Large Milia on the Forehead, Extracted

Author: Dr. Sandra Lee (aka Dr. Pimple Popper)

Dr. Lee: Close your eyes. I want to put a little numbing here, OK? Patient: Mmm hmm.

Dr.Lee : A little baby pinch on some of these. Pinch. Dr.

Lee: You ok? Good. Patient: Mmm hmm. I'm gonna..

'Cause I think that's more comfortable certainly if I do that Even though there's a little initial pinch here It'll feel a lot better later, we make it easier. Little pinch again! I know you feel me wiggling. That's just me kind of... PATIENT: That's okay. Dr. Lee : ..

Large Milia on the Forehead, Extracted

It helps to distract you from this. I just want to make sure you knew I wasn't nervous or something. Patient:

How long ago was that? Patient: Oh, 19 years ago DR. LEE: Oh, boy! DR. LEE: So it was a pretty big accident then, huh? Patient: (firmly) No, it wasn't. Dr. LEE: Oh, It wasn't? Patient: Mmm-mmm.

Dr. LEE: So this damage was more from the airbag? Patient: Exactly. The damage was all from the airbag.

Dr. LEE: Oh, that's scary. PATIENT: And it was ugly. Dr. LEE: Just a little numbing, sorry. Patient: And anybody who has peels and all that stuff, I think. No thank you. Dr.

LEE: Let's see here Patient: Which my daughter just had with you. Dr. LEE: Oh she did? Oh,

LEE: I did her, okay. PATIENT: Oh yeah. Dr. LEE: So, looks like the same kind of thing.

You said "No way". Dr. LEE: No thank you. PATIENT: (singsong) No, thank you. Patient. She's telling me. She can't [even] go outside.

And she can't do this, she can't do that I'll keep my brown spots

LEE: Too much stuff on my iPhone right now. It's starting to complain. A little pressure here. Oh, these are comin' out, though .They wanna come out. And you're okay, right? PATIENT: Mmm hmm. Dr. LEE: Told you it might be a little bit puffed up, but... PATIENT: That's okay.

Dr. LEE: But it'll be worth it in the morning. Okay, got those three.

Got like, a few more to go, and putting in a little nick here in some of these. These are true milia. These are superficial cysts.

And the issue with them is that... They won't come out. I'm sure you've tried to squeeze them before, so many times, huh? PATIENT: Oh....yes. Mmm hmm. Patient: Well then I just pick at 'em. Dr. Lee.

Oh. But have you ever picked any of them out? No, not really? Patient: Uh, I don't think so. Dr. LEE: Kind of a long squirrely one there! PATIENT:

LEE: Look at that one! Patient: Oh my goodness! DR. LEE: Yeah! you know or something PATIENT: Mmm hmm. Dr. LEE: You know, we get this makeup, you wear makeup, and it gets your skin kinda clogged there... Some people are more prone to it than others A lot of little things can happen.

You okay? PATIENT: Mmm hmm. Dr. LEE: Valerie, too? Can you hold your arm up? ASSISTANT: Mmm hmm. (inaudible) DR. LEE: Getting some exercise.

I know. It's hard. ASSISTANT: ...(inaudible) things right here so DR. LEE: Should have her scoot down a little bit. Dr. LEE: (whispering) Okay, almost done though. Just double-checking some of these.

Good. Some of them you might actually notice there'll be a little nick in them and sometimes, if you scratch, you'll probably be able to even get out a little bit more. Maybe. I think I'm getting a little bit. Sometimes when I put numbing here I can't see. I might miss one. But it's definitely significantly better. We did a good job there.

Let me take a feel with my finger. Looks pretty flat. This one here, I don't believe is a ... Let me see. That might be one, but I thought it was an oil gland. Let me see if it hit the (inaudible). So little pinch here. But I'm not sure if that's a milia or not.

Huh, it was. I'm glad I tried for that one. Okay, pretty much done. I warned her, she'll [look] a little bit like a pincushion like up here. ...for, like, the next couple days.

See, I keep working on these. There's still a little bit more in some of them. But it won''ll go away. You'll have... I don't think you'll have any evidence..

We did anything here just no bumps anymore. Is it raining? I hear this pitter-patter outside. It sounds like it is. Almost done here. Checking.

Okay? All right. I think we got them. I'm just taking the last little....after I (inaudible) the imprints of my comedone extractor there. I did really well, though.

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