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Hi everyone, I'm Dr. Aliya and I'm here today with some really quick easy stretches for all of you moms out there that are experiencing wrist pain. Now, what I'm talking about is a condition called mother's wrist, but it's also known as De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis. I know, that's a mouthful.

Basically what it is, is a lot of wrist pain, that extends from really the base of the thumb, right here, to basically the top of the thumb. It's these tendons, if you do a thumbs up sign, it's these two tendons right here that get really inflamed and really irritated. Now most mothers get this condition because they're constantly lifting their babies. So if you're lifting your baby using the "L" basically you're more inclined to get a lot of wrist pain. Also mothers that are breastfeeding and perhaps using a little bit of compressions that's also going to irritate and aggravate the wrist.

Now that doesn't mean that dads don't get them too but it's more common, actually 85% of mothers will report wrist pain at some point in the baby's first one or two years. Now what can you do about this? Well there are some quick easy stretches that I have for you today that will really help your mother's wrist. The first thing we're going to do is we're going to start off with some hand slides or some hand stretching. So you're going to take your hand palm facing up and you're going to try to get your thumb to reach to all of your fingers. So remember, your hand is nice and straight and you're going to grab your thumb and going to bring your thumb over to your pinky finger and you're going to hold that for a few seconds and then you're going to come back and you're going to bring it to your ring finger and you're going to come back and your middle finger and come back and then your index finger.

Now the key with the hand slides or the hand stretches is to make sure you're taking your time with them so that you're not rushing and you're not bringing your fingers to your thumb. Your thumb is actually traveling over and holding. You can also flex or bend your fingers and then bring them back up again. Another easy thing to do is to stretch out the wrist. So bring in your hands straight out in front of you with your palm facing down. You can drop your fingers and with the other hand you're just going to pull your fingers really gently toward your body. That's going to stretch basically the top portion of your arm and what you're going to do then is you're going to take your hand with your palm facing up this time. Again drop your fingers and with your other hand you're going to bring the fingers to your body.

How to Treat Mother's Wrist | Dr. Aliya

You want to hold these stretches for about five seconds and just continually repeat them. If it's starting to aggravate or give you a little bit of pain just back off a little bit it and just eased into the stretch. Now another thing that you can do is wrist flexion extension exercises. I've got a can of tomatoes here. You want to start really light with these.

Grab the can with your hands, palm facing down again. You could fully extend your arm if you like, just kind of supporting it or on a table, and you're going to drop your wrist and then bring your wrist up so it looks like this. Okay? You're going to do that the other way as well and really starting light.

Then the last thing we're going to do, with your thumb facing up, you're going to drop your thumb down or your wrist down and then you're going to lift your wrist up, just like that. Now if it gets too aggravating for you, if the thumb's really hurting with your hand like this, you can actually move your thumb a little bit closer and bring it straight up and that's a great way to start. Again, remember if any of these are causing you pain just back off. With these exercises you want to start off doing about 10 reps each and see how you feel from there. Now the next thing we're going to do to strengthen your hand is what I like to call grip strengthening or grip squeezing. This isn't actually my ball.

It's actually my daughter's ball. Don't tell her I have it. You can start off with a racquetball or in a Nerf ball, something really soft and what you're going to do is, again, taking the wrist around or the hand around, you're going to squeeze for five seconds and then relax and squeeze for five seconds and then relax. And you want to do that a few times as well. The last thing we're going to do is finger spreading. This is an elastic band, just use an elastic band that comes around your berries and things. You're going to put it so that is around all of your fingers so it looks kind of like this and you're going to spread your fingers out and then bring them back in. Spread your fingers out and bring them back in.

So those are a cute - a couple, some cute - a couple of easy ways you can start working out the wrist and really getting it a little bit stronger. What happens is the muscles actually start getting a little bit stronger and then inflammation resolves and releases. Now you just want to make sure that if you're really experiencing wrist pain to talk to your healthcare practitioner your chiropractor or anybody else that you're seeing to really be sure that you're getting the right treatment and remember guys, with all exercises, start off slow and then you can slowly ramp up.

Now, if you like this video, amazing! Give me a thumbs up sign, feel free to share it and subscribe to my channel. If you've got any questions, leave them below in the comment section. Until next time. See you later. Bye!.

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