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All right, this is Carla. Carla comes in because she has something growing on the side of her face correct? "Correct." How long has it been there? "Couple of months." Does it hurt at all? "No, it itches." Does it drain anything? "Not unless I scratch it." Ok. In looking at it, it looks like whats called a Seborrheic Keratosis or a benign type of warty growth. Different from warts, warts are actually caused by a virus but they do not go on to turn into cancer but sometimes they can look a lot like a type of cancer called malignant melanoma. This one does not look much like it but we can biopsy it and find out for sure and at the same time that gets rid of it. "Ok" So let's get started. I will prep the area with some betadine so this is the worst part of the whole thing this is where we actually give you the shot. There is some sting initially.

What we're seeing is that the skin is kind of blanching or turning whitish. For a couple reasons One: just the volume of the liquid displacing the blood takes the red color out of it. And the second reason is because of the epinephrine in there that causes blood vessels to constrict decreasing the blood flow. What's going on with your grandkids? Blessed with many grandchildren. "Yes. We have six and then my older son just adopted two more." Oh my goodness! I'm going to put this over you, will you be claustrophobic if this is over you? "No." Ok, I'm going to try to keep your face as open as I can by folding it over like that, and then bringing this over hopefully that's not too bad. So you're son brought in how many? Four more? "Well he had four" He had four. "Yea and then they adopted two more." That's from your son.

Any other grandchildren? Ok. Are you able to spend a lot of time with them? "Yea we had them last weekend for memorial day." How old are they? "Nine and six." And how are they doing? "They're doing pretty good." How are you doing? "Ok most of the time." Ok. So what we see here is some bleeding and I'm going to help it to stop by using this wonderful product called wound seal that I love so much. It creates an artificial scab. I'm going to be pressing for a minute and we'll see what we have and it looks like there's just barely a little spot there where it's trying to come through. We'll put some more on that and stop it again.

"This stuff isn't burning the skin like quick clot or anything right?" It does feel like it burns if you're not anesthetized. "Oh I see." Thanks for joining us you can see the results of the biopsy in the description and also please give Carly your well wishes she'll be reading the comments because she actually gets on youtube. Until next time this is Carly and Dr. Vaughan telling you to stay in good health!.

Karla's Skin Lesion Biopsy | Auburn Medical Group

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