InfoWars Vaccine Myths Debunked

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So Infowars fucked up again this week, which shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone, but this time they chose to fuck with medical science, and I'm not about to let that go unanswered. Many of us have known for some time now that Infowars sucks at science in general, especially the science behind vaccines. I thought it would be possible, in light of the recent video, to go back through their entire catalogue of videos, look for anything related to vaccines, and respond to it all at once. It turns out there's over 90 videos. So I'm going to pick the most recent three and just respond to those and save us all the major headache. The first video we're going to look at is called "Forced Vaccination is A Big Line In The Sand". [Jones:] Let's go ahead and talk to Ron of Vermont making some great points about his line in the sand.

[Jones:] I've said that medical tyranny is my line in the sand. I'm not a violent person. I'm not looking for trouble. [Jones:] And California's passed laws to start forced inoculations and stuff. I mean this is getting, [Jones:] they're getting rid of the exemptions, it's very very frightening. We've got to work harder. [Jones:] Brother, if you've taken your vaccine for anthrax or whatever, that doesn't protect you by the way, [Jones:] and all these other crap vaccines that are dangerous and their own inserts say could kill you, [Jones:] then you're supposedly protected! Don't give me that bull, that I don't have my own body. Okay, for starters, the anthrax vaccine is only given to people who may actually come into contact with anthrax, so I'm not sure why this is the first one that popped into Alex Jones's head here.

But nonetheless, this is a great time to talk about the concept of herd immunity. When most of a community has been immunized to a contagious disease it helps to prevent the spread, or "outbreak", of that disease. However, there are some people that aren't able to get immunized by vaccination. This can include infants, pregnant women, or immunocompromised individuals, meaning people who don't have a very well functioning immune system. Because people like this are actually medically ineligible to receive a vaccine, they are forced to rely on the immunity of the people around them. If the people around them can't catch a disease that means that they can't pass it on. But as more and more people refuse vaccination, we've seen a rise in these contagious diseases, which means that these people who are unwillingly unvaccinated are becoming exposed due to your ignorance. So no, Alex Jones, it's not just your body that you're affecting.

Vulnerable people shouldn't be forced to live in fear of death every time they step out in public just because there are dumbasses like you out there who think they somehow know better than the world's medical experts. And you're right, you shouldn't be arrested for making your own medical choices. But when you actively choose to deny someone like your children medical care through vaccinations, Alex Jones, there should be consequences. This isn't any different from other parents who choose to medically neglect their children for whatever reason, whether it's to pray away an illness, or to try to cure cancer through some weird alternative hippy therapy. This isn't just about you.

InfoWars Vaccine Myths Debunked

This is about your belief system and how it affects the people around you. [Jones:] We need to go back to the apothecary. That was just ground herbs, and oils, and essential cofactors that the ancients had developed. Every culture had them. Ah, yes. We need to return to a time when medical care was so bad that 40% of people didn't even survive to reach adulthood.

[Jones:] You go look at the ancient formulas, they're similar because they found out it's what really worked. [Jones:] And you always find some stuff that was superstitious or whatever but most of it was based in reality. [Jones:] That's a whole other area of medicine that's just been walled off and lost.

And it should be covered by your insurance. And so should having a nutritionist. It's true that some parts of the traditional medicine that Jones is referring to here was useful. The difference is that now, thanks to modern technology, we're able to isolate the active ingredients and do away with all of the extra junk. You know, science? And by the way do yourself a major favor and never see a nutritionist.

Because the term "nutritionist" isn't formally regulated by law, meaning that anyone can call themselves a nutritionist. On the other hand, "dietitian" is a term that is regulated, so that means that they have to go through a formal education, have an internship, and pass an exam in order to be able to legally call themselves a dietitian. And that's probably why insurance companies actually do cover appointments with dietitians, whereas they don't usually cover appointments with nutritionists. Not that I would expect anyone at InfoWars to know the value of proper qualifications. The second video we're looking at is titled "Migrant Measles Outbreak: Blame Vax Opponents".

