Meet Darrell Gray, II, MD, MPH, Ohio State Gastroenterologist

By: Ohio State Wexner Medical Center

My name is Darrell Gray II. I'm a gastroenterologist at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. I had the blessed opportunity to work with a lot of gastroenterologists early in my training. And really, those people were very passionate about what they did, they interact with people from all walks of life, they got to do hands-on procedures, doing colonoscopies, upper endoscopies, and other advanced procedures. And really they kind of took me under their wing and were mentors for me.

And so really that's how I started to develop a real love for gastroenterology. But then when I started going into training on my own in gastroenterology and really interacting with the patients, understanding the disease process a little bit more, that's when it really became a passion for me. My goal is always to deliver patient and family centered care. We have a mantra in the Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition that we treat people as ourselves, we treat others as ourselves.

And really that's how I approach patient care. I want everybody to feel as though I'm giving them the same treatment I would my sister, my mother, my father, or my wife. And so when someone comes into the office, they're going to get a listening ear, and they're going to get somebody that's working with them and not necessarily doing something to them or at them, but somebody who is working with them. I can't really nail it down to one thing that's probably the most rewarding. It would have to be a couple of things. You know it's really rewarding when I first meet a patient for the first time and you can tell they have the jitters, they're a little bit nervous, say, "Is this guy too young? Does he know what he's talking about?" But you know, by the end of the visit, they're smiling, they're hugging me, they're thanking me for their consultative service, and they're looking forward to seeing me the next time. That's very rewarding. There's another thing that's extremely rewarding and that's when I actually get the opportunity to walk down the hallways, whether it's in the clinic, whether it's in the hospital, whether I'm walking in the community, whether I'm walking in someone's church, whether I'm walking in the store and I see someone and they say, "I'm proud of you." It's not too many brothers, not too many African-American men who are out here delivering medical care and trying to make sure we encourage wellness or preventive medicine in our community.

And so to have someone to pat me on the back or to have someone in the hallway who could be a patient, could be a janitor, could be a nurse, just to say that they're proud of me is just that positive reinforcement. And that's very rewarding for me.

Meet Darrell Gray, II, MD, MPH, Ohio State Gastroenterologist

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