Jessie's Story: Logan Regional Pediatric Rehab

Author: Logan Regional Hospital

I was walking down the stairs at my school and I just skipped a step to get passed some people, and I hurt my back quite a bit actually. It didn't hurt as much when I first did it, and then it got harder to walk. Well Jesse called from school and she had hurt her back, and so she wanted to come home. So when we all got home from work that day, we ended up going to instacare. The doctor saw her there, took some xrays, and didn't really see anthing in the X-rays that was of concern.

I went home and it just kind of got worse and worse. My back started to hurt more, and there was shooting pain going down my legs. So the next morning I went to Intermountain Pediatrics to try and see if we could figure out what was happening. We saw Dr. Clark and he ordered an emergent MRI, and they couldn't see anything on the MRI that would cause her pain.

They gave her some steroids and some pain killers and sent us home hoping that the pain would go away. Within the next day or so I had lost all movement and feeling in my legs. So I called the next morning to talk to pediatrics to see if I could get Dr.

Clark to give us some more about what it is that we needed to do. He called me back and said you need to take her down to Primary Children's. Then we stayed there for four days just trying to figure out what's going on, and doing tests. By the end of it they had diagnosed me with conversion disorder. I called pediatric rehab, got her an appointment, ya know I knew that they were going to be the best ones to really help get her strength back, and her motor skills back. So I called them a number of times to try and get her appointment moved up, and see what we could do to get her in sooner.

Jessie's Story: Logan Regional Pediatric Rehab

He would call me back, and he made sure that I was comfortable. He gave me some exercises to try with her at home. He did some research, he called me again and said I want you to try this, I want you to do this. So he had a really good idea of how she was doing before he even saw her as a patient. We started to see Shawn at pediatric rehab and he was helping me through it.

Having her in physical therapy, that first day, you know the first time we went she was in pain, it was hard, he moved her and did all the painful things that sometimes happen in physical therapy. But he was able to really push passed whatever was blocking her and just get her back to where hey, I have legs, they work, they do things. All of the exercises we were doing just felt like games, and it was really fun for me actually. By this time I could walk, sort of. Yeah I was kind of zombie walking. I mean one of the neat things is when she started walking again. I just said okay Jesse since you're standing you need to come chop onions.

She hobbled right over and started cutting onions. She loves to cook, she loves to ask for advice on cooking. We do a lot of cooking together. I think when I went back to pediatric rehab and Shawn was telling me about how much I had progressed from doing home exercises. It helped to know that my progression was being noticed, and that it really was making a difference. We were just doing physical therapy and it was getting better, but I was still walking like a zombie.

Then I went on a trip to Jackson Hole with my dad, I think the last night we were there I started to be able to walk normally. Withing a couple of days I was able to run. A couple days after that I could jump. If you go to pediatric rehab there nothing really to be scared about. Because they're gonna help you through it and it's really just going to feel like a ton of games that you're playing. But in the long run it's going to help your recovery so much.

Jessie's Story: Logan Regional Pediatric Rehab

I was walking down the stairs at my school and I just skipped a step to get passed some people, and I hurt my back quite a bit actually. It didn't hurt as much when I first did…

By: Logan Regional Hospital
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