John, ALS Patient, Talks About His Improvements following Stem Cell Treatment

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Over the last 12 days that I've been here I have seen some improvement in my left hand. Before I was not able to straighten my fingers out in my left hand and now I am able to straighten three out of the five fingers. I do have a little more movement in my thumb and again I contribue that to the therapies: the physical, the occupational and the aquatic.

I also have a little more energy, I think that is contributed to the balanced diet, the three balanced meals that I do receive here, and also just having the energy, and the thought of there is some kind of help with the ALS problem that I have. So mentally, it gives you a little release on life and something to look forward to. I did regain a little movement in my left hand, the fingers, that had nothing to do with the actual stem cells but the actual therapy itself was very concentrated on my weakness on my left side. Unfortunately treatment in the United States, for ALS does not exist, there's very little research and so for looking for alternatives in the United States a lot of doors were shut on me, and I had to look elsewhere for any type of treatment that I can get. I did a little research on stem cells, I actually was contacted by a former patient and they gave me the website and I did a little more research and I thought it was a good fit for me. Through a former patient, they were very happy with the progress, that he was making and I was looking for a treatment that would be suitable for my expectations.

I wasn't expecting a full recovery, but the stem cells was a promising course of action for myself. I was in contact with Hanna, she answered 20 different types of emails that I sent, they were very detailed, and later I was contacted by Yasinee, she is actually, part of the staff here at this location. And she answered further questions about the actual procedure and the treatment plan that would be suitable for myself and you know, the rest was history. I came here and I was accepted after two weeks.

I did get three stem cell injections into my spine, and that is supposed to help the growth of stem cells, they'll take 3 to 6 months, and that will possibly help the regain some of the mobility that I've lost. I also got two IV with stem cells and those are supposed to help stop the progression of my ALS symptoms. I also got several IVs of vitamins, I got protein shots to help the growth of the stem cells, so one is to help stop the progression of ALS but also in the future to help maybe regain some of the mobility that I've lost. Along with the stem cells and all that I also had a lot of therapy sessions.

John, ALS Patient, Talks About His Improvements following Stem Cell Treatment

I had occupational therapy, physical therapy, aquatic therapy, I got acupuncture and I also got some motor neuron stimulation. Along with the therapies I also saw a nutritionist that came in, she recommended I change my diet to lower some sugars, sugar helps progress the ALS, so she gave me a diet plan, on some of the foods that I can avoid. And some of the better foods that I can include in my diet on a daily basis. Obviously they suggested exercise, and to eat a little more of a consistent diet. As far as three meals a day, and cutting out the late snacks before I got to bed. Coming from the United States, I was a little worried about coming to Thailand, there's all different types of horror stories and stuff, you know, with travelling, but my wife and I, who accompanied me on this trip, we were very impressed witht the facilites. First of all the staff, the doctors were very knowledgeable, and they had a sense of humour,they made you relax and it wasn't just sticking needles and terms that you couldn't understand. The nurses were always there, they made sure that you were comfortable, and they went out of their way to make sure that you understood what was going to be done to you on each particular day.

Like I said they had three balanced meals, they actually cleaned our room three times a day, which was very shocking. And one of the thing we were worried about was security when we landed, they actually picked us up from the airport and took us right to the hospital, and after one day, we were able to walk the streets and it felt safe. So you know, the prenotion of an unsafe environment was not true. The facilities were super clean, that you could actually eat off the floors, not saying that you should, but it is that clean to where you know, it took us by surprise. The staff as far as the physical therapy, they were very knowledgeable, they knew the conditions they needed to work on, each person is different, and they focused on what my needs were instead of just reading off a manual.

I believe the stem cells injections were the right step for me. As I've been treated here I have seen stroke victims, I have seen a blind person, I have seen other ALS patients , I believe this will help me in the future. Right now obviously, I won't know until three to six months from now, whether it has or hasn't worked, but in my heart, I wouldnt have flown 23 hours to get here if I didn't think it would work. I believe that the doctors, nurses, everybody that's at this facility believe, in what they're doing and I look forward to the results. This however, might not be for everybody. You need to do your own research and make a commitment and find out what your expectations are to whether this is going to work for you or not. My expectation was to stop the progression of the ALS, if I can retrieve some of the mobility that I lost, to me, that's a bonus. But right now I would prefer to live a life to where I'm not deteriorating at a rapid pace and that's why I chose the stem cell program here.

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