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Hey everybody, it's Doctor Jo. Every once in awhile somebody will send me a piece of equipment to review. The most recent thing I got was the JBIT MedPro. It relieves joint pressure and increases mobility. There's a lot of different pieces to it, and it goes around your whole body. They send you some resistive pieces, a stretching strap, they even have a cool bag to go a long with it. There's a lot of pieces to it so it does take awhile to put on.

There's some really good instructions to do that, but I'm going to go ahead and put it on and show you how it works. So now I have the piece of equipment on. As you can see it has a strap that goes around the waist in the back area. It's go little pieces to go around your foot, and then the resistive bands actually connects from the back piece all the way down to the ankle pieces. And what's good about that is that it forces your hamstrings to work while you are walking. So if your having trouble bending your knee, this is going to force you to bend your knee while you are walking.

It's a big learning curve. When you first put it on, it feels kind of weird because it brings your knees up really high, but if you walk with it a little bit, it really does get you into the pattern that you need if you're having issues with that knee bend while you are walking. Again this is going to be definitely something more for an athlete or athletic patient. If you are having trouble walking in general anyway, it's probably going to throw you off a little bit because it's a big pull. You can even see I'm having a little bit of difficulty walking with it until I get used to it a little bit.

You can also see here what like about it is that is pulls your pelvis into a neutral position. If you are forward a lot, it's going to bring you into that neutral position, and force your core to work how it is suppose to. So again, if you are walking, it's making you be in that neutral position that you are suppose to be in. So if you have a little bit of back pain, that does help it out a little bit. It also comes with some arm pieces that loop here, and you can connect those. I'm gonna show you how to do that.

JBIT MedPro Review - Ask Doctor Jo

So for the arm pieces, they have some nice handles. They come with a bunch of different bands. The actual arm bands were a little too short for me. I have long arms, so this is actually a piece for the legs. So I guess you can interchange them, and it's kind of nice because you can come up this way, you can come out this way, so you can do some nice arm things. And it gives you a good anchor for those pieces. One of the other pieces it comes with is a stretching strap which is pretty nice.

It has numbers on it to give you the different resistance for how much you want to stretch. I like it, but it stretches a little too much for a stretching strap because it gives a little bit. I like when stretching straps are tight, but I think that's just a personal preference. So in summary, this is a pretty nice piece of equipment if you're a higher level athlete. I think if you are suffering from something like a stroke or an incomplete spinal cord injury, it might be a little too much for you to try one your own, but like any piece of equipment, you want to check with your healthcare provider. It might be a safer environment to try with your physical therapist.

In the end, I do think it puts your pelvis in a nice neutral position, and it does help bend your knee and get that flexion that you might need if you're not able to do it because of your injury. So overall definitely check with your healthcare provider, and it might be right for you. So if you have any questions, leave them in the comments section.

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