Karnozin extra iskustvo roditelja, Carnosine parent experiance

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Parent experince Zlata, mother of 8 year old girl Gorana (diagnosis: psychomotor retardation) Uses Carnosine EXTRA for 5 months My name is Zlata Strbac, I am mother of 8 year old girl, she had been diagnosed with psychomotor retardation. I said she „had", because we've succeeded in solving that problem with Carnosine EXTRA and the girl has reached the level of her peers. The pregnancy was regular and the girl was born normally, in time The first four months, she was just like other normal babies at that age. When she was four months old, on the 12th December 2005, she got a vaccine. It was an ATC hib vaccine.

The very next day, she stopped looking around, moving her hands and legs and she looked like a plant, because she was just laying, observing, but without any reaction. When she was 2 years old, we got a diagnosis of psychomotor retardation. First, I fought it by myself. I did not take her to doctors or to hospital until she was two. We worked with a speech therapist, a psychiatrist and she had progress, but she was motorically limited For example: playing with other children, jumping, playing with ball, or donning clothes.

Generally, her motoric abilities were very bad: her hand movement was poor, no running at all, she rarely walked the stairs... Everything that required her to move her hands and legs, was extremly difficult. All of that had caused problems in the kindergaten, problems with writing later in school,reading and everything else that depends on motoric movements. In November,I found out about Carnosine EXTRA and immediately decided to order the Carnosine EXTRA without consulting other parents or anybody else because writing and reading was already a big problem for a child in second grade. She had that problem with writing where she couldn't write on her own, and I had to hold her hand hand and that was the way how we were doing her homework and writing in general. When she had to explain something or do some talk, it was fantastic.

She is very intelligent, and now Carnosine EXTRA helped her to reach the level of her peers, in psychologist's opinion. What can I say about Carnosine EXTRA? From the very first day, it helped solve other problems, too. She had often urinated at night in her bed, she didn't sleep, we all had about 8 years of sleep deprivation. She slept at night for maybe ten minutes total. On the first day of using Carnosine, she went to bed at 9 o'clock and slept whole night.

Karnozin extra iskustvo roditelja, Carnosine parent experiance

It was unbelievable. I'd checked her all night long wondering if she is alive. I could not believe that finally, after 8 yeras, my child is sleeping- from 9 pm to the morning. Now, she still sleeps as she slept that night: she lays in her bed, sometimes with a book sleeps well without awakening through the night and, in the meantime, she stopped urinating in her bed, too. Those are problems that we've solved with Carnosine unexpectecly, which at first we started using to solve the writing and reading problems problems like a kind of dysgraphia or dyslexia, but regarding motoric movement of her hands. What I have also noticed is that she started acting more mature, she became more independent. She goes up and down the stairs without any fear. She started going places on her own, like visiting her grandmother, and she had never done that before probably because she had motoric problems.

Generally, my child started acting normally. There are too many situations like that, I can't count them all, but all motoric problems she had have disappeared with Carnosine. She started using it on November 13th, 2013. Now it's April 15th 2014. I'm not trying to exaggerate or praise the supplement because I have only one goal which is for my child to act normally like her peers do and be happy. I think, without any exaggerating again, all that she has achieved is because of Carnosine. I recomend it to all parents, with no worries of any side effects or something else, because it can only be better, not worse.

Now we don't have problems, my child doesn't have problems: her reading is perfect, writing, too. When she comes home, she takes her books and does her homework by herself. When I talk like this now, maybe for some parents it will seem unreal. I thought so, too. Because I never believed that in such a short time she would make so much progress she washes her face, dons her clothes... The latest change in the past few days, is that she goes to school all by herself.

Earlier, I went with her every day, all the way to school and back home, until 3-4 days ago, she told me that she wants to go alone. We had taken her to the psychologist in the children hospital in Novi Sad to do some tests and we had had regular controls which showed that she had psychomotor retardation at one point she was almost two years behind her peers A month since she's started using Carnosine, she did some psychological tests again and they showed that she wasn't behind anymore She is now acting like every other child her age, after about four, almost five months of using Carnosine. Although we have no problems at all, we will continue using Carnosine as a preventive.

Karnozin extra iskustvo roditelja, Carnosine parent experiance

Parent experince Zlata, mother of 8 year old girl Gorana (diagnosis: psychomotor retardation) Uses Carnosine EXTRA for 5 months My name is Zlata Strbac, I am mother of 8 year old girl,…

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