Labels: stroke with aphasia

By: Christine Huggins

Today the topic is "labels". There can be "positive" or "negative" labels. Labels can be "helpful" or "hinder" progress. "Label" is a noun: --a word or phrase that describes or identifies something or sometime. My whole life before my massive stroke I was -abled. During my stroke I had less oxygen to my brain and now I have acquired aphasia. My new label is disabled.

I'm on the Ohio Governor's Council on People with Disabilities. I have learned that some people are born with a disability. My background and my perspective is acquired disability.

One minute you can talk, talk or [she is delaying thinking the right word] You can talk and work, and the next minute you can't talk for work. It's fascinating to examine the labels of the past and the present. I am a lawyer, but I can't write. I am a Dartmouth alumni but I can't repeat a phone number.

Sometimes labels are helpful. "Stroke with aphasia" -- using the Google search. I have learned more about adapting my needs for information for my recovery. This label is helpful right? Or when I talk with my online support group, everyone has the same label [aphasia] but, everyone is different, right? Labels are helpful from my perspective to understand different disabilities. It is one facet of understanding and learning more of myself.

Labels: stroke with aphasia

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