KT Tape: Back of Knee

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Hi, I'm Chris Harper and with me is Makayla and we're here to demonstrate and application for the "Back of the Knee". This may be pain over the tendons running vertically behind the knee. And for this application, we're going to have Makayla turn around. Go ahead and set that area on stretch.

We're going to set this back and we're going to place a red dot where your pain may be, you pain may vary slightly, but for this demonstration we're just going place it right there. Some causes of this may be tendinitis, a Baker’s cyst, swelling behind the knee popliteal tendinitis, hamstring tightness hyper extension, or general overuse. KT Tape helps treat the area by relaxing or supporting the muscles reducing pressure in the area and may increase circulation. So for this application we're first gonna take a full strip and again I have this area on stretch so we're going to stretch the calf and the hamstring if we can.

I'm going to take the first strip, we're going to take and twist the paper backing peeling that paper off to create an anchor point. I'm being careful not to touch the adhesive portion of the tape and just handling it by the paper, I'm going to place this just below the knee, and rub that on with absolutely zero stretch. I'm actually avoiding the back part of the knee I'm actually going to go over the tendons of the knee I´m going to peel that paper off and we're going to apply this with fifty-percent stretch, so I'm going to stretch this out one-hundred percent then back that off about half way and lay that tape down.

The last bit of tape I'm actually going to just remove that paper and I'm going to lay that anchor down with absolutely zero stretch. And give the whole thing a little bit of a rub just to create some friction, some heat, that gets it to adhere to the skin well. For my next strip I'm going to tear a full piece. Again, just like the first one, I'm going to twist and tear the backing paper to create an anchor, and I'm being careful not to touch that adhesive. On the back of the tape. I'm going to go just the opposite side of the first strip, I'm laying that anchor down, with absolutely zero stretch.

KT Tape: Back of Knee

I'm avoid the back of the knee again. Around that point of pain, I'm going to do a fifty-percent stretch and stretching that nice and evenly, like that, I'm going to lay that down, I'm going to remove the paper backing and then lay that anchor down with absolutely zero stretch. I'm just going to give that a good friction rub for better adhesion to the skin.

Some helpful tips before apply this is to clean the skin very well, remove any skin oils or lotions you may have on, also trim excessive hair in this area. Be careful with taking clothing, shorts and pants on and off which may roll the tape. This application can also be used in conjunction with the full knee support application for maximal effect. Some complementary treatments may include light progressive stretching, ice, rest, anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen, and foam rolling. Please seek care if you have difficulty walking, severe swelling or extreme pain.

For more information see our website at www.kttape.com.

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