How type 2 diabetes develops

By: Bupa Health UK

This animation will show how type 2 diabetes develops. Click the navigation arrows below the animation screen to play, pause, rewind or fast-forward the animation. This animation contains sound. Diabetes is a condition where your body is unable to regulate the amount of sugar (or glucose) in your blood properly. Glucose is absorbed from food and drink during digestion. Once food has been broken down, the glucose passes into your bloodstream through blood vessels in your bowel wall. The amount of glucose in your blood is controlled by a hormone called insulin.

Insulin is secreted into the blood by the pancreas, which is found behind the stomach. Insulin helps cells in your body tissues, such as muscles cells, to absorb glucose. Tissues need glucose in order to function. Type 2 diabetes develops when your body becomes resistant to insulin, so glucose isn't available to the parts of the body that need it. When the body's tissues, for example your muscles, don't respond to insulin, they can't make use of the glucose in the blood for energy.

As a result, glucose stays in your bloodstream and your blood glucose levels are raised. Symptoms of type 2 diabetes can include needing to urinate more often or passing large amounts of urine, feeling very thirsty, feeling tired, losing weight and having blurred vision. Sometimes you may have no symptoms at all. This is the end of the animation.

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How type 2 diabetes develops

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