Marisa Peer's first ever Facebook LIVE!

Author: Marisa Peer

Hey everyone, this is Marisa and this is my first Facebook Live! if i have got anything wrong do forgive me because I've never done it before And I've tried to do it. I've tried to do it in Australia that didn't work and i tried to do it in LA and that didn't work. I already tried it in Costa Rica, still didn't work. And then finally when I was in Fulham back here I've got it all together and it's now working. So, I've been on a bit of a tour I've been away for like ten weeks and I've had the most amazing time. I went to Australia to find premises for the Marisa Peer school and we found an amazing place and then we went to LA to find premises for the Marisa Peer school and we found an amazing place and then we went to LA and we found the most incredible place for LA's school in Malibu like on the beach It's the coolest venue ever so we are doing our November school there Then we went to Costa Rica and we are not doing the school there.

Then we came back and I did some talking at Agape which was also very very cool So I've been all around the world just finding premises for my new school because you already know I love teaching, I really really enjoy it. And what I love more than anything is that when I was a therapist, I used to wake up almost everyday to catch when people say "Oh you know you changed my life and it's been amazing and I love that but now whats even cooler is that I get constant people saying you know, I trained with you. Today I got something from a lovely girl called Nichole saying "I've just had an amazing session with a 61 year old man." When I was a therapist people would send me cards and letters saying "Wow you changed my life, this is the baby I thought I would never have this is the husband I thought I would never have, this is the body or the job I thought I would never have and that was lovely i didn't actually think I could get a letter but now I get letters from graduates going Here is the letter I got from someone saying, "You cured my back pain" and its the most wonderful thing that I'm training people all over the world to do what I do because obviously I cant do it forever there is only one of me. I used to be a bit possessive about my work and you know it's mine you know I spent 30 years fine-tuning it why would I give it away but now I've completely changed and I actually love giving away and I love seeing other people's success And so, for that reason I've got how many schools coming up this year but one in London in April there's still a few places left if you want to come I've got one in Australia in I think October I've definitely got one in LA in November And so, hello Janine and simone and Natalie and Lauren how are you and hi to my grads who are already coming online I put people to help me I have no idea what that says I cant read your writing oh bali, yeah, we are probably going to be doing a course in Bali as well. But if you can't come to any of our courses because they're too far away we do have the online training and I'm just about to really tighten up and perfect our online training.

We are going to film the whole of the April training and we've got lots of new things on there. We are even producing some products we're producing our little pack of cards and flashcards for you to use as a therapist So, we're actually right now working with the designers for yout to use as a therapist So, we're actually right now working with the designers getting these fantastic flashcards like if you were in my webinar where I used the flashcards and put this is what you do stage one this is what you do stage two. I actually call it the formula for success because rather than just teaching, I've now broken them down to nine things and I've written them out and we would give all of our grads new and existing flash cards and a little pack of playing cards, they are not really playing cards but they use all the phrases I use, the terminology I use it means when you're working with a client who are thinking "Oh my mind's gone blank what next?" you can go "Oh there's a flash card on top of my computer or laid down on my desk because after all once your client are in hypnosis they don't open their eyes You can easily quickly look back to your playing cards or your flash cards You can easily quickly look back to your playing cards or your flash cards and it is really kind of fool proof SO, I'm very excited about our April course because it's got so much more in it, so much new stuff in it you know we do listen to people when they go "Look I trained with you and I do everything except I don't understand that and we look at the feedback and people who said "Yeah I got everything but the thing I didn't quite get was that and so what we're doing now is making it tight and now we've got people online in canada hey I love Canada, all my friends in Vancouver in Qatar, hi to you, Italy and the Canary Islands and all over the UK too.

