Iron deficiency anemia treatment | What about iron deficiency

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What about iron deficiency? Symptoms such as hair loss and fatigue, dizziness, tachycardia, etc., are easily confused with other diseases when iron deficiency develops. If the balance of the iron level is bad or "not normal", we will give out some kind of signal that our body never miss. Iron deficiency brings various negative conditions to the body. Today, let's look at its main condition.

What role does iron have? Iron is a very important mineral that is indispensable to our health. Iron is contained in red meat, fruits, vegetables, etc. Iron is necessary for the body to form myoglobin. Myoglobin is a protein found in muscle cells. Iron is also found in enzymes that cause certain chemical reactions. Iron is also used to create hemoglobin in bone marrow. This substance acts to transport oxygen to red blood cells.

Iron deficiency anemia becomes iron deficiency anemia. In other words, the red blood cells become smaller, and they do not contain sufficient hemoglobin. There is a possibility that iron deficiency will occur at any age, but it will be common in lactation and pregnancy, elderly people and adolescence. Iron deficiency may also be caused by the following things. Lack of diet. Intestinal diseases and chronic diseases. Menstrual irregularity.

I donated too much blood. One of the main problems of iron deficiency is that symptoms do not appear particularly until the condition deteriorates. Anemia does not appear overnight. It slowly takes time and it gradually becomes anemic. In order to know whether your iron level is suitable for your age, you need to do a blood analysis called "whole blood count". When it becomes iron deficiency. There are many cases that people with anemia are surprisingly large, and in themselves they have not noticed. Even if symptoms of anemia come out, I assume that it is too much work or sleep deprivation.

Iron deficiency anemia treatment | What about iron deficiency

However, if it continues for a long time , do not miss it. When the red blood cell's health is lost and the function of sending oxygen to the cell can not be fully fulfilled, our body feels as if I lost energy and I feel tired. As the anemia progresses, various symptoms will appear. (Many of the symptoms of anemia are easily confused with other diseases.) Fatigue, energy shortage, always sleepy.

Stuffy, difficult to exercise. To be irritated, anorexia. Dizzy. Heart rate is fast. Easy to crack nails, hair loss. To cure iron deficiency. If the anemia is severe, medicine may be prescribed or injections may be done.

If anemia is caused by losing blood, blood transfusion may be recommended in some cases. However, if the anemia is not so bad, it would be possible to improve the anemic condition with natural remedy. It is important to ingest adequate and sufficient amount of iron from the diet. The iron intake required for men per day is 5 to 10 mg. There are more women than men, especially during pregnancy, lactating, and during menstruation. (15 mg or more per day). Iron is contained in meat and fish, especially among various foods.

Next to meat fish, fruits and vegetables, cereals, eggs, dairy products, legumes can be mentioned. People with anemia actively eat beets , nuts, lentil beans, white beans, wheat germs. When ingested with Vitamin C, it becomes easier to absorb iron into the body. For example, you may drink freshly squeezed orange juice with meals. Conversely, taking coffee, tea and soda (especially cola) together will make it harder for iron to be absorbed, so be careful. Natural remedy for anemia. The word "anemia" comes from the Greek word "alhaima", which represents the condition of blood shortage, but in fact, anemia is a condition of shortage of iron.

Various natural remedies have been used for anemia since ancient times. Of course, even today, you can use the power of nature to control anemia. 1. Garlic soup. Garlic soup has its body temperature and its ability to fight anemia. It is recommended for people suffering from end coldness from blood flow trouble. Material. Garlic 6 fragments.

Vegetable oil ½ cup (100 gram). Two pieces of dried bread. 1 tablespoon of paprika (5 gram). 4 cups water (1 liter). How to make. Peel the garlic and crush it. Put oil in a frying pan and stir fry until brown. Add dry bread and paprika.

Pour water and let it light for about 30 minutes with a low heat. Lower from the fire in half an hour. I will drink it after straining. You can drink up to two cups a day.

2. Gentian tea. Gentian contains active substances with the effect of promoting the absorption of iron. Especially, menstruation symptoms are recommended for women who are terrible.

Material. Root garden roots ½ tsp (5 gram). 2 cups water (500 ml). 1 tablespoon of honey (25 gram). How to make. Put water and gentian roots in a small pot.

Let's boil for 5 minutes. Lower from the fire and steam for 5 minutes. Let's add honey after filtering and make it sweet.

Let's drink 30 minutes before meals. 3. Swiss Chard Smoothie. This smoothie uses not only Swiss chards but also various kinds of food including plenty of iron, so it is particularly recommended for people with iron deficiency. Let's drink this smoothie every other day. Also, please drink on an empty stomach.

Material. 3 Swiss Chards. 2 watercress leaves. 10 almonds.

Tablespoon of oats (2 tbs) (20 gram). 1 cup soy milk (250 ml). 1 lemon juice lemon. How to make. Wash the vegetables thoroughly and put them in the blender. Let's add almond, oats and soymilk. Squeeze the lemon and take out the lemon juice and put it in the blender. I blend well.

Let's drink it as soon as it is finished.

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