Massage for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome : What Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

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ALEXSON ROY: Now, you're wondering what is carpal tunnel? A lot of people complain about carpal tunnel. They have the little wrist thing on, the little brace and everything, and so you think maybe it's just because of maybe typing, because a lot of secretaries wear it. But you can get it in so many different ways. Here we have a beautiful nail tech. Look at the wonderful hands and everything. So the whole thing is that carpal tunnel is--there's a band, almost like a rubber band, inside of your hand, okay? And within that is all of these muscles and tendons that are kind of, like, packed in there. It's almost like where we studied a--when we studied the muscles, it's almost like a cigarette pack, okay? So what happens is you use them all the time, okay? But if there's any type of inflammation, if they're so tight, if they're really, really, really tight, they press against each other.

And if they press against each other, they press against a nerve. If they press against a nerve, they're going to your nerves, okay? And you're really going to have a lot of pain in this whole area right here. So you really don't know which muscle it's coming from but let's just say that it can come from a number of muscles going through the hand to innervate and kinda work your hands, okay? So what we're going to do is we're going to focus on just a few of these muscles 'cause there's just really so many. But just understand that you have your carpal nerve and you have, again, some muscles that we're going to talk about later on that are in this sheath and we're going to try to relieve those muscles.

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