Low Back Range of Motion Exercises for Acute Pain

By: Alpha Chiropractic & Physical Therapy

Our basic low back exercises and stretches to help loosen up, for people who are really hurting or you're just getting out of bed in the morning. First, the range in motion where I'm going to bend both knees up. We're going to slowly take the knees to the side until you feel nice, light, comfortable stretch and then come back the other direction nice and slow. You're going to pause before it hurts. This is trying to rock those joints loose and get a little bit more motion before you stand up and jam those joints surfaces together and get that sharp stabbing pain. So if you do this ten times each direction, it's going to rock those joints, loosen them up, get some motion into the body. The second thing we'll do - after ten of those, you're going to take just the left leg, the hands up on the knee, give it a nice little stretch and pull and pause for a second, back off a couple of inches and then come back in again. We're going to do ten of those each side.

Then we'll switch to the other leg. Do ten of those where you pull to the chest, pause for a second, come back up, pause, go to the chest again, and then finally we're going to do both legs to get that nice, light, comfortable stretch. Stop before it hurts. Don't do anything where you think maybe I shouldn't do this.

We're just looking for nice, light, comfortable - loosen up before you get out of bed, jamming those joints together.

Low Back Range of Motion Exercises for Acute Pain

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