So, it's lovely to be so multinational I love traveling all over the world and you know what I really love-- I was in San Diego and a few of my grads you know we went "Oh my God we are in San Diego and I cant go just to have my picture taken" well of course you can so one girl came to the restaurant and I was having dinner with them and I had to sneak away much to my husband's annoyance and she did a Facebook Live and I joined in and I've never done one my self and then the next day I was in my husband's club room and three more snuck in but I pretended they were like already there he doesn’t know them meanwhile He would say "Who are those people?" "oh I just met them in the foyer but they were really grads and he would say can I come and have my picture taken? Mostly online grads. And even in Australia I was sitting in a restaurant and a girl came up and said "I trained with you" So what I love about my teaching is we are kind of getting friends everywhere we go in the world we are here and we have dinner with people or lunch or coffee we do a barbecue in our house, we are going to be doing a party that was our house and then we are going to be doing a party here at some stage for all our existing and new grads. So we are having one big happy lovely family So if you want to come to the online training its really worth having a look at our webinar. I know people have so many questions about it and I've found out the easiest thing is to film a webinar. So I filmed a webinar and all you have to do is look at the link and it's kind of above my head and you can join the webinar and I will tell you everything about both the online training and the live training, you can make a choice they are both so thorough. It's really exciting for me that I finally got to put down on paper everything I remembered when someone said many years ago do not die when your music is still inside you and that was really important for me especially when I got cancer a year and a half ago and i did well, I really need to live a legacy behind not my plan to go any where for many many years.

Marisa Peer's first ever Facebook LIVE!

I am going to be here till I'm 105 but if you want to go to the webinar, share the link in the comment so you just keep looking over the comments bar and you will see the link and you can just find out how to join the webinar, attend the webinar Of course it's free. We don't do a hard sales. In fact every seminar I have done, every school I have taught we sold out. In Vancouver we had a waiting list of people who actually didn't manage to get on to the course.

We are-- I think we've only got about ten places left for our April course because my grads have so much success and if you are one of my grads, you could follow any of my pages you'll see them like everyday so today, Nichole was talking about the phenomenal success that she had with the 61 year old man Shaun was talking about the amazing success that she had with an anorexic, Ross was talking about the success that she had with an anorexic, Tina was talking about the success she has had with back pain. Two other girls were talking about how they help people with fertility and that's very normal to go and one of my clients is pregnant and now of course they do what I do they get people pregnant and now they are already getting ready to do a hypnotic birth. So Amber's here now.

Hi Amber and Debbie, Rebekah, Hi Tina and lovely Emma Sargent. Emma is our marketing genius and the reason we have a marketing genius is because there are many trainee who as a teacher had to be a brilliant therapist oh now actually they are not. As many of the teacher you have to be a reasonable therapist I think only we teachers have to be brilliant but they don't teach you how to market yourself but it really doesn't matter how amazing you are, how gifted you are, how successful you are. You need people to know where you are, who you are and what you can do. And well I've been really good at marketing my self lots of papers and on TV shows. Some people know whats that? they just want people to know they are really good at what they do. So Emma, teaches as a part of our course.

She's the only person that I had to teach I teach everything. I dont farm out, I am there everyday teaching it live and online. But we do have one person teaching as well she teaches you the marketing she attends the live course and teaches it she teaches a section on the online course and then she does a webinar every month with full diary formula she does the marketing webinar, she does a Q & A session and if you have lots of questions I will answer all your questions after this Facebook Live.

Just put them in the comments and I will answer every single one. So, if you have some questions just go ahead and put them in the comments and I will answer them for you. So we've got 70 people at the moment and we have 70 questions and I don't want to answer them now. I want to tell you all about my training now in case you are interested. Amazingly, we suddenly found out the other day that people are coming on our training just to experience the training not because they want to be therapists, but because they get so much just for being there in fact we have someone who is in real estate come from the Bahamas just to experience the training but most people still come because they want to be a therapist and then why wouldn't you? It's actually I think the best job in the world because you change people's lives and you wake up to people sending you cards or flowers or emails saying, "oh wow you changed my life," while I was speaking at Agape, his girl ran out and went oh I was on your course and I've driven for three hours just to see if I could take you out for dinner after your talk, which was rather lovely that she did that and she said "Well you changed my life". So, Rebecca is here and Nadia. Nadia is one of my therapists, she is doing so well. She actually got her practice in a doctor’s surgery Jessica from LA who is coming to the April course and is a coach but Jessica is now learning to use hypnotherapy and its made her more successful.

Debbie from Israel. Now in Israel amazingly, its illegal to be a Hypnotherapist and despite that we've had six Israelis come to train with us even though they cant even call themselves hypnotherapist in Israel. On of the reasons I changed the name of my course from the recipient method to RTT, rapid transformational therapy is because if you say "I am a hypnotist and I'm really- yeah I saw one of those 10 years ago they waved a watch, they were rubbish but when you go into the company that I do RTT Rapid Transformational Therapy I rapidly transform people like that in 90 minute session people want to know in fact a girl who was on my june course, Monica went back to LA and she was on the news. Sorry, she didnt go back to LA, she went back to-- she went somewhere outside of Boston, I cant remember exactly where it doesn't matter.