[Knight:] There's the other virus that's happening right now. There is a measles outbreak that's in Minneapolis, Wisconsin. [Knight:] And Washington Post and CNN are very clear about the fact that they want to blame people who have concerns about the safety and the efficacy of vaccines. [Knight:] Here's the Washington Post headline: "Anti-Vaccine Activists Spark a State's Worst Measles Outbreak in Decades". [Knight:] There you go, right there. And of course every one of these articles ties it back to Dr. Andrew Wakefield, [Knight:] who we've interviewed here on InfoWars multiple times, and who was one person who actually did a study looking at the correlation of autism with vaccines.

Are we talking about the Andrew Wakefield that's been globally ridiculed by the medical community, who lost his medical license, and who published a study that has never been reproduced, and has in fact been debunked dozens of times? [Knight:] -- looking at the correlation of autism with vaccines, something the CDC does not like to do, we'll tell you more about that in a minute-- He actually means "something that the CDC did nine times." [Knight:] Understand that as we go through this, they're telling people if you're born after 1957 you need to get vaccinated again if you're an adult. Why? Because medical science has improved in the past 60 years? [Knight:] Because the vaccines don't work. [Knight:] People born before 1957 had measles. I had measles. It wasn't a big deal when we had measles. [Knight:] Yes, a few people would get seriously ill, even fewer died, but that wasn't the case for most people. [Knight:] Yes some people die from pneumonia, some people die from a cold. The beauty of modern medicine is that we have so many diseases that are very scary, very contagious, but thankfully very easily preventable thanks to vaccination.

And no one should ever have to deal with a life-threatening situation just because people in the past have lived through it. [Knight:] You can die from a lot of different things, but it was not a very serious disease. [Knight:] Especially when you compare it to possible side effects like cancer and autism. [Knight:] There's no disclaimer, of course. There is a piece of paper that they put into the vaccine list (ALSO KNOWN AS A DISCLAIMER), [Knight: but there's no disclaimer like you get on all the pharmaceutical commercials. Actually, there are disclaimers for vaccines. They warn about side effects like redness at the injection site, swelling, fatigue, mild fever, maybe a headache, maybe some muscle pain. But why don't they list "side effects" like cancer and autism? Well, that would be because the side effects that I listed have been proven in clinical studies, and the side effects that you listed have been disproven in clinical studies.

[Knight: ] This is suburban housing, a state that's near Stockholm. This is a report from Zero Hedge that goes back to the end of March. [Knight:] They say Swedish welfare state is keeping a large number of unassimilated migrants, and that's the key, they stay "unassimilated" there. Yes, that is the key, isn't it? People are immigrating from Somalia, a poor country with two decades of civil war that has destroyed its healthcare infrastructure, and they aren't knowledgeable about modern medical practices. But you know what the solution to that is? Education and outreach.

And you know what the solution to that isn't? Filling the internet with so much misinformation about vaccines that you scare people away from medical treatments recommended by their doctors. [Knight:] --where they talk about the fact that up until 2008, the Somalis who were coming in had the highest percentage of people being vaccinated. [Knight:] And then they started noticing that they were getting-- Misinformed by the growing anti-vaccine movement? [Knight:] -- they were getting autism. Fuck. [Knight:] And they had "Doctor" Wakefield come in and talk to them, and so then they put this outbreak on "Doctor" Wakefield, because six years ago he started telling people. When they noticed that there was a massive increase in autism, he told them about his study. Wait, so you're trying to argue that anti-vaxxers did not cause a decrease in vaccine usage in this Somali community, but you also know that Andrew Wakefield, like, the prominent anti-vaxxer, visited this community and fed them his bullshit around the same time that they stopped using vaccines. So which is it here? [Knight:] Let me point out, before we get any further, that not everyone who has come down with measles is unvaccinated.

[Knight:] They've had people who were vaccinated come down with it as well. Are you telling me that medical treatments aren't 100% effective? But to be fair, he's not wrong. (The) Measles vaccine is only 85 to 95 percent effective and yes, in a perfect world all vaccines would be 100% effective. But to put it simply: everyone's immune system is slightly different due to natural genetic variation that we all have.

