Kelsey's Scoliosis/Spinal Fusion 2014

By: Elizabeth Platz

My mom saw my scoliosis on 12/25/13 when I bent over I was diagnosed with kyphoscoliosis on 1/2/14 with an S curve of 45 and 66 degrees. I was 12 years old. I started therapy at OMM the next week We went to Shriners in February because they had the best and most experienced surgeons in the field My friends and family were very supportive. My basketball team held a benefit for the hospital for Scoliosis awareness Pre-op appts. 6/24/14. It wasn't bad at all. I played softball all summer, right up until 3 days before surgery.

We got 1st place. :) Surgery day, 7/15/14. Here I am with my family before we check in. We prayed with the Chaplain before going up to my room. My sister read to me after surgery. It made me feel better Me in recovery after a 7 hour surgery. I am looking good, eh? Recovering and therapy in the hospital for 3 days My brand new back. 17 screws and 2 cobalt chromium rods.

From January to July, my curve grew to 94 degrees. The surgeon got it down to a 37 degree curve Recovering at home. Lots of walking and visitors. Loved having visitors. Kept me busy and moving around.

My best friend Emily came to spend alot of time with me. And today.....almost 6 months later. I grew 2.5 inches and I feel great. :).

Kelsey's Scoliosis/Spinal Fusion 2014

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