Monica went back to America and it was on the news they wrote about RTT, they were fascinated by it and that doesn't surprise me because magazines, newspapers, news stations, radio shows. I was looking for something new. What can I talk about that's new? We know that every magazine, every summer does the bikini diet and we know that every winter they do that, "Oh are you stressed out on Christmas or wanting to get a divorce they need something new and RTT is so exciting because it really is rapid, it really is powerful, it really is transformational and one of our girls who came to train with us from Spain is now got her own radio show, literally her own radio, talk show, chat show, therapy show. This is what she is doing with RTT and I have had so much press about it I hear people go wow it changed my life. In fact if you ask me the one thing that clients say when they leave my office more than anything else is this; I've been in therapy for 10 years and I've learned more in and out than I learned in 10 years of therapy In fact one of my youtube videos called "I am enough there's a psychiatrist on there and her comment is "I've been psychiatrist for 20 years and I learned more condensed into that thirty minute talk than I have learned in the last 10 years So and you can share all of this you can look at all of this just by clicking on the share botton below you can go ahead So and you can share all of this you can look at all of this just by clicking on the share button below you can go ahead and join all of these talks and you can see me so I put the links up to that YouTube talk and then just by clicking on the share button below you can join it if you want to see that youtube talk with this Eminent Dr said, I learned more about the workings of the mind in that 20 minutes condensed talk. In fact on one of our courses they share because we now got a lot of doctors coming on the course.

I don't know if any of you who already trained with me has seen that our life therapy with Ruby which was just remarkable probably one of the best things I've ever done and this girl came unto my course she was very ill. She had two rare genetic illnesses and she could hardly move and I decided to work with her and it was very moving and it was certainly interesting and Hi Simer and Jamar and Jeanine and Jeanine is another one of my therapist is doing extraordinary work. She also knows everything about nutrition that's one of the thing about my grads, they go on to Facebook and they help each other. They might want to go oh I'm seeing a girl this week with bulimia any one done that? and Jeanine is sharing this on Facebook live but if you ever have any nutritional questions you can go online and Jeanine will come on and talk to you. We have another girl called Tara who also knows everything about nutrition and she actually did a master class with me.

And I do a master class once a month and I just suddenly decided to take some experts in their field and let them cohost. So, Tara did her own master class on nutrition and I'm going to ask Jeanine she doesn’t know yet but she would know that I'm going to ask Jeanine if she would like to cohost one on nutrition and supplements Last month, I had one with Ruby for my course talk about the work she is doing with post traumatic stress and she was extraordinary, she was so good And next week I've got a guy who is being an addiction therapist for years and he says that he is getting more results faster with RTT and so he's going to be talking next Wednesday to my Live graduates and probably Tuesday or Thursday to my online grads so I have to go to Budapest, I might have to move around Thursday we're not sure yet But let me get back to the story about Ruby so Ruby was very ill and I did a session with him in the class and he blew everyone away including me But I had five doctors training with me on that course and they all said "This is amazing you know, we get to hear about this we never ever get to see it and out of that I've now got two hospitals and clinical trials in the work I am doing in fact I just met up with a doctor in LA who also is doing clinical trials on me now and it's a great thing to have clinical trials and any hypnotherapist who has ever had that done before but doctors call me and saying we love what you do, we believe in what you do, we see the results and we do-- can we do clinical trials to show the public what you do and of course the answer is absolutely in fact on september the 14th I actually addressed the Royal college of Medicine which is a great honor and I don’t know if they've ever asked someone like me before but I just told them what I do and how successful I can be. So really, I really had a life, life, life changing experience on that stage, it wasn't really a stage, it's in front of the class and you came in the next day completely transformed and throughout the rest of that class,everyone saw how different she was she's now gone back to Australia. Luckily, because I was in Australia she came in to film with me, she came in to have breakfast with me and she just told me how her life has changed and how she is now working she came in to film with me, she came in to have breakfast with me and she just told me how her life has changed and how she is now working with people mostly in the army with post traumatic stress and she's doing phenomenal extraordinary work one of my other graduates in Australia Sally and Gary they also came to have breakfast with me. She too-- I want all the difficult people, I don't want easy and she too is doing amazing and she says she's charging more than any other therapists in Australia anyone including Eminent Pyschoanalysts and psychiatrist she's charging more and she's booked up she's got a waiting list she just loves it.

