How to Treat Leg Folliculitis & Discoloration in Black Women

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Hi guys! This is me again. Eva from Bay Harbour Med Spa! And I'm going to make a very quick or at least for me, a quick segment about a topic that I think a lot of black women suffer from, and the reason I'm going to talk about it quickly today is because I have a just seen today a Haitian client of mine actually new client of mine, who found me through recommendations looked me up on the eh, website and called me because she saw that I specialize in treating dark and black pigmented skin, and so she decided to give me a phone call and ask me whether I could help her that she has a problem which you know they say when it rains it pours, and when it's drought, it's drought. She now this week the second person, i had somebody call me from California, a Persian girl and now this lady, she actually came to see me today about a problem which I as a white woman never thought of because I didn't suffer from it, and it was brought to the forefront for me now by two people and this lady today who came to see me and that is actually folliclitus or eh dark spots on dark skin, from the pores where the hair comes out. No more hair but all those little dots, all those pores have actually a darker discoloration in them than the rest of the skin and so it looks like thousands of little dots wherever the follicles used to come out from, and there is not much more hair their because for instance as a rule of thumb, most Haitians that I know are not very hairy, so this lady also had very little hair, and I looked at her legs, I had to look twice to find some hair on her legs. However, three quarters had all black dots from hair follicles that were active once upon a time but are no longer active. And she said to me, that she is she's a beautiful, she's a nurse. She's tall, she's beautiful smile, beautiful white teeth. Big eyes, beautiful woman, she's maybe forty six.

I don't know if she's married otherwise I would make a match, I would ask you guys to find me a beautiful husband or boyfriend, okay, I didn't ask. That's just my craziness. However, she said to me and as a woman, because I like to dress and I do dress up, when I go out. She said to me, you know, Eva, she said, I am so embarrassed to go out to uncover my legs, she said, you know, I have so many pretty cocktail dresses and I cannot wear any of them because I am so self conscious about my legs because of all these black dots. And what shall I do? I really hate the way I look and she said I believe that it's heredity because my mother had it also and etc, etc.

So girls. What did I do first? Because this is Eva, this is me. So I'm a woman! I am all for woman. So power! Women, we empower each other. So I said to her, Okay. My pretty young lady.

Let me tell you something. You know there's such a thing as stockings. I said you go to JCPennney's, you go to one of they're department stores. And buy yourself today two pair of sheer black stockings, I said so when you put on black stockings first of all nobody will be able to see through because the color is black. Secondly, I said it will make you even sexier leg that you have because you will wear high heels. Third, it will make you even taller and I said, and you will be able to wear you cocktail dresses.

How to Treat Leg Folliculitis & Discoloration in Black Women

It's that holiday season, it's not beginning of December 2013. I said, there is no excuse for you not to wear your cocktail dresses. You can put even in Florida, you can put everything is air conditioning.

If it's hot, you can put dark stockings on black stockings on. It's sexy, it's elegant. You can cover up your legs and she said, you know , you have a point. I never thought about it. And I said just come to Eva. Eva will explain to you, Eva will teach you lot of things. So anyhow, then we went' back after I gave her my opinion, we went back to her dorms. And i have a solution for this, what is the solution.

My microdermabrasion scrub and my Mandelic Acid that I created for black skin. If it work, girls, and boys. If my Mandelic Acid works for the face, don't you think it would be okay to work for the legs and for the tush, and for the bikini and for the underarms. It can work for anywhere, if it's good enough for the skin on the face, it's good enough to work anywhere else on the body. So, ah, I gave her she bought the Mandelic Acid and she bought the crystal microdermabrasion scrub. She will do the treatments, three times a week. At least for three weeks, she will leave it all between eight to ten minutes each time she does it and i guarantee I stake my life on it. That her folliclitis, her dots, her black dots on her legs will get better.

I want to stress something else, and I said it to her and I say it to all of you out there. FIrst of all, i"m not a miracle worker. Although, I was told today by another lady who comes to see me from guiana that even though I say I'm not a miracle worker, I am a miracle worker. And actually girls, she saw me in one of my Youtube videos, it's a funny story, she didn't see me, her brother in law saw me because she was looking for discoloration, she happens to walk into his office. And there she said, she heard this voice and she said to her, can you believe in America, all these people are so obsessed with lightening their skin, he somehow landed in my Youtube videos, I talk about discoloration and because of course, I'm not American by birth so I have an accent, so she said she remembered my accent but she was busy but she blinked so the eye to the computer because she is dark pigmented, she's Indian, she has a lot of mish mash in her. She eventually, it 's karma, I believe it's karma. She said, she only remembered something that she saw at the bottom of the video which said Bay Harbour Med Spa something.

And she said that several days later, she went to the computer, she couldn't find cause he didn't know either where is so the YouTube and she said she had the feeling something told her that Miami and she didn't know she lives in south America in Guana. She put bay harbour ethnic skin Miami and boom, I came up. So she immediately called me, we talked and she came here for treatments and she here's now for couple of weeks or two weeks just for me. So I make her look better. Anyhow. The reason I tell you this story is yes, I have people that come from other places and other countries and other continents to see me so it's not so out of there are to me see people from all over the world, however, let's go back to the Haitian and to her discoloration in her legs. So, eh, I said to her, give me three weeks and I said to her, I'm not a miracle worker, but you how long did you take you to get to the point that's it's all black and discolored. Well in that case, allow me and give me at least a year for you to get the discoloration and the folliclitis under control and lighten the skin around the follicles to and accept that we're level.

