Indi's Scoliosis Life: My Diagnosis, Brace and Therapies :)

Author: Indi Sugar Taufik

Hi, welcome back to "Indi's Scoliosis Life". Today I'm gonna share about when doctor diagnosed me with scoliosis and about everything I've done for my scoliosis. [Ssshhh!] So that was only weeks, --- or a month to my 13th birthday.

Unintentionally I read an article on a health tabloid about a patient that has an itchy wound after a surgery. It was mentioned that he had scoliosis. At that moment I didn't even ever heard that word, but I read it anyway, because I really love to read. The article have a tips section about how to diagnose scoliosis on a children. The method called "Adam's Bent Forward", ---or something? (Oops, it's actually "Adam's Forward Bend Test" method).

Just for fun, I've tried it in front the mirror. So I bent my back and looked on my reflection. Quickly I realized that my back look asymmetric. I had hump on my right side, about a size of my fist. I didn't know what's wrong with me, because I didn't feel any unusual pain. Immediately I told about what's I've just discovered to my mom and dad.

I said that according to the tabloid I might had a scoliosis. But they didn't believe me at first, because when I stood up straight they didn't see something wrong. So, I bent in front of them and they're shocked because they saw a huge hump on my back. At the same day, my parents took me to the orthopedic hospital called "Halmahera Hospital Bandung". After an examination, doctor said that I had a 35 degree curve of scoliosis. It's not a big number, but also not very small, so it's classified as a moderate scoliosis. At that time I was like, "Yeah, not a big deal.

Indi's Scoliosis Life: My Diagnosis, Brace and Therapies :)

I'm just gonna drink the medicine and I'm gonna be okay." But I was wrong, scoliosis is not a disease, so it can't be cured but able to be treated. And the doctor said that I had an idiopathic scoliosis, which means the cause is unknown. He suggested me to wear Boston brace 23 hours a day. The brace is no longer with me right now, because I have a new one. I've left it in my old house. My dad said it's already broken into pieces.

But if you want to know how it looks like, here's the pictures. So the brace was along my chest and tummy. It also had a hole on the navel area. I wore it 23 hours a day, and I had 1 hour without brace to take a bath or swimming. I was like... How come my life changed really fast? I was still running and jumping around yesterday but now I have to live with my brace.

I feel restricted than ashamed, because I love to have some activities with my friends. Especially I love to play basketball, but doctor said I can't do that anymore. I have to wear my brace until my bones stop growing, ---at least for 5 more years, hahaha. I tried to remember any suspicious thing that might happened back then. How come I'm not aware that I have scoliosis? And I realized that when my breasts started growing, my right side was sightly smaller than my left side. If I wore my mini set it was never feel really comfortable on my back.

But I thought that was normal, because my mom said that it just a hormonal thing because I was a pre-teen. And our heart position is on the left side too, so that's affected the size. I feel like, I was supposed to notice that sign, but I was not, because of my lackness of the knowledge. Actually my parents took me to the pediatrician frequently, but the doctor never found out. He always said that I'm in a good condition. Even when I was wearing my brace he said that my scoliosis unnoticeable.

He surprised that I had a 35 degree curve. I'm no longer wearing my Boston brace & have it switched to another brace called SpineCor. I have an up and down journey with my brace. At some point my curves was stable, but another time it's increasing really fast. My scoliosis changed from moderate to severe, ----my highest was almost reached 60 degree curve. I've tried many treatments for my scoliosis. I've tried physiotherapy on some local clinic and hospital.

I've tried chiropractic too, and that was kinda consume a lot of time because I have 4 appointments in every week. One chiropractic season spend hours, before the treatment I have to do some exercise (and they have so many tools too!). Oh, I used to join a scoliosis yoga too. The instructor was a lady from India.

But I had to stop in the middle of my season because the yoga studio was kinda far from my home I feel tired on the way, and when I'm arrived, I feel so exhausted. So, I've stopped it. But actually scoliosis yoga was really good for me, because my doctor said that regular yoga or pilates might not suit for my back. And my current treatment is using a SpineCor.

SpineCor is a dynamic brace, or a stretchy brace that follow our body shape and our movement. So far the result is pretty good. After I had an experience of my curved was near to 60 degree, now my curve decreased to 40 degree with my SpineCor. That means I'm on "safe zone" because my curve's not really big.

Now I have to maintain my curve so hopefully would be stable. Beside of the brace, I keep exercising and stretching frequently. And I'm trying to eat healthy food too, because that's what scolioser need. Well, actually that's what EVERYBODY need. So, that's it for "Indi's Scoliosis Life" today. On my next episode I would like to talk about my brace, how I wash it, or... Else. If you have any idea, just put your comment below.

Thanks for watching. And if you enjoy this video, feel free to share it with your friends, subscribe and check out the previous video. I have the link on the description box. Byeeeee!.

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Indi's Scoliosis Life: My Diagnosis, Brace and Therapies :)

Hi, welcome back to "Indi's Scoliosis Life". Today I'm gonna share about when doctor diagnosed me with scoliosis and about everything I've done for my scoliosis. [Ssshhh!]…

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