She came to me as a single parent and that I didnt know that at the time but I love the fact that everything is happening for her and other therapists. I met lots of my grads in America, a girl came up to me at Agape and said you know I've just done your online course and I've got a practice in LA the girls who came to have tea with me in San Diego were raving about what RTT has done for them and how it has changed their life. Now, you might think that all these people I'm talking about are existing therapists but actually they are not. Most of them are not therapists. Are existing therapists but actually they are not.

Most of them are not therapists. I was imagining that I would train therapist to be better therapists so what's happened is so many people have come on the course who are police women or men, we've had some pilots we've had flight attendants we've had quite a few people in the city we've had beauticians and personal trainers, we've had bankers We've had almost every walk of life single parents, who have said "I really want to do what you do" and you would think I know of course that the ones who do the best are the existing therapist, that's actually not been the case. We have had this new therapist who have said "Wow, this has just changed everything But we've also had some non therapist who because they haven't got to unlearn anything have just taken off and the three graduates I had in London Rose, Betty and Tina and then another girl called Jeanie Bell were not therapists and yet they've become extraordinary. The graduates I had in my course in Vancouver Joe and Julie and Tara were not therapists. And Catherine but they became amazing therapists Some of them were working in a form of therapy but our experience has now been that people have no therapy background will do as well as those who have a therapy background because they've got nothing to unlearn and they can just actually go for it so let's give an example of how extraordinary it is when I was doing my I think it was my June course a lovely man called mark came out and said I'd like to volunteer for you to work with me. I wear glasses, I worn them since I was 10 I don't want to wear glasses. So, you know, it's not like I can go, Oh yea certainly say Abracadabra I promise you I don't wear glasses again I never know what's going to happen, so I love my job I never know what's going to come up, It's never boring, It's always compelling, it's well like being a detective, in fact my job is like being a detective and a sergeant.

First of all I unravel what's gone wrong unravel it and I put it all back together again by extracting some stuff they don't need. So, Mark came up when I began to regress him I asked where his mother went, I cant see her, I don't want to see her I never see her, in fact my sister sees her but I don't want to see her Oh Terry's come online, and Jeanie and Nathalie, Hi, hi I'm really glad you're here. Natalie is also doing incredibly well with our course. So, when Mark started going "I cant see my mother I don't see my mother", I knew that his vision was all to do with not wanting to see something or someone. So, I worked on that it was a 45 minutes session.

Those of you who've done my training or who've done the online course would know that we have a library A library of cases which is very important, every case history is different. So we have titles such as back pain, insomnia, infertility, confined love, chronic stress and a chronic depression, suicide or depression. So I want you to watch each live case and you think "Well that was completely different to the last one. There is no point in saying its is all about weight loss about nail biting we have a live case history on alcoholism, we have one on women who cant have orgasms, we've got pretty much everything in there And Mark is in there, and mark came in the very next day and in fact I worked in that morning and he said at Atlanta he went and read a paper he's never put his glasses on since he came in the next day, stood up with no glasses he start to go look I can see the color of the tiles on that roof and the class were like I cant even see that in fact his vision was so amazing, that he was pointing out to things that we couldn't see. To this day he does not wear glasses And now he's working with other people and he's doing the same thing. Improving people's line of vision using RTT and you made people that sounds woowoo and that sounds a bit by the preacher putting on and you go throw away your glasses, throw away your crutches, it's not like that. I'm a great believer and that you cant fix what you don't understand and what hypnosis does is that it gives you understanding "Oh that's why I'm depressed oh thats why I cant make a relationship work, oh that's why I cant attract-- I mean that's why I haven't got the job of my dreams Once you show people what's really going on, you empower them.

And if you ask me to tell you what I use for class I use this word I empower them. So I think we've got 95 people, I'd love to have a hundred. So if you can share this Facebook Live please just share the link because it;s the same as when I speak to a 100 people I'm a great believer in goals because the more you have goals the better you are because your mind is actually goal seeking mechanism and when you move your mind to a new dimension you know it never goes back again. When I first had to speak I was so nervous So I said I've got to have a podium because I had to hold on to it. My knees where knocking, I was shaking for their life.