So sometimes, for whatever reason, the treatment just won't work for a small number of patients. Which, to answer a question from earlier in the video, might be why doctors recommend that people vaccinated for measles before 1957* (see note in video) get the vaccine again. Because the formula has changed, the new one is more effective, and maybe we can catch some of the people that we missed last time. And keep in mind, just because the measles vaccine is not 100% effective does not mean that we should discourage people from getting vaccinated. Because even though a small number of vaccinated people do get the measles, the majority of people who catch measles are unvaccinated.

In fact, measles was completely eradicated in the United States before the anti-vaccine movement sprung up. So thanks for that, I guess. [Knight:] When we look at what's going on here, they had the University of Minnesota do a study, [Knight:] and what they did was they compared the autism rates of people who were Somalis versus people who were not, the white community, [Knight:] and they said the same, we have the same rate of autism there. [Knight:] What they did not do was compare the rate of autism with people that were not vaccinated in Somali versus the Somalis who were vaccinated here in America. When your health care system is in shambles, your priority is not going to be diagnosing autism. There is zero reason to spend vital funding on diagnosing autism in Somalian children when one-fifth of them are dying before they can even reach adulthood.

I think Somalia has some bigger problems right now, and I don't think that they have the resources to look into a "link" that's already been disproven many times. [Knight:] But other people have done this and we reported this. [Knight:] This article, that was at InfoWars on April the 24th from Robert F. Kennedy Jr., [Knight:] said infants with DTP vaccine were five to ten times more susceptible to dying from multiple versions of causes, okay, [Knight:] because the immune system was damaged. [Knight:] This was a study that was done on African children. [Knight:] And they had a test case of the same population, some of them vaccinated some of them unvaccinated, [Knight:] and they could see that the health issues were five to ten times greater for those who had been vaccinated. For one, that's the DTaP vaccine. It protects against diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis..

Not measles. For two, this study looks at resulting deaths not resulting autism. And for three, well, let's just take a look at this study here.

For starters, the researchers don't know if it was due to a "damaged immune system" like you claimed. The study itself says that it is a nonspecific negative effect in infant mortality. More to the point, I find it very interesting that you left out all of the studies showing the DTaP vaccine only has negative effects if it is the most recent vaccine administered. For example, giving the BCG vaccine non-specifically lowers infant mortality rate enough to reverse this effect. And you know what else reverses this effect? The measles vaccine. This is why we have a schedule for infant vaccinations.

Is it concerning that the DTaP vaccine has this effect? Yeah. Is it something to be improved upon? Absolutely. But is it something to be really worried about in light of all the information we have? Not really. It's just something to be aware of and to work around.

[Knight:] This is what the Somali migrants understood. [Knight:] They came to this country, they said autism did not exist, and all of a sudden, boom! It hits them. Yep, you're right. Autism doesn't exist in Somalia.

[Knight:] Take a look at the articles we put on InfoWars just the last couple of days. [Knight:] "Unvaccinated Children Far Healther, Have Fewer Disorders" [Knight:] Very large article, do your own research! Another great study! Or at least it might be, if it were based in anything like medical reports, or number of doctor visits per year, or basically anything but except for reports from an anonymous online questionnaire filled out by the mothers of homeschooled children. Is it possible that anti-vax parents are prone to confirmation bias? Is there a reason that this isn't mentioned in the InfoWars article? Is it because you know you're full of shit? But that's okay, because they included multiple studies! So let's check out the second one.

Holy shit, look at those error bars! Look at these probability values! For reference, you can't even begin to claim conclusive results unless your p-value is less than 0.05. And the only chart with data meeting this criteria from this study is this one, showing that vaccinated German kids were much less likely to get pertussis, measles, mumps, and maybe not really rubella. I think this might be the opposite of what Infowars wanted. But that's-- ignore that, because they have a third study. It's an ongoing self-reported survey on a website called "Vaccine Injury dot Info", and really that should tell you all that you need to know, but if you would like to take a look at the survey yourself I'll put a link in the description. Now remember, this is a highly scientific study that is critical to Infowars's understanding of how vaccines affect children's health. So you definitely should not use it to fulfill your daily shitpost quota. And the final video we're looking at today is called "Bombshell: Study Reveals Unvaccinated Children Are Healthier".

