Lauren’s sport-related concussion treated with MyoWorx®

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I am a varsity soccer player for South-Eastern Louisiana University. So, I've been a very competitive athlete for about 18 years or so. During my Freshmen year I received a pretty serious concussion and blow to the face during a match, and I was suffering from Post-Concussion Syndrome. I'd seen a number of doctors, surgeons, optometrists, and no one could really figure out what kind of what the problem what - what was going on - so I looked you up, and decided to give it a shot! I received the concussion in October of 2008 and I didn't come see you until May of 2009. So, for quite some time.

In terms of symptoms, I had migraines every single day, and I couldn't see anymore. I had blurry, double-vision. I was dizzy, fatigued, my sleeping patterns were off, my eating patterns were off. Once I came in we started to tackle a lot of those problems. By late June/July I was able read again, which was pretty huge! Especially being a university student.

That really was a large impact on my life at the time. So, being able to read again was a really big one for me. By the first of August I was cleared to play and train again, which I hadn't been able to do since October. The changes absolutely effected me in every possible way. Like I said, especially being a university student it's pretty critical that you can read.

I would like to say that I take a lot of pride in my school work. It was very, very frustrating to have those complications, to have to try to listen to your books on tape. It made the academic side of university very hard. That, of course, influenced my attitude and my positivity. I was very, very discouraged.

Lauren’s sport-related concussion treated with MyoWorx®

My overall health improved once my symptoms started to improve because not only was symptom-free but I was starting to feel happier, I was starting to be successful again in the other areas of my life. During one of my practices in the Spring season, same type of situation. I went out for a head-ball and I got headed again. Immediately that day I noticed I had concussion symptoms and I was on top of it right away. I went to my trainer and I was checked out. They reaffirmed it that, yep, I received another concussion. Unlike last time I didn't wait a prolonged amount of time before I contacted you to say, "Okay, I have a concussion again, what can I do right now?" Because I didn't want those symptoms to start up.

We knew that if we got to it right away that all those problems could be prevented. It pretty much totally cleared up since I've been doing the workout routine and all the stretching exercises that you sent for me to do. When I got the concussion, same type of thing, the vision was bad, the fatigue, the dizziness, the nausea, all of that was there. Within probably two weeks all of that had subsided.

I was back to normal—still a little of tightness in the neck, but that's just kind of muscle-memory working its way out. I've actually had a couple of teammates that've gotten concussions since I received mine, and since I've been in treatment with you. Kind of the first thing I say is, you know, "Go have your muscles checked out.

Make sure that they're loose enough," because they were restricting the blood flow and all of those symptoms can be reduced if you make sure those are, kind of, taken care of right away. Because there is therapy for concussion. It isn't something that you're going to have to deal with for the rest of your life. It isn't necessarily just anatomically the brain that has the problem. It's other things as well, so I always tell them right away, "Go seek treatment for your muscles, if all you can do is get a massage then go get a massage, but make sure you're taking care of the muscle along your neck because the whiplash from a head injury is half the battle.".

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Lauren’s sport-related concussion treated with MyoWorx®

I am a varsity soccer player for South-Eastern Louisiana University. So, I've been a very competitive athlete for about 18 years or so. During my Freshmen year I received a pretty…

By: MyoWorx