Now, i've spoken so much that it doesn't fuss me at all and when I was in LA a couple of weeks ago, Michael Berk said, I'll like you to do the whole service at Garpe which was only at my comfort zone when I speak to them I dont speak to people in their spiritual church but this was a church unliking the church I've ever been there is no hymns, no prayers. And so I did it, I'm really glad I did it because now I know that I can do that over and over and over again then let's go back to what I was saying about Mark. Mark is now able to see. And if you want to see what I did at Garpe, just go to AGAPE live, it is spelt A-G-A-P-E you probably heard of Michael Berk and that he's a phenomenal phenomenal person if you go to AGAPE Live, you are gonna be actually watch him doing a mass healing and again you might think we're not having a church doing it you are that slamng of head at your hand on the forehead and going be healed in the name of the Lord but it's not like that the healing at agape was profound but it's not me I show other people how to act so that the healing you see in your body is able to heal itself. Your body knows what to do and after all work come out of the planner, most of us perfect them and so your body knows how to have a perfect metabolic rate perfect digestion, perfect sleep and what I do is I reactivate I re manifest and I regenerate what was once there. No baby is born don't look at me and I'm having a bad day or I've got spots or I haven't got any hair.

No baby is on a plane freaking out when it might crash no baby says I don't want people to pay attention, I'm not worth it. So, I believe that all the issues we have are acquired and if you acquired them well you can get rid of them we were only born with two fears, the fear of being dropped and the fear of a loud noise that's when you pick up a little baby that kind of go like that because they weren't holding on to something and they loose that after about three months so babies aren't born with the fear of spiders or birds or bees or dogs or cats in fact if you let a baby he would pick up a spider and put it straight in his mouth. Babies aren't scared of heights I remember my little girl once I had her get her of the car and as I ran upstairs she was crawling straight down and luckily I caught her mid way but she had no fear of height. They don't really fear anything until we teach them after all they are born in dark and they are not scared of dark either So what I love to do as a therapist when people come in is to say Okay this is your present-- oh they are 108 now thank you for sharing and 108 is wonderful. When people come into me, they go like this "This is my problem, I am an alcoholic, I am a depressed I'm anxious, I have panic attacks, I cant get on a lift i cant go on an elevator, I cant go on a plane. You know the resenting problem is always never the problem which is quite so interesting. So I go on a journey with them to find out why and often what was the problem is not the problem So my assistance says we want to have 150 people now so we do see when your mind moves to a new dimension never goes back it wants more, that's how the mid works once your mind stretches into a new dimension, it doesn't get back it keeps going and that's why you could never ever know what your potential is because you know what happens when you move towards your potential it expands further away and then further away SO, let's get 150 people who might want to know about our April course in London or our October course in Barley or our November course in LA on the beach in Malibu, not actually on the beach but you are sitting on a beautiful setting looking at the beach which would be wonderful.

And we may be doing some other courses in Europe and possibly Dubai but we are still talking about that We now got great news for all our Americans. We have finally got insurance for it has taken quiet a while if you train in Europe you become a member of the international council of psychotherapist and their national council. In fact they just made me a fellow, the NCP just made me a fellow of NCP because of the all the brilliant work they think I do But now if you train in America, you can get insurance that's a big thing Insurance of course in America, you were raised initially to practice without insurance Every country is different. In England, in Canada you can just set up practice as a therapist with very basic trainings but in America you must have insurance in Canada you can just set up practice as a therapist with very basic trainings but in America you must have insurance so now we've got insurance in fact we've got insurance for you in Australia in America, In Canada, in the Uk, we get you preferential rates too so if you are a therapist and you trained with me you have the training and we do get you preferential insurance we have great bodies and organizations for you to join also at preferential rates. So if anyone has a question for me now please go ahead and just type it in and I'll start to answer them later We've now got 120 people and we are very excited about having 150 This is my first ever, ever, ever, Facebook Live I've vision's Facebook Live, I've joined my own client's Facebook live I've never caught holding that phone, last time I did, I just couldn't quite understand it but I'm a great believer that you got to do it, you got to make what is unfamiliar familiar, so now I am making Facebook Live familiar I would be doing them every week because there is always something so exciting to tell you so I will be talking about my trip I love being in Australia, I've completely fallen in love with a place called Norcia, if you've got a chance to go, go. It was amazing. Obviously I love LA I'm always there I've never been to Puerto Rico.

