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Jessica: Hi, mom. This is your ultrasound day. [ Music ] Jessica: I thought the ultrasound that day was just to find out the sex of my baby. I was so naīve and I didn't think about all the other things that ultrasounds are actually done for. Jessica's had her ultrasound. These are the photos.

Jessica: When we saw the male anatomy up there on the ultrasound screen, we couldn't wait to broadcast it to everyone in the family. And what else do you want to add to this tape, Jess? Jessica: It's a boy. Yay! Frank: We were excited because it's going to be a boy and Jess, she was like what am I going to do with a boy? Because she has three sisters and two nieces.

Jessica: And my mom wanted to get it on tape. Hi Frank. Jessica: So she could show everybody. I'm going to record what the nurse just said.

Jessica: She asked the doctor if she could video tape the official pronouncement that it was a boy and he said, you probably don't want to video tape this. There he is. And I'll turn this off. Jessica: That was when we got the rest of the news about the findings from the ultrasound. The baby has Trisomy 21, down syndrome. Frank: In addition to the down syndrome, there was hydrocephalus. There was problems with the heart, problems with the intestines. That was a tough, tough meeting.

Meet Caden - Children's Miracle Network - Penn State Hershey

Frank: Caden... Jessica: Every baby is a blessing and just because a child has down syndrome doesn't change that. Frank: We thought of the name Caden because Caden means fighting spirit in Gaelic and he certainly has been a fighter, that's for sure. Frank: Ready to unleash Caden onto the unsuspecting world. Kathryn: Caden has done, actually, very well. He walks. He has functional language.

He learns how to sign. He's very communicative and interactive. He has a good sense of humor. He's fun to be around.

What does a lamb say? Baa. Kathryn: Baa. Jessica: Caden is my little bundle of boy. Caden: Hi Daddy! Frank: Hi, how you doing? Caden: Hi! Kathryn: He charms people from the moment that they meet them.

Who is that? Caden: Camera. Yeah the camera. Come here and give me a hug. Caden: Yeah.

Oh yeah. Jessica: He's just full of life. Frank: Did you get stickers? Caden: Yeah.

Frank: You did? Caden: Yeah! [Laughing] Kathryn: The Children's Miracle Network does wonderful things for the children in this area and without this CMN network I don't know that Caden would have all the opportunities he's had. The medical equipment here is paid for. A lot of the services were paid for by CMN. So it's really instrumental to kids like Caden. Jessica: The best part of having Caden is -- Frank: Everything is new and exciting to him.

Jessica: His love of every little thing. Frank: And he's like mommy, mommy -- Jessica: Most of the world is so rush, rush. Frank: She's like what? What? Jessica: Caden will make me stop in my tracks and he'll just point up and say the sun. Frank: The sun. The sun. He's pointing to the sun. Wow, that's the sun.

That's awesome. Jessica: And you have to stop and look up at the sun. Caden: Bow. Frank: He's always in the moment. Always in the moment.

There you go. Jessica: Caden was loved from the second I found out I was pregnant. Frank: He's been a miracle in so many ways. [ Music ].

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Meet Caden - Children's Miracle Network - Penn State Hershey

Jessica: Hi, mom. This is your ultrasound day. [ Music ] Jessica: I thought the ultrasound that day was just to find out the sex of my baby. I was so naīve and I didn't think about…

By: PennStateHershey