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Rachelle Pamplona once collapsed in class. For ten years, she has endured the condition called congenital heart disease. How did Rachelle get through this? Let's watch the story of Rachelle, whom we met at the Gamot para sa Kapwa, Medical Mission in Calamba Laguna. We met Matet and Rachelle Pamplona at the Gamot para sa Kapwa Medical Mission in SM City Calamba. The child, Rachelle, was pale and skinny. Rachelle cried and was restless As she was being connected to wires for ECG. After the test, the doctor confirmed her suspicions.

From the ECG results, we can see that Rachelle's heart is beating too fast. The heart beats normally from 60 to nearly 100 times per minute, but Rachelle's heart beats more than 120 times per minute. It looks like her heart is working too hard. Another indication is the bluish tint on her lips and nails. She has clubbed fingers and toes. She has a form of cyanotic heart disease.

Rachelle is now panting. We have to bring her to a hospital as soon as possible Because she is now suffering from heart or lung congestion. Matet is in tears while listening to the doctor's explanation. She knew that Rachelle suffers from congenital heart disease and that she needs to be operated on immediately.

Matet's utmost concern is that they do not have enough funds to provide for Rachelle's medical needs. I was aware of her condition since she was one month old. I brought her to a pediatrician to check the lump on her chest. Then the pediatrician said that her heart has a hole. They said that Rachelle may only have until one to three years to live, then they said that she will live up to twelve, eighteen years. Once, she had an episode of severe breathlessness. My father also had a the same condition.


He had a hole in his heart valve. He died at the age of fifty years old. Rachelle had suffered from attacks of breathlessness because of her illness. Once, while she was inside the classroom, she collapsed. When she Rachelle was in first grade, she had the most severe attack. Her teacher strongly suggested that we bring her to the Philippine Heart Center. The doctors told us to come back to the hospital for her 2D echo and other examinations, but we don't have enough money to do so.

Rachelle finds it hard to catch her breath. Her nails in both hands and feet changed in shape. Her lips are bluish. When she has a fever, she becomes breathless again.

She complains of chest pains. For Matet, being at the medical mission helped them a lot. Somehow, they were able to get medicines that Rachelle needs, for free. I'm pleading to all our kind-hearted viewers. Please help us fund Rachelle's treatment. The treatment is very expensive and we cannot afford it.

We hope that someone could help us. Thank you very much. The Pamplona family needs to secure two hundred thousand pesos for Rachelle's open heart surgery. They need to provide fifty thousand pesos as their initial payment to perform the operation. She also needs to undergo 2D echo and other tests before her operation. Rachelle's family cannot shoulder her medical needs.

Hopefully we could help Rachelle and her family.


Rachelle Pamplona once collapsed in class. For ten years, she has endured the condition called congenital heart disease. How did Rachelle get through this? Let's watch the story…

By: Kapwa Ko Mahal Ko
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