How to Treat Rosacea Naturally (Help with Rosacea & Skincare)

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Hi guys, this is Eva from Bay Harbour Med Spa. And today I'm going to talk about a topic called rosacea. A lot of people heard about it.

A lot of people suffer from rosecea and most people don't know how to treat it and what to do for the skin, so first of all, I want to clarify something Rosecea is a skin condition that in my personal belief is hereditary and is most prevalent in people who are very fair white skin, like Irish background, Polish background. Eastern European people with very,very fair skin. But what is Rosacea.

Rosacea is actually a skin disease, but this skin disease is a something like this and I need you guys to understand what really happens and a how it works on the body how it works on the skin and how you can treat it. Rosacea is actually an inflammation and an infection of the skin that happens from demodex mites. Demodex mites are little microscopic parasites that live in our Sebaceous glands. You know that every human being under the skin. Every pour that we have has a gland a Sebaceous gland under the pore where that Sebaceous gland is the one that's responsible to either moisturize our skin, make our skin oily create acne and also moisturize hairs that come out. So what happens is people who suffer from Rosacea have actually this Demodex mites.

Live in the Sebaceous gland these oil glands under the skin. They multiply there. They create a havoc there. Then they actually attack the blood capillaries and they multiply there and they , you know they sort of like slowly like move also out from the from the Sebaceous glands and they attack and block in a way the little blood vessels just so you understand guys, and I don't want to go in big details, but in layman language. Every follicle, every human hair is connected with a little blood vessel so a every oil gland has little capillaries. Little blood vessels.

How to Treat Rosacea Naturally (Help with Rosacea & Skincare)

Well if this demodex mites live there and they multiply and then they, you know they have a eh they expand and then they attack these blood capillaries and then they block these blood capillaries and live in the blood capillaries and they swell and this is what happens. Once these blood capillaries swell, a lot of people can see it on their cheeks and most people and in a lot of men you can see it on the nose. And at time the nose really swells up and you can see swollen red blood vessels, blood capillaries on the nose.

And then as these blood capillaries are congested they then have like breakouts or pimples which is actually the end results of what's happening. The extracts of these mites, the infection of these mites are everything that these mites release ah and havoc that they create in ah the oil glands in the Sebaceous gland and in the capillaries and that pushes to the surface and it creates infection. So far the medical industry was only able and is only able to bring it under control temporary with some gels like Metrogel or some other topical applications.

But those topical medication are only as good as long as you use it. And remember I always said that prevention is always better than correction. And I am such a big believer in treating human skin and using as much as possible as nature and natural ingredients because I always say that you are what you eat and if you eat healthy and you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and natural stuff, you know, your skin looks much better and is much healthier and if the same thing would be for a condition like Rosacea so Rosacea is a condition as I believe to my knowledge is a condition that is most of the time transferred to people through heredity but as I explained now what causes Rosacea inside what happens to the skin, inside the skin. So if you want a better solution than just a solution of topical of medical creams and gels then I would suggest to you guys to go and look at vitamin store or health food stores and buy Evening Primrose capsules Evening Primrose capsules and see Sea Buckthorne oil, Sea Buckthorne oil either comes from a shrub and it sort of an orange fruit. It's either from the fruit itself or it comes from the kernel that's inside the fruit. If you combine internally taking Evening Primrose and taking the Sea Buckthorne capsules and you take I don't know the size of your body, let's say the bottle would say but you take two of each. That would help internally your body to treat as a mechanism internally treat the condition of Rosacea and then you could look out for a you could look out for places that have organic combination for instance I make syrums when people come to my clinic.

I make syrums that we use also topically on the skin so I make a combination of these Sea Buckthorn and the Evening Primrose and a combination of the serums and this we apply on the skin and also very important. And people that suffer from Rosacea and it's bad, you exfoliate the skin and you clean the skin. And it's important to do it externally and internally so I, my personal suggestion, my personal solution for Rosacea is taking topically internally ah ah, sorry, internally this ah ah, two supplements and on the skin topically and ah, on the skin topically applying this particular syrum for the skin. But remember that it is extremely important that those that have active Rosacea and breakouts to clean the skin, to do extractions, to, in cases where people I fear I do microdermabrasion treatments on them and I extract. I would clean it, as if I would clean acne skin, because in a lot of cases people have these breakouts, so you do it gently but you make sure that you clean the skin so you can find somebody that can do proper, proper facials. Proper cleaning facials for you, that would be great.

And then you take this Sea Buckthorn and the Evening Primrose capsules and you can find serums outside great, if you can't, you can contact us and you can order the topical serum for your skin from us. But this would be the order that I would suggest to people who really suffer from Rosacea and want to get away from the chemicals and from the medical applications that anyhow only solve the problem temporary only solve the problem but don't solve the problem for good. So you can do that or you can also if you can't find a place for facials if you could, you can contact us and you could order my treatment line for oily skin that has microdermabrasion in there and I could direct you then on how to use it on a daily basis if you can't find somebody who could do proper facials for you that treat the skin and prepare it so I hope that I have revealed some information then till next time.

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