Kidney Disease, Sleep Apnea - Danny S

By: Dr. Gilbert Jaudy

(Music) Hi, my name is Danny. I live in Santa Teresa, New Mexico, near the El Paso area. I was a competitive body builder for many years. I am a gym owner, and I was diagnosed with stage five kidney disease.

Stage five means almost going into dialysis. I was also diagnosed with sleep apnea five years ago, and I have not been able to sleep, much less even take a nap, without my sleep apnea machine. So I've been pretty much totally dependent on that. That's been my life support, as you would say. I was told about Dr.

Jaudy about four years ago, but I'll be honest with you guys, you know... You get so brainwashed with medicine, me being a gym owner, and many of my friends and clients being physicians, they say, you know what, Danny, just stick to traditional medicine, but it wasn't until I was diagnosed with stage five... I was diagnosed with stage 3, and then it progressed to stage 5. At that point, you know, went to go see my nephrologist again, and the next thing, which is watch what you eat, we'll give you some blood pressure medication, and put you on a kidney transplant list, which is fine, I'll remain on the list, but in the meantime, I want to stay proactive and do something, so that's when I decided, I took a chance, and I hired Dr. Jaudy, who had been working for my sister, and I came out here my first time here, but a month into the program now, only five sessions, my creatinine levels went from 5.7, I'm sorry, from 5.4 to 3.7, which is huge. You know, some of my friends, who are doctors, that I've shared these results with, they said, Danny, that's amazing. You know, whatever you do, keep doing it. So, what that translates to is that my kidney function was a 13, and now it's an 18, in only five sessions and a total of thirty days.

The last two nights I've slept without my CPAP I've been able to nap a few times, but the last two nights I've slept without it completely, which is the first time in... Last night I slept 10 hours straight without it, which is a miracle. I've never felt... I mean the last time I slept that was probably ten years ago, so guys, part of his therapy it's called brain and organ remapping. It's contemporary, you know, it is the latest, so you know, I've only been with him 30 days. I've only seen him five times, and I mean, what he's done for me in five sessions is beyond amazing. Many of my friends and clients, who are doctors, are just strictly amazed.

Kidney Disease, Sleep Apnea - Danny S

This is incredible, Danny. Whatever you doing, keep doing it. It was that last doctor that really made a difference.

I'm firm believer that if it wasn't for him, I'd probably be on dialysis already. It's made an incredible difference in my life. I do recommend it.

The fact that I'm willing to drive nine hours straight just to see him, it's well worth it, so I just want to say to you guys, if you're thinking about coming down here and paying the doctor a visit, just trust me, just do what he says, and you know what they say, no risk no reward. Take a chance on yourself. Thank you. (Music).

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