Internet Research Leads Kenyan Family to Cincinnati Children's for Daughter's Surgery

By: Cincinnati Children's

"Where are you from?" "Kenya!" "It all started with an e-mail. Three years ago we wrote an" "e-mail to Dr. Pena concerning her because we had run out of options.

We had looked for" "so many options and his name came up. We Googled and found him at Cincinnati Children's Hospital" "website. We did not think he would answer.

'Cause back home, somebody so similar in his" "work and profession will even take maybe months to answer an e-mail. But like a miracle in maybe one week he" "answered back. And he referred us to Dr. Levitt.

So, that is when we started the lifechanging" "e-mail communication with Dr.Marc Levitt. We continue communicating with him. Then" "after a few months he told us that they would be coming to Ghana that next year, that is" "2012. He asked if we were able to take her to Ghana. We took some savings because we" "have used a lot of money on her and we flew to Ghana. So when we arrived in Ghana we met" "Dr. Marc and his team.

Internet Research Leads Kenyan Family to Cincinnati Children's for Daughter's Surgery

He looked at her and he told us he'll do an intervention for her." "That is when her miracle started. She started going to school, she became lively. And things" "changed. We started arranging of coming here. They always say Disneyland is where" "miracles happen, but in Cincinnati, I think Cincinnati is a Disneyland for children" "with medical issues. It's true! It's their Disneyland. Because here is where miracles are" "happening. A child goes there and she comes out, or he comes out, and it's just- everything" "changes.

I believe there's hope and there's help as long as a parent is passionate and" "they have hope for their child that this is not the end of life because I have a child" "with Cloacal exstrophy or a child with a malformation. I can still get help. I can go to the internet," "I can Google, and I can get help.".

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