Marijuana Maintenance Cannabis for Alcohol Dependence

By: Marc VL

Marijuana Maintenance Cannabis for Alcohol Dependence You might be saying to yourself. Why do we need to use medical marijuana for alcohol dependence? Can't we just send everybody to a 12-step program and make them quit completely? The answer to this is a simple no. Although 12-step programs are great for the people that they work for. The simple fact is that 12-step programs failed to help the majority of people with alcohol problems. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. Only 1 out of every 14 people with an alcohol use disorder will ever seek treatment for it.

And according to Jo... Doctor Jeffrey Brandsmart and others. Who have researched the effectiveness of treatment programs. Over 2/3 of people who enroll in 12-step treatment programs.

Will drop out without finishing them. 12-step programs are great for the people that they work for. But something else is needed for the majority of problem drinkers who are failed by them. Fortunately medical marijuana can fill that need for many people suffering from alcohol use disorders. Some people might view the use of medical marijuana to treat alcohol dependence... Is simply substituting one addiction for another.

However when we view things from a public health perspective. We find that there is a tremendous difference in the impact of alcohol dependence. When compared to marijuana use. Severe alcohol withdrawal syndrome is accompanied by seizures hallucinations, tremors, irregular heartbeat and spikes in blood pressure. Untreated severe alcohol withdrawal syndrome leads to death in 1 out of every 3 cases. By way of contrast there is no physical withdrawal from cannabis. People, who are subject to alcohol withdrawal syndrome. Can benefit greatly by substituting medical marijuana for alcohol.

Marijuana Maintenance Cannabis for Alcohol Dependence

The same is true for people who become violent. Or otherwise lose control of their behavior when drinking. Pot might make you mellow but it won't make you violent. People who have suffered liver damage from alcohol abuse. Can also benefit from medical marijuana.

Because cannabis is not toxic to the liver. Some people might think that if you give medical marijuana to alcoholics. They will both drink and smoke pot and have a double addiction. However all of the research contradicts this assumption. In every single case where medical marijuana has been used as a treatment for alcoholism. Patients have reported either major reduction in alcohol consumption. Or complete abstinence from alcohol. Doctor Tod Mikuriya has been prescribing medical marijuana for a number of conditions.

Including alcoholism for many years. In 2004 he published his research on the use of medical marijuana to treat alcohol dependence. Doctor Tod Mikuriya prescribed cannabis to 92 patients suffering from alcohol use disorders.

Every single one of these 92 patients reported a major reduction. In alcohol consumption and alcohol-related problems 9 patients reported that they managed to abstain from alcohol completely for a year or longer. All attributed this to the effects of medical marijuana. Research on medical marijuana published in 2009.

By Amanda Ryman of the school of social welfare of the University of California of Berkeley. Gave similar results. Patients who are prescribed medical marijuana showed great reductions in their consumption. Of alcohol or other drugs as well as great reductions in drug or alcohol-related harms.

It all goes to show that the substitution of cannabis for alcohol or other drugs. Is one of the most successful harm reduction strategies ever invented. Medical marijuana is now legal in 14 states.

If nothing else works for your alcohol problem then give medical cannabis a shot. The life you save may be your own. For more information on cannabis for alcohol dependence and other forms of alcohol harm reduction Please visit us at That's Thank you Harm Reduction.

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