It Sure Is Nice To See Some Progress

By: Ask a Flight Attendant

Hi! Bil here. How you doin'? I'm going for the Pirate look. Aaaarg! Well,um what's been happening with me? Number one. Is a my speech is getting better. It was a lot of struggles for me to uh you know get words out and stuff like that. And then early last week. I noticed that I started you know communicating clearer, and had no problems speaking on the phone with people, so I'm glad about that.

That really, really exciting. 'Cause you know with um. One of the things you have a stroke is a thing called Aphasia.and Aphasia deals with speaking, and getting your point out across so. I'm glad I'm showing improvement there too. I'm happy about that. Another that happened is that as you noticedI'm having more more hand movement. (This is the affected hand).

More hand movement than I did before. ,and it's still you know I don't have any strength in this hand.I tried holding a coffee cup let's just say I will never do that again unless the coffee cup is empty! Don't wanna do that again. But it's do you remember when I told you that I was um it was... What is that? oh gosh. Hypersensitve so now when I rub my fingers together like this I can feel the individual ridges of the fingerprints. And so what happens is that if I rub it on my hand the this arm feels like sand paper and it's gotten to the point where ooh when I touch my beard with this hand is feels like I'm touching bar loop wire in that does not feel gets so yeah sale along with that okay you know always if somebody's tickling your year your fee whenever and you pull your foot back that's how both legs feel and mother right side of my body to get her mama and the right side of my body cell it's hard to sleep when the body feels like its getting table and not in a good way and so it is the brain is making or trying to make the proper connections and its gonna go through a whole bunch of stuff you know testing to see in till it gets it right in the its annoying Boyd it's a good in a way that it shows that you know stuff is forming their sir now and next part is that on I can now walk without a cane and so that's good that happened at the same time thing with speech sign it in Salem it's nice because I can walk my biggest three-year was crossing the street my body seizing up on me when Karcher coming but I fire not that it by dis dropped my arm and relax a whole side its subsea immediately soon that is get I'm happy with that and their I'm hoping coping then maybe in one year from now I will be I'd like to be fully recovered every little I but I didn't know that's vacation not sell we'll see as far as housing I just I'll got another application in with the housing authority in santa hat 3 going on and its it to put me in on analysts a people that are waiting for helping so wall we'll see how that goes by it's amazing is a going to my with the is into mind in my sixties in the 10 months energy which is rekey is he going to my intent month ICE how I have progressed an I see things I still need to work on and a it is really nice a half encourage me to get a lot of encouragement from folks and the comments is sir but get this get this hi at I the receiving hates comet comments you know haters in so somebody made a comment about my finances and our said that I'm a charger my own finances in how how I expect people in a friends to to give money and they say anybody give me money what I expect is if I have this I had a stroke a new my friend acknowledges I had a stroke a card %uh sorry had a stroke but the hoes at but and there was another one nellis totally inappropriate totally and the one that thought was in nazi is as you know people have nothing better to do I can't remember the last the just Civic is I in a I reason immediately soda I had no workers have what they are but was someone wrote by divinity I hope you die and go to hell really really really I don't think so I I air and 0 lower I was is surprised by that but it that's the way it is and so I'm getting and just wanting to you has something to look forward to you like a friend of mine %uh I was sucking her there today and just say wow we're maybe in a year you'll be able to go to work I said I would just like to be in a better state than I am right now and our meaning that if I can return to work that would be the best thing for me but if I here return to work in a I need to be at peace with that because that's what that's been the biggest thing for me is talking about with that eyes you know I sent my video on term on YouTube watching airplane videos and you know why King that and I miss it so much and now with my company in there in 2017 they'll be getting brain new airplanes up is called the 737 axe so looking forward to that and just looking forward to all the things the teacher different flights in well I'm just scared that when they go back out left forgotten everything but bring if I do go back mahathir and take a up I room Tennessee had to go take a refresher course so who knows cell anyway but that's what's been happening within me on and then you know is by I'll negative stuff that's going on I look forward to you getting better bank terror speaking banks terror and well that along in a safer now %uh then thank you and please suscribe please subscribe have been and best I'll impressive that there.

It Sure Is Nice To See Some Progress

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