Intervention for Woman Addicted to Exercise

By: The Doctors

Knowing this was a mind and body issue we first sent Aaron to psychotherapist, Dr.. Aaron [Foster] I? Am really glad you're here Thank you One of my goals is going to be helping her to identify and acknowledge that Her relationship with food is also a problem in addition [to] the exercise What are you nervous about just getting it out in the open. What is that out in the open just? Admitting that I do have a problem with exercise Just how many hours a day I really do Exercise that's the hard part [for] me to admit. It's like.

I'm running away from everything else in my life You're only as sick as your secrets What is the secret that's keeping you sick right now the molestation that I? Suppress for 30 years I never told soul when we [experienced] Traumatic events we swing either to Chaos or we swing to rigidity? You are a child So as a result you used a child defense mechanism to protect yourself because you needed control So now what you've done is Controlled the only thing you can it's not like I'm afraid to get that I'm not it's not any of that It's just the way the exercise feel to me. [it] makes me feel [good] First we need to bring everything to light. Do you think food is also part of the problem? [I] don't feel like I have an issue with food. I mean yeah, I do eat less if I exercise less take a breath Want you to trust me.

Do you trust me I do trust you [are] you rigid? your diet, yes, I Don't eat a lot during the [day] So it's more of getting all my exercise in and then I figure out what I'm gonna eat I did have a eating disorder when I was 15 being a gymnast I mean, we were [weighed] every day and body got tested And you were judged on being in a leotard food is also part of this problem So what did you just do right now face my fear? Tendencies Do you know how strong you have to be to do that? Heart How could all this be affecting Aaron's health and body well to get a full workup. We sent her to our good friend, Dr. Jorge Rodriguez I'm now going to take the vital signs your blood pressure your pulse rate, and I'm gonna take your weight I just don't want to know the number okay? Why is that? I just don't want to get fixated on a number That was my whole life [with] gymnastics Okay, swing myself. [I] don't have a scale. I haven't weighed myself You know I got your blood pressure is high very high let's try it again because I was surprised by it It's coming up 181 over 116 that kind of concerns me Okay How do you think your body is right now? I'm afraid of just gonna break down I'm lessening my time of sleep two hours down [today]. [I] can work out seven eight hours a day and it doesn't affect me How do your muscles do sorry that's [right] [no]? I wake up and do it again the next day cuz your urine ever been dark no no extra heartbeat no No shortness of breath what have you eaten today nothing? And you have an exercise today? so I did I [left] like Less than two hours and so I got up at [4] and got at least [4] hours in probably one night High pressure so eyes cuz I'm like I need to still do more. What would happen if you didn't exercise [I]? Physically get sick. I feel like I'm gonna collapse uhm just tired let's see how you're doing physically family open up Follow my finger here [take] a deep breath through your mouth good I don't think you drink a lot of water your [mucous] membranes are pretty dry And you're pretty dehydrated [your] pulse rate was below normal.

It was in the 50s. I really do think you're sort of And I think you feel it too. You know that you're sort of on the border of getting really really you.

Intervention for Woman Addicted to Exercise

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