come to see and what I have learned from the internet I haven't used it yet [UPDATE: I DID USE IT IN MAY 2013 FOR SKIN CANCER I have videos on that] for anything great; I have used it for colds and I had a friend get a cold and I tried to help that person with MMS and I could not figure out why can't I kill a common cold with MMS I think it is because you need that small dose very consistently like, every two hours and one woman is taking it every hour and I didn't do that and that is why I think it wasn't as effective I was too hesitant [UPDATE: I got more aggressive with it with the skin cancer] ... With it's use at that time and if you are hesitant, I had believed for me that it was better to go on the side of safety, than to use anything you are not certain of. [UPDATE: Today, May 2014 I am not frightened by MMS 1 or MMS 2] and here is another thing that I did, I did get a very bad stomach ache from using MMS at one point and it wasn't from being sick (I am not certain of that) but I got a very bad stomach ache so I looked on the internet very quickly and the antidote to it is baking soda.

[NOTE: I had taken too many drops too quickly] Using some baking soda in water, it will neutralize the MMS, the Sodium Chlorite, in your stomach, so I took the baking soda, like a teaspoon in some water, and I drank it and it hit there down in my stomach and it stopped the pain it was fantastic [I mean] I had to repeat the baking soda in the water. Now, if you have a medical illness, you should see a medical provider. That is very important, your doctor can help you to with whatever you need, that is very important. And [um] another time, I got food poisoning I have that on my website, I have a web page on that I ate something in the refrigerator someone said "Don't take it, it has been in the refrigerator for five days" I said "No, no, it's still good." It was a roast beef sandwich with gravy on it on white bread, which I don't normally eat it was cheap white bread, with cheap roast beef and I don't eat that very often so it seemed very attractive to me it was wrapped in aluminium foil and it was in the refrigerator so I thought it would be o.k. And I went to sleep, and I slept the whole night and when I woke up I had a very bad stomach ache it was like a bomb went off in my stomach and [um] that was the last time that I ate bad food out of the refrigerator, old food so I journalled it it is on my web page at Your Health And Tech Friend on [um] food poisoning, and it was "My case of it..." and you know what, I had just started to buy MMS at the time and I thought, "What the heck!" I was sitting in our recliner chair and I had a sweatshirt on; with the hood on my head; and I had my sweatpants on and I had a hoodie on and I put the 'hoodie' up and I just felt miserable I had never had food poisoning that I could recall. So I got my MMS [that was my first use of it] and I mixed it up and I took a drop.

And I felt a little bit of relief and then I waited awhile, I waited about two hours maybe no, no, at that time it was new to me but I took it in about 20 minutes maybe a half hour and I took another drop and I was ginger [hesitant] about it; but I was in a lot of pain and I took it and I had some relief and I was in that chair about 8 hours but each time I took MMS it relieved the pain in my gut, from food poisoning. So, [um] I am trying to think of anything else I have done with MMS or know about it [I have used it topically for a tumor on my dog's scalp; and for a tumor on my side! In March and May of 2013 and it worked] You can mix it with lemon juice, I have done that when I ran out of the citric acid and with a fresh lemon, you can actually squeeze it and watch the drops coming out [that bottle had a larger opening] the drops were larger than this bottle. I just received this bottle this one is new to me in fact, I've got the bottles; these are the other ones and [um] these have a larger hole in them so if you are using one with a larger hole, you don't want to use one bottle with a large hole with the one with the smaller one it will not come out right they should be an exact equal between the two but I did use this and I squeezed a lemon and I could watch the drops falling in to it and the drops were a similar size than this dispenser, on this cap so, it works very well with a lemon, if you want to use that because it is citric acid and [uh] I just I can't say enough about sodium chlorite it is a water purifier, it purifies water and in my best estimation our bodies are a great percentage water content our bodies are and I was thinking if MMS will kill pathogens in water why not kill pathogens in the water content of my body and I did read enough about it, on the internet that I felt very comfortable in trying it. And I am not suggesting I am not recommending it, I am only talking about my use of it. And [um] time it properly [Update: I don't time it anymore I just look for it to be a golden brown color] if you make a mistake do not be afraid to throw it out and start over and using a dry cup is important when you start out, your cup should be completely dry and clean. If it has any water in it, it will not cause the right reaction, it is a chemical reaction. So you want to give it the best environment you can get, which is a dry, clean cup. And [um] I think that is all I have to say about it, except that I feel that it is a good product, and I believe that it has it's place.

Thank you. Thank you for being here today. Bye Bye 32:19 Use it for food poisoning 34:22 Mix it with lemon juice or fresh lemon.

Miracle Mineral Solution MMS Sodium Chlorite, How I Use It, Mix It, What…

Hello, this is Nancy. I would like to talk to you today about Miracle Mineral Solution, I have got some here. It's [uh] it is abbreviated as MMS and I think I can show you the label…

By: Nancy Gurish