IS SHE GOING TO DIE?!? ⚰️ (5.10.17)

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In fact we get the comment from time to time. Is she gonna die? Good morning. We had a meeting this [morning] and We are running some errands now I don't have anything riveting to say Good Morning guys. All right.

I just made us some quick dinner um I made a sandwich and um Peter got some corn the other day So I just cooked up some corn, and we don't have any butter, so I thought we could try coconut oil I Think it [will] work there's our little summer dinner chips and [Salsa], and I think peters bringing some raspberries in So, let us eat! The sun came out! We have to go out! Ollie! the sun came out Gonna get my shoes on Hurry before the leaves. Its still quite chilly but It's sunshine Ollie what do you think of the sun, you want to run? Ready? Go run No thanks I feel like we haven't seen the sun for quite a while. I hope wherever you are. You're getting some sunshine coming in your window or perhaps [you're] outside So get up friends. Oh and here's [the] end result of the [um] the lights that peter put up last night You want to give them a review from the [dollar] [tree] lights? Um if you're not too strong break them as you put them in I saw a lot of good suggestions to put stakes in and then stick it on that's really smart Well, I didn't realize until like halfway through that there were stakes So anyway, I think they're great for dollar, I think its cool! I think if you're looking for a cheap [option] yeah I was trying to start the camera and push the wrong button. So I was like what I realized I looked really concerned It's all good. I'm just doing some laundry and Like sorting out our closet now in our old bedroom We took the closet door off so that it's because the beds right there so it would be easier to use once the closet door is off so we took it off and so I'm just organizing the closet and update on coconut corn it works. It was good! Did you like it I? I kinda liked it better honestly I Couldn't taste it! It was kinda like uh, I felt like it was a Gourmet flavor ah Gourmet corn I Had ideas if you try coconut corn post on Social Media hashtag coconut corn Oh this is going to be trending, trending for sure let's get it trending coconut corn to the rescue! and the gray sky is back, but the good [news] is we had some blue skies today, so Ain't no Gray sky Gonna stop me.

I'm gonna do some laundry What? are you laughing at me? Our little songs we make about everything! yeah, it's a thing How you doing? Good. Hang loose! Just getting ready for bible study awesome You want to see it? Here comes the sun Do-Do-Do-do and theres the clouds It came back out its gorgeous Hey, buddy, I left its car harness on this is a seat belt harness Because we went out earlier, and I just wasn't [really] feeling up to Shopping or anything but my brain wanted to shop, so I was like Oh, maybe if I leave his car harness on I'll be like let's go shopping again didnt work, so far Guys, how about that sunset did you [get] it? that was Pretty cool. We were sitting in the living room.

We're getting ready for bible [study] tonight and mary looks outside. Just like The sun the clouds right [now] you have to go drone. I was like okay yeah, so I took a little flight and just the Vibrance of the sun hitting the trees and it was cool and then he came in because he was like I don't want to be [anti-social] Like no its totally fine. Somebody arrived at the house like Go back outside. They're like look at that sunset. Oh And that when I went back outside that was when I got This shot over the water It was amazing [oh] the reflection of the cotton clouds on the water.

IS SHE GOING TO DIE?!? ⚰️ (5.10.17)

It was a beautiful ending to a gray day Yeah, speaking of gray, do you want to tell them about your new video. That should be up on our channel It's technically the funeral tag. [I] keep in my [mind]. I call it the death tag. It's basically breaking the social norm of not talking about death In fact we get the comment from time to time.Is she gonna die? and the reality is we're all gonna die and So mary talks a little bit about her funeral we have a link down in the description And that is the first of many cystic fibrosis Awareness month videos, I hope that you enjoy it. I know that that is like the weirdest thing ever to say And you might be a little confused because we did film that while she was in the hospital shes not currently in the hospital I thought I'd just be able to sit down if there are like five questions.

Just answer answer answer be done, but I was like "cries" I think for me the hardest part about cystic Fibrosis and probably early death is not me like I have hope that I'm going to be made whole like in hope in Christ gives me The strength to push through whatever. I need to in this life, and then when I die I'm going to be with Jesus So I'm okay with that um I'm not the one. I'm like worried about It's my family and my husband who Have to deal with when I'm gone like I think about when I die The people who are left behind and that makes me sad And I have times where my mind plays out it plays out all the scenarios and Sometimes I think that that's what I have to do I have to sit there and think about it, and I have to cry about it because it is reality But for the most part I don't think about death all [the] time I Think having the reality that we are all headed to the grave. It's kind of a good and I think having a terminal chronic illness Brings that to the forefront more than say a normal person, and [I] think that that can be good because it [makes] us really think about and treasure the moments that we do have together whether it's um Making sure we have a little bit more of an adventure than we might You know like? Yeah, let's go ahead and stop and dance on the parking lot like because that's how we want to treasure our moments And everybody's different how they want to treasure in a moment not everybody wants to dance in the parking lot. That's okay, but, we havent done that in a long time I know we need to do that.

I was thinking about that We don't just like park the car and go take a random picture because then I get out of breath But we gotta figure out another way! Lets dance in the parking lot sometime, okay! But anyway, I think it's okay to think about death. I think it when it consumes your mind. That's when you need to figure out finding hope in the midst of the reality and then you might need to [just] sit down to the death tag and Face the reality but then also move on so and there's some humor thrown in there, too Don't think it's like this serious video apparently this is the song I want sung at my funeral give you one Little peek into the video you want to know this is like. You're guess in the comments right before you go watch it Guess what song I want at my funeral and if you already watched it, and then you can't answer It was like really did I just come out and it's not serious Don't really sing that at my funeral okay, please [oh] you you made it into an official video on YouTube It's gotta Happen now, okay. Well anyway [all] right guys We are going to get some sleep and as always we will see you tomorrow! Goodnight!.

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