Low Back Pain Caused by Lack of Core Strength and Function

Author: Carson Robertson

The bridging exercises are about setting a foundation and then getting stronger, getting better at them and having the muscles work together. When we do our initial testing, we're going to see that you're going to have good strength in certain planes and you are going to have weakness in other planes. For example, if we have muscles in the front, back, side and side, you might have two that are really strong but two are going to be weak. That's going to be one of your limiting factors.

The second thing that we're going to find is your coordination is probably off. Those muscles don't work together very well. So I describe that a lot like juggling. You have the strength to throw three balls up in the air but your coordination to be able to catch and keep them moving is lacking, which is why you keep having problems.

Once we get that weak muscle stronger and get them caught up to the other ones and get that coordination back to where you can juggle full time throughout the day, then you're going to have very low risk of back pain, you're not going to have the problems, the stiffness, the soreness that you see now, and you won't have those big "oopses" where you bend down and get your shoe and can't get back up. Our goals are to get you strong and get the muscles working together as well as they possibly can to have the least amount of problems in the future.

Low Back Pain Caused by Lack of Core Strength and Function

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