I love puerto Rico loved Costa RIca. Loved Santa Barabbas, loved San Deigo met someone in Peurto Rico who trained with me and in Costa Rica too so its quite exciting but my big exciting now back in London is my RTT training live. So if you want to go to my live training or indeed my online training, just go ahead click the link in the chat box watch the webinar, it's going to answer every question you have and some you didn't even think you have you know what we've got an hour which is a wonderful thing if you're interested in training with me live or indeed online We now have our graduates who would come and talk to you we don't have a sales team, we don't do hard sale and we never have to because every course we've done sold out but we do have existing graduates who could talk to you about well I was where you were a year ago and I had these concerns and then on a commission, we wouldn't put them on a commission we don't want to try to sell you something you don't want and any way the fact you want to come on the course doesn't mean you might even get a place what we do like to talk about or you write for us or we write for you but I also talked about the online course so if you want to speak to a graduate, we'll arrange that for you and another questions I'm getting all the time is how many sessions do clients require? Somebody's coming in for smoking nail biting, fear of flying, fear of bees, you can transform in one session. Stopping smoking, all kinds of fears and phobias and everything like that, panic attack anxiety in one session. If you are anorexic or if they have chronic depression, if they're bipolar, if they're bulimic I would say you should do between one and three sessions two to three sessions is good. But we certainly never ever do every word is there 4 'o clock for months and months to come Natalie was saying how do you live without fear? Well you see fear and excitement are the same and fear is really a sustained form of focusing on what you don't want to happen So let's imagine you have a fear of flying and you get on a plane and you see the way you feel about everything is because of the pictures you make in your head and the word you say peopel who leave in fear worry about what would go wrong what if I have a car crash? What if my husband doesn't get home? What if my child gets hurt? What if, what if And when you say that Oh Simone says my first Live is amazing thank you Simone, I am really enjoying it too. So fear, how do you live without fear? Well, it's very simple.

You refuse to put these pictures in your head. And you know I'm on a plane every week and it's very easy to say "Oh my God what if the plane blows up," what if, what if what if terrorist do that? I mean I flew back to London only this week and you can imagine after what happened at Westminster what it was like at LAS they had sniffer dogs everywhere it was pandemonium in there but I didnt think oh wow that's terrible I thought you know, this is obviously the safest day of the earth to fly and I thought that but to get rid of fear, you have to stop filling up your head with fearful pictures because here is the rule of the mind the mind cannot hold conflicting beliefs. You cant feel anxious and safe at the same time. Sorry Patricia is asking how to solve her rejection, I'm going to come to that just let me finish the fears. The mind cannot hold conflicting beliefs, the mind responds to the pictures and word you're making you are heading on no one. I had a baby and I was so in love with my baby My cleaner wanted to take her to visit her mother and so I let her and she seemed to be gone for hours and I was like Oh my God, if any thing has happened to my baby I don't know how I would live without her but that wasn't a good place to be so I started to imagine her coming back and imagine her being safe and imagine her having a lovely time with my cleaner and my cleaner's mother and Lo and behold they came back and I just had to talk myself out of it because here's the thing about the brain.

If you have a brilliant brain which you do, you have two choices, rationalize why you're fearful or talk yourself out of there. I have a young daughter and she is a young woman and of course she's out she goes clubbing and shes out there in London but there is no lying in bed and worry about thing happening to her and I have that choice but I choose to talk my self out of it to see her as safe and well and to visualize that. So, how to leave without fear of rejection that is a great question but here's the answer Nobody can reject you without your permission I just posted a webinar link for you by the way so please pin it pin that link and then you'll be able to find the webinar and you'll be able to attend the webinar just pin it So, when you're ready to go to the webinar, you have a link back to it so living with fear of rejection, you cant be rejected unless you let someone reject-- lets imagine you're on a date with a great guy or a great girl, and they don't call you, they are not sitting and going "Ah I'm rejecting you, I'm hurting you, I'm ignoring you" they're normally just busy and they get caught up and even people who reject you, most of us had had to dump someone we don't like and I cant think of anyone who got pleasure from that.

