KT Tape: Turf Toe

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[music] I'm Chris Harper and with me is Makayla and we are here to demonstrate an application for "Turf Toe" "Turf toe” is pain at the base or underside of the big toe. Some causes of this may be by overuse, running on hard surfaces, or constant over-extension of the toe from kneeling. KT Tape helps treat this condition by providing stability and support while maintaining range of motion.

For this application we are going to place the toe in an extension or dorsiflexion and that's bringing the toe towards the shin as much as is comfortable. And for our first full strip, we are going to turn this into two long strips we are going to cut right down the middle of the tape. We are going to take one of those and we need to produce about a third of a piece here so we are just going to cut the short piece off the end. Ok, we are going to round the corners, just rounding the corners helps smooth out the corners obviously so it doesn't get caught on clothing such as taking socks or shoes off We are going to twist and tear the paper backing and peel that backing being very careful not to touch the adhesive. We are going to handle it with just the paper, we are going to run this right between the toes, we are going to place this on eighty percent stretch, so if you stretch it all the way out and then back of just a little bit and put that just under the big toe, on that tendon.

We are going to pinch off that on the sides of the big toe, and we're going to lay down the tails with absolutely zero stretch. Same on both sides. Great, that's just so you don't create a tourniquet around the toe. Give it a good friction rub just to make sure it is adhering very well.

We are going to take our remaining piece. We are going to round the corners, again it just helps prevent the tape from getting caught on clothing. We're going to twist and tear, one end You're going to measure this back so the anchor point ends up just slightly behind the heel. Great! Now we're going to peel that paper backing off Leaving a little paper on there just to handle and we're going to apply this with absolutely zero stretch right through the arch on the underside of the foot. Right when we get to the back of the big toe, we are going to apply ten percent stretch, and then ease off the very end of it and lay that last bit down with absolutely zero stretch. Where the tape crosses over that first piece, we are going to it a really good friction rub just to make sure that's adhering well, as well as through the arch, get that to stick very well So creating a little friction, some heat, gets that adhesive to activate and really stick to the skin.

KT Tape: Turf Toe

Excellent that looks great! Here are some helpful tips before applying Be sure to clean the skin removing any lotions or oils that you may have on there and also make sure it's very dry. Press the tape very well to the underside of the joint where we applied the first piece of tape, where the other piece crosses over. You can wear a sock to bed so the tape doesn't roll up as you move around while you're sleeping. You can also use a hair dryer on a low setting to create a little extra heat to activate that adhesion. For additional adhesive tips, see our general instructions Some complementary treatments may include rest, ice, running on softer surfaces and consider a change of footwear.

You can also use anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen. Please seek care if you have severe pain, swelling, bruising. And also see our website for more information at www.kttape.com.

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KT Tape: Turf Toe

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