[Group:] I mean to me it's hard to understand why people are still watching the nonsense out there, [Group:] because you can-- you can find the truth if you look for it online, and you search for it. Okay, this is good! They brought in an actual doctor to talk about vaccines. So let's learn more about this "Dr.

Ed Group" "Meet the man behind global healing center: Dr. Edward F Group III, DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM," The Unburnt, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, and Mother of Dragons. "I feel my purpose in life is to teach how critical it is to engage in body detoxification." "Internal purification is the first crucial step towards achieving maximum health and vitality." "By cleansing your body on a regular basis and eliminating toxins from your environment," "your body can begin to heal itself, prevent disease, and become more strong and resilient than you ever thought possible." Oh, fuck off. Any biology undergrad can tell you that the body can "detox" itself. You don't need any special supplement or cleanses to be healthy. Did I mention that Dr.

Group just so happens to sell these "detox cleanses"? That's right, for the low, low price of $479.95, you, too, can experience the placebo effect! But let's check out those credentials. Harvard, MIT... Texas Chiropractic College... Natural Healing Institute of Naturopathy... Oh my god he's a fucking nutritionist. (sigh) [Group:] You ask yourself the question, why are these people, why do people believe in all this stuff that's going on? [Group:] I mean why aren't people doing their own research? [Group: Why are they believing everything that they hear on CNN? [Group:] A lot of it has to do with the way that they've been manipulated through commercials, and through media, and through pharmaceuticals, [Group:] and through the fluoride in the water, and the chlorine, [Group:] and the vaccinations, and the flu shots, and the fear that they're under.

[Group:] I mean we're dealing with a society right now that is under a tremendous amount of stress, [Group:] and stress will reduce your immune system automatically by 50%. (CITATION NEEDED) [Group:] We're dealing with a society right now is, who is extremely toxic. We're seeing cancer, the epidemic rise. (CITATION NEEDED) [Group:] We're seeing microbes rise.

(WTF DOES THIS EVEN MEAN?) Okay, uh, for the sake of staying on topic here we're just going to skip forward to where they talk about vaccines because... Wow. [Jones:] Look at this article, "Boston Herald Says People Should Be Hanged to Death for Vaccine Choice", you can pull that up. [Jones:] They're getting desperate because they know we're reaching the tipping point where people are waking up, [Jones:] And then I pulled up the articles, "Pattern: Premature Birth, Vaccinations, and Neurological Development Disorders", [Jones:] a cross-section study of six-to-twelve year old vaccinated and unvaccinated children. And it's all coming out. This is the self-reported survey of the mothers of the homeschooled children that we discussed earlier, which by the way, apparently cost half a million dollars to complete..

Yikes. [Dew:] Well Alex, here's there's the interesting thing. After those studies came out, within 48 hours they were pulled by open access texts.

[Dew:] They were being pressured by the vaccine industry, from what my sources are telling me. [Dew:] If you go to the article "Bombshell: Study Proves Unvaccinated Children Are Healthier", [Dew:] we have a breakdown breakdown of those studies. [Dew:] And then also at the bottom, we have one of the archive links. [Dew:] They've already pulled down another one that was archived because we had-- people went on and archived these studies, [Dew:] But basically what it showed was that there was a 6.6-fold increase in neurodevelopmental disorders between vaccinated children and unvaccinated children-- [Jones:] So those are major studies being pulled off the study sites because it's scaring them so bad. Here it is. [Dew:] Exactly. They've taken studies down like this before.

[Dew:] They don't want people to see this information that vaccinated children are unhealthier than unvaccinated children. [Dew:] They want to shield this from everybody. Oh yeah. It's super suspicious that junk science got pulled after it was widely ridiculed by anyone with two brain cells to rub together. Come on now.

