Lilly migraine drug


Migraine drug.. For patients. Lilly will do that through the purchase of a company called "colucid". Healtbeat anchor anne marie tiernon is back from lilly with what the deal means for patients -- and the company. Remember in 2014...eli lilly announced a strategic plan to bring 20 drugs to market in 10-years. This drug...would be one of them.

It was owned by a small massachusetts firm...and right now it's in late stage testing. If all trials proceed on-track.. The drug.. Lasmiditan.. Could be submitted.

For regulatory approval next year. Today a lilly director told me how this drug works to provide relief. "william ratner/lilly senior director for migraine marketing: the particular drug works in the central brain to calm down the nerves that are....sensitive to light/sound, and outher conditions of migraine that the patient currently experiences." there is a huge market for a migraine relief. Lilly says.. 36- million americans have migraines. Patients with heart disease...are limited on what they can safely take for their migraines...and this drug is believed to be a safe option for them.

We will keep an eye on it in the pipeline. Change font for on camera portion meantime...consider this...the lilly purchase price is. Is 960-million dollars. Consider...colucid has just 8 employees.

Lilly migraine drug

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