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Author: Moise Mamouzette

I'm Jahaira Richard a patient of Doctor Mamouzette. And I am her husband Robin Richards. Well, since before we got married, we wanted to have a child.But, it was very hard.We wanted to get a baby, we planned it. It wasn't, you know?Just something that happened to happen. We planned it. And she found it wasn't successful until now. Approximately like FIVE YEARS. YES! 5 years.

I really wanted to have a baby.But I was devastated. I wasn't getting anywhere. I was pregnant, I was really really happy. And I noticed, I started getting pain in my side and I was like something is wrong. I started bleeding, went to the E.R. And it was an ectopic pregnancy. I mean, they rushed me to surgery.They say the tube, it was already too damaged, to be saved.

And then, we went through a phase where, you know? "THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING!" And, we got frustrated.I was really sad. I kept trying. I kept trying.

I kept trying, and nothing, nothing, nothing NOTHING! Where to a point I cried. Sometimes. I cried.

I started looking at adoption websites, to see what it would be like to adopt a baby. I didn't know who to go to. I looked at in vitro, IVF, as well.

I looked into that. I didn't know as much about the other methods, besides IVF, I really thought it was impossible. I didn't have the time because of my job, IVF wasn't going to work for me, not financially, and economically, no. Two years ago I really thought I wasn't going to get anywhere. Then I met Doctor Mamouzette. I found out that there was a fertility doctor here on Saint Croix, which I didn't know.He started my treatment right away.I was educated on the different procedures.

I was given options. When she came and told me I said, "Let's try it and see how this works." And it worked. I had one round of Clomid and I didn't get to do the IUI that time.I only had one egg. On my right side. Then I did another round, I got eggs on both sides.

One egg on the left two eggs on the right. I did the IUI and got pregnant, IMMEDIATELY! How did you feel when they told you, "It's positive."? Woo! Oh my gosh!WOW!I was super happy. I was I was excited. I cried, I jumped. I screamed. Everything, I was SHOCKED! I was.

It was believably, unbelievable.I can't even explain.It was a ray of light. Voila! I got pregnant. After an IUI? After an IUI. ONE? ONE IUI! I was just given hope.

I was given hope. And I didn't have to leave work early either. Right. I thought it was going to be painful. I did. I didn't know how safe it was.

I didn't know how it would work. The results are right here. Good results.They were minimally invasive, so they were easy. They were very easy.

I t was very professional. Yes Very professional. Timing was workable timing. I can't say anything negative about it at all. Anything can happen with my schedule. It went right.

It went correct. You don't have to leave the islands.You can do it right here. Privately, confidentially.Opposed (to spending over) ten thousand dollars, (per cycle) if you fly away. I would advise someone else, who is trying to get pregnant, I would tell them that it's workable. It's very professional. It's affordable.

And IT works. You won't have this mind-frame where, what you think is "doubt." You will have a mind-frame where you'll be very optimistic, when you're going through the procedures, because it's very educational, how you've been told, about what you're going through. And what's going to be done. It's fully explained. Usually, I know that with other procedures or when you go to the hospital with another doctors, you still are left with doubt, even if you ask questions. With Mamouzette, he tells you everything.Straight forward,what you might expect. How many kids do you guys want to have? I want to have two. What's your outlook? POSITIVE! Positive.

Knowing that it works, I really feel happy about it. It works. There's hope that it can happen.

Exhaust your options first. I would tell someone the same thing. I would surely recommend them to Doctor Mamouzette. I would highly recommend Dr. Mamouzette.

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"I got pregnant immediately." Infertility Cures - Insemination - DrMamouzette…

I'm Jahaira Richard a patient of Doctor Mamouzette. And I am her husband Robin Richards. Well, since before we got married, we wanted to have a child.But, it was very hard.We wanted…

By: Moise Mamouzette