You know I've had to fire people I've dumped someone, I've definitely been dumped and I've been fired too and I don't think any one got pleasure from dumping me or firing me and I never got pleasure from dumping or firing any one. It's not nice to reject someone but you cannot be rejected nobody can reject you without your permission, they can say mean things about you, I mean I know that I could go on to my YouTube channel and I would say 95% of my comments are great and then there's a few that's so bad and they are truly horrible but I don't let them and I don't think Oh my God, that man said I was a narcissistic, pointless, stuck up, arrogant white person which he did. I just decided well, a kind of person sits at home writing comments, he must be really miserable So don't let rejection in so if I could give you one piece of great advice it would be do not let in rejection but do let in praise and even better praise yourself there is nothing, nothing, nothing that would boost yourself because you make your own praise. So start to say this I'm a good person I'm a kind person, I'm interesting, I'm warm, I'm nice, I'm intelligent That's what you need to say over and over again and then is someone is mean and reject you, just decide they've had a bad day It's really not about the person who wont let you into the traffic, who glares at you in the cue in the store that's not about you, it's about them So, please remember that fear is because you have the wrong picture and you can change them like that and rejection is a perception if you decide you cannot be rejected then no one can reject you without your permission if you permit them they can reject you because here look at the seesaw here's the person trying to reject you and here's you and in their mind you're actually up there and they are down and they don't like it and so what people who feel bad about themselves would do is only two things; diminish you and elevate themselves, so they'll say things that would degrade you I'm slim or I've got more money than you. What they are trying to do is go from there to there only after that but they could only do that if you agree with them, and I know you don't have to do that ever So, I remind you, the webinar registration, ust go into the chat box look at the webinar registration, pin it so you can attend that webinar, you'll love it, you can ask questions, they get answered I'll be doing another Facebook Live very soon because I found this one quiet easy. I've liked it. I've now made what is no familiar familiar one of my motto you want to succeed in life, make what is unfamiliar familiar any thing that is negative I'm gonna make it unfamiliar but I used to be very very rejective, I was the most insecure self conscious person you ever imagined.

If they actually told me 30 years ago you'll be doing this i would've thought you are insane but I live by that, I'm gonna make what is negative unfamiliar unfamiliar and what is positive and unfamiliar, familiar including Facebook live. So, I will look at your questions unfamiliar and what is positive and unfamiliar, familiar including Facebook live. So, I will look at your questions I will answer them in the next Facebook Live post all your questions now. So, how many people have we got now on this webinar, lets have a quick look. 120 120 that's good. Not quite a 150.

We'll get there on the next one So, go ahead, post any questions you have, I promise I'll answer them go ahead and pin the link, if you would like to train in RTT live or RTT online, sign up for that webinar it will excite you, It will answer all your questions and at the end of that webinar if you wish to we can assign you to one of our previous graduates to talk to then I could just sell you a course, they're going to tell you what has happened to them, what was their experience on the course what it is like now being an RTT therapist what their business is like, how they are doing and we have them from every country, Canada, Australia, LA the UK and Europe so attend the webinar, I'll answer all your questions and if you wish to speak to one of my grads about what's happened to them and how they found the course, you can do hat too. There is no hard sale There is no push, we don't ask you for anything except we want to answer your questions so I love being a therapist I cant think of anything else I'd rather do I'm lucky I do what I love I love what I do and what I really love is other people and they are saying wow in fact somebody put a post the other day saying when you do what you love it's not work and every week we would put out your posting gosh I'm so glad I found you I love this job, this job gives me happiness because you know you do what you love, you have meaning and purpose when you do what you love, you have purpose, when you share it you have meaning So, in my job I have meaning and purpose, all my graduates some of them have meaning and purpose and here is another thing, if one person breathes easy on the planet because of you, then your life has total meaning and purpose, then you're a therapists that happens everyday every week you can look around and say someone is having a better time today because of me someone is breathing easy on the planet because of me A bullied child is now standing up to the bully someone who has no friend has got many friends the suicidal out of lesson has now decided that life is good afterall. A woman who was spending a fortune on IVF without success has gotten pregnant naturally, someone who thought they could never loose weight has actually lost nearly half their body weight because of what you can do because of these girls I would teach you in a way you'll put them into actions. I've loved talking to today and then look at all of your questions and I'm going to start doing this Facebook Live every week maybe even every day But every week certainly, because I've done the first one it didn't scare me and I loved it and I loved tuning into all over the world see you soon, sending you lots of love and I'll see you on Facebook Live very very soon bye.

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