[Dew:] Because if people start learning this truth they won't get their kids vacc-- [Jones:] We've had nurses on from the preemie wards, it's been in the news, [Jones:] where the babies all stop breathing when they're ordered give them the shots-- [Dew:] -- and they know about it. [Jones:] and they go and put them on respirators. [Dew:] Yeah it's a big game, it's a big game for them, they go "oh we got to get the intubators ready so we can help the babies breathe after they get their shots!" [Dew:] They're giving them these Hep B shots, there's no way these kids can get Hep B as a little baby. This isn't hard! [Group:] And one of the things that's not talked about a lot with the vaccines is the epi-epigenetic gene damaging problems that we're going to see when they're using all these different animal-- Hang on, let's replay that bit. [Group:] epi-epigenetic... Gene... Damaging..

Problems Does this sound like a person who has any goddamn clue what he's talking about? [Group:] epi-epigenetic gene damaging problems that we're going to see when they're using all these different animals-- [Jones:] Oh, that's another thing. They admit it's jumping into our genetics. [Group:] It can go from generation to generation to generation, [Group:] three generations down you're going to have damages from these vaccinations in this in this generation. [Group:] That goes for the endocrine disrupting chemicals as well, anything that damages the genes. There's a lot of definitions out there for the term "epigenetics", but the simplest one is that epigenetics is the study of biological mechanisms that switch genes on and off. Epigenetics an awesome, exciting, and relatively new field that will definitely be providing us with some valuable information in the future. But for now, I'm not able to find any studies that examine the effects of vaccination on heritable genes.

So I poked around on the InfoWars website to try to figure out what the fuck they're talking about, and I found this article from 2015. "Mandatory Vaccination: California is Ordering Genetic Alteration". "A Mother Jones article, 'Can Exposure to Toxins Change your DNA,' reports on the damaging effects of environmental chemicals." "The connection to toxins in your vaccines, though not mentioned, is an obvious parallel." An "obvious" parallel. Okay, buddy. "Here are the quotes from the MJ piece:" "The presumed mechanism of this unfortunate inheritance is not a mutation in the DNA itself," "but rather changes in the biochemical on-off switches that determine whether or not specific genes get activated -" "- a field of study known as epigenetics." "Most recently, researchers from Washington State University, led by a biology professor Michael Skinner," "reported last month that short-term exposure of pregnant rats to several kinds of chemicals caused ovarian disease not just in their daughters but also in two subsequent generations of females." "Symptoms that paralleled those found in human polycystic ovarian disease and primary ovarian insufficiency," "both of which can reduce fertility, were identified in the descendants of rats exposed to a fungicide, pesticides, dioxins, jet fuels, and a mixture of plastics," "but not among the descendants of controls." "We are talking about lasting genetic changes, from parents to children, down the line." "There is every reason to believe that injecting chemical toxins in vaccines would have a still greater permanent effect than, say, breathing pesticides." Even if we did accept the premise that vaccines do have harmful amounts of toxic chemicals in them (which I don't), you can't just go and lump all toxins together like that.

This is like saying that we found a study that says that orange juice causes cancer, therefore oranges must cause cancer, therefore all fruits must therefore cause cancer. But that's not how it works. Science is way too specific for that.

Just because two chemicals are toxic, and one of the chemicals is found to have an epigenetic effect on a person, does not mean that the other toxic chemical also has an epigenetic effect on a person, let alone the same epigenetic effect on a person, let alone the same epigenetic effect on a person that can be passed on to their children. You can't just go around asserting this shit based on vague connections. That's not how medical science works at all. (whispers) And a real doctor would know that.

[Jones:] We'll be right back. Shame on everybody trying to block this information, it's a fact, we talked to the nurses. Okay, I love this, I love this. Okay let me try: Thanks for watching! You can follow me here on twitter and twitch, and shame on anybody who dislikes this video, it's a fact, I'm a scientist.

InfoWars Vaccine Myths Debunked

So Infowars fucked up again this week, which shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone, but this time they chose to fuck with medical science, and I'm not about to let that go…

By: Nonsensicole
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