LATERA Testimonial from Patient, Nancy

Author: Sleep and Sinus Centers of Georgia

[text on screen]: Latera technology by Spirox [Guitar strumming] Hi, I'm Nancy. I'm happily married, ah, to my husband Ron for 30 years. We have two sons. I'm thankful that we are able to live on 10 acres in the country where I can walk my dog, go for run, ride my bike.

Ah, as a family, I think it's important to stay active. We snowmobile together. We have jet skis, and we have a boat. I like to wakesurf, love to snow ski, and I would consider myself someone who has an active lifestyle. I have suffered with nasal obstruction all my life.

At night I felt like I was suffocating. I felt like I never got a good night's sleep because I could not inhale through my nose. Never really knew how to go about relieving, uh, the, the suffocating when I’m running or swimming, and it was something that I always struggled with, and I just figured this was how life is. That everyone else struggled with something like this. Nasal sprays gave me minor relief, but I felt like I was putting a band-aid on the situation, and I finally thought I need to go in and see somebody to have, to have this issue dealt with. [guitar strumming] I contacted an ENT specialist, and they discovered that I have a deviated septum, and another thing they discovered is that I had internal valve collapse, and that I was a candidate for a new device - a new implant called Latera. They did a turbinate reduction, and then, um, septoplasty, then they inserted Latera, and that prevented the valve collapse in my nose.

I immediately noticed a difference right after surgery. Even though I was, I was stuffy and swollen, I could breathe. I, I noticed immediately, um, increased, um, airflow. I had minimal swelling. I had no, no bruising, and as a result of wearing my sunglasses, I got a play bump on my nose.

LATERA Testimonial from Patient, Nancy

Once I stopped wearing the sunglasses for a couple of weeks, the bump went away, and now I don't have any problems wearing my sunglasses. [chorus vocalizing with percussion] Before the surgery, you get used to breathing, you're suffocating, dealing with this problem for so long, and now that I've had the surgery, I've, I’m so thankful that I had it done. I’m not exerting so much energy running, biking, swimming, wakesurfing. So, life was good before, but it's better now. Anyone who's suffering from nasal obstruction.

. I wouldn't hesitate. I would run. Go to your doctor.

Have this done. It seems like such a simple device has, has great impact Thank you very much. [laughing] I wish somebody would have thought of it sooner. [choral vocalizing with percussion] [text on screen]: Latera technology by Spirox.

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LATERA Testimonial from Patient, Nancy

[text on screen]: Latera technology by Spirox [Guitar strumming] Hi, I'm Nancy. I'm happily married, ah, to my husband Ron for 30 years. We have two sons. I'm thankful that…

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