By: David Lee

Methamphetamine is a stimulant, a highly addictive drug of the amphetamine class of psychoactive drugs It activates certain systems in the brain, and, according to the White House, "has a high potential for abuse". The drug is also known as meth, ice, crystal, glass, and is called other names because of its white, powdery appearance. The substance is bitter, odorless, and easily dissolves in water.

It has both medicinal and recreational uses. In low doses methamphetamine can increase alertness, concentration, and energy in fatigued individuals. In higher doses it can induce mania with accompanying euphoria and can cause psychosis, delusions, hallucinations, paranoia, uncontrollable movement, impaired judgment and memory, and depression. Meth can make people hear voices, see things aren't really there, or even believe they feel things like bugs crawling under the skin known as crank bugs, or formication. Users also suffer from persecutory delusions, believing people are out to get them or that they're under surveillance. Immediately after smoking or intravenous injection, the meth user experiences an intense sensation called a "rush" or "flash" well that rush is described as pleasurable an only lasted a few minutes russia's all by hiring cost sixty dollars all the nucleus produces the same long-lasting high i think that's right on the surface methamphetamine may seem attractive as many people to go directly to using that for the initial good feelings it brings some people start using that to the city in the eighteen th arctic particularly in the fifty s competitive or physically demanding tasks when working long hours some people hope will increase their sexual desire to be others dishonestly typical psychological effects of no confidence include euphoria alertness and weakness feelings of increased strength and renewed energy feelings of involvement bility feelings of increase confidence competence intensified feelings of sexual desire or whatever the excuse to use metal whatever the perceived short-term attraction to the judge maybe neckties effectively followed by a devastating subsec dismisses change and increases and the program draws on the other ideas because of the inability of many math users to recognize problems related to dade county's take he stabbed ronald change in places thinking expectations and behaviors and sites the length of the treatment program is also a good fortune users have a tendency to quickly jump out of treatment but they also continuing treatment and achieve long-term jobs here strategies to prevent last week's the judge education family and group therapy ps self-help these strategies often include teaching abusers to identified behaviors that lived in a situation where the rank high risk for him this form of treatment provide destructive actively involving seeking treatment helping them state parks ka what her careful itself that people with the article you also about public you are going to pick it up it opening it decision.