May Otero, Ataxia | Stem Cell Treatment Testimonial

By: Beike Biotech

My name is May Otero and I'm from Sweden. Half Spanish, half Swedish. My condition is Ataxia, but it's number seven. In Sweden they call is SCA number 7, and I have 39 or 41 repetitions. When I was diagnosed, it was three years ago, I got very depressed and I could feel that all my symptoms got so much worse since they diagnosed me because when they gave me the diagnosis, there was no hope. Really. It was just, I will end up like my mother or much worse, because for every generation it goes up two steps for the worse. So I was really bad for almost one year.

I haven't been working now for two years. Before that I was doing expos. Quite big expos within the medical industry and beauty industry, and I had to talk a lot.

For hours, I was giving information I was selling, I was selling my vision, and I couldn't do that before I came. I didn't have the energy or the power to use my voice so I couldn't represent myself anymore. I couldn't speak on the phone. I could but I kept to more simple things. Everything was just getting messed up. I have received eight packets of stem cells.

Twice they did on my back, lumbar, and the other ones in my hand or arm. That was very easy, very quick. It's scary because you don't know how it works. But now I can summarize everything.

May Otero, Ataxia | Stem Cell Treatment Testimonial

It's quite easy. I mean you don't have to put a needle into the brain to get the stem cells into the brain. You can go through the spinal cord and through the blood stream; the stem cells find their own way.

After my first injection it took me about two days, but I already had some improvement because of all the therapies. But after the first stem cell injection, after only two days, I could feel a difference, a positive difference. I could walk more straight. It was easier for me to turn around things, because otherwise when I walked by something I had to do big turns. Then I could walk more easily through the door, into the elevator, and I felt more secure and with more energy. Now my brain is working I'm clean, I can handle a hundred thoughts at the same time, I get inspired by everything I see. I have so many ideas. I have so much energy, and yeah I just feel happy and also happy for simple things.

I appreciate that I can walk faster. I can make this interview without having pauses or resting, or my voice failing me. I can also talk in English, because that was much more difficult for me from the beginning. I had problems pronouncing, and I can also switch from Spanish, English, Swedish, and I couldn't do that, and that was just before I came, and that was like two weeks ago.

So, yeah, it's huge for me. To get to the other side and find some shops it's like 150 meters, maximum. And I was too tired to do that extra energy walk, and just when I came it was very heavy for me to lift my legs, and also because I think of all the movements I do; I have to lift my knee, put my heel down, and then the rest of the foot just to keep a normal movement. So I get tired of thinking. It's like when I'm eating if I'm not concentrating, before, I could maybe put the fork on the side because it was not natural for me to feel where my mouth was. And those things I don't think about today. This is for sure giving me hope for my life because in my case I thought I had no hope.

So this has - I'm coming form the death to the life part now. For me life exists now, and I also know that if my children get this they have a chance - a good chance. And yeah it has changed everything. I would say that if they have the possibility, the time and the money, that they have to go for it. And don't wait so long because the better you are, the better result you can get. But don't underestimate the food you're eating because I know I'm getting good results because I'm eating very good. I don't eat gluten, sugar, milk products.

My food is based on plants and a lot of good fats. So I was very prepared for the stem cell treatment. I think that means everything when it comes to your results, because my diagnosis is progressive so it's still working against me, so I have to come back. But I don't know then how long I will stay. It depends on how stable I would be, but I'm planning now not to wait too long for my next treatment.

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