I said to her, look. I am not a miracle worker, this is why I told you the story about the Guana lady because she today told me that although I say I'm not a miracle worker, I am a miracle worker because I did miracles with her skin. Anyhow, but I said to her, I can only to the Haitian lady, I can only give you or I promised you, results, anywhere between thirty to seventy percent. So I said if thirty to seventy percent to lighten what you have then we can talk. Of course if I give you seventy percent you will be eternally in love with me.

I never want to promise, I will never give you perfection, but I will give you as close as possible and so I said I want you to start the treatment, I want you to do this. I want you to start with level one. And this is again why I explain it to, why I explain it to you once more because I know the temper in America is like quickly quickly everything has to be now, now, now. People don't have patience.

Patience. So I said to her, you start level one because we want to get the black skin used to the treatment. We don't want to stimulate the melanin and remember all dark colored people in the world that listen to me.

Remember once again, Melanin is there to protect you guys. To protect your skin. Okay.

But you have to be extremely careful not to stimulate the melanin not to make anything or not to do anything on the skin. That will stimulate how will you stimulate the melanin in these simplistic way. Let's say you fall down, you shave your leg and you cut your skin. Now it's bleeding and now it has to heal, right. Well any black person knows this. If you skin heals after you had an injury, the skin that heals, the new skin will create the discoloration, will come in much darker than you original skin surrounding skin because that's where the melanin story comes in.

You have more melanin in your skin than I have. The melanin is there to protect you. The moment your mechanism senses something, an angel, a mystic. It says sends messages to the skin and the brain. It says "Okay, wound, wound, wound, problem, problem, problem. Missing color, missing color, so then the brain thinks and says okay, it sends messages down and it says produce melanin, produce melanin, produce melanin. And melanin produce, pushes the color to the surface.

We have a much darker skin from the injury, from the wound. So this is why I alway emphasize that more is not better, and that with black skin you have to be ten times more careful than with white skin. So this is why I say when we start to use the Mandelic Acid, what you must do first stage one so we don't irritate the skin, so if you start, you will burn the skin. You will take the skin and what will happen, okay, I want to hear it. I won't say what will happen if you irritate black skin. Say it out loud. Yes. You will get more melanin and you will get more discoloration on that area.

So exactly. So this is exactly why I'm saying that you have to be very careful and you do it gradually slowly, slowly, so this is why I'm sharing this story with you because I know because i treat this and I treat so many people all with dark pigmented skin, that I get fantastic results but we have to have patience for everything and we have to do it gradually. So this is why I share this, any woman out there that has this problem on her legs on her arms, that you are black and you have dots and the dots, the black dots that are much darker than the rest of your skin, that are really black, there's even no hair, it just looks this is something that can be treated with microdermabrasion and solution.

And all of you girls out there, you listen to me good. If you are in the same shoes as that beautiful lady. That nursed it today. And this is a Christmas holiday and you guys want to go out for parties and you're embarrassed and you have scars and you have discoloration and you have ingrown hairs and you have dark spots because you have inflammation of the follicles because you have veins on your legs.

Because your legs and skin doesn't look perfect. Listen to me. Listen to me. I know.

You go and buy sheer nylon black stockings. You know, stockings. You buy sheer black but black nylon stockings. It will cover everything, nobody will see anything and you get your self a nice high heel shoe. Kay. Remember a high heel shoe makes your leg much longer, your body much longer and you look slimmer and much sexier. Nothing beats high heels.

So I love high heels. I don't always walk in high heels. I try, but I guys. I had to work. I can't work in high heels. I work , i work with orthopedic shoes, you know. But I love high heels, and so all of you should wear now in the season problem with legs, sheer black stockings, be nylon, can be any other material but they should be sheer and they should be black and you wear those and you put those on, and you can also wear if you want your leg to look even slimmer.

You go and buy sheer black stockings that have in the back of the leg these one line in the middle that goes all the way up, you know. It used to be fashionable when I was very young and you know fashion turns on itself. My mother use to wear them, I used to wear them. And you can buy them stockings and they have in the middle of from the heel all the way up, one line in the middle that divides your leg in half and makes your leg slimmer, sexier, and no one will see imperfections on your leg. You can get the Mandelic Acid.

You can get the microdermabrasion and you can start your treatments, it might take you a year, might take you have a year and the problem will improve greatly and there is not excuse and no reason why no girl or any girl should be embarrassed because she has problems with her legs, because here. Eva has the solution. Right.

I have the solution for you guys. So that's my story, I had to share it, it's Saturday evening. I had to share it with you guys, because I think it's important because I didn't talke about it really because it came to mind because she came today and I know I solved her problem and then I thought about it and I said, okay, if she came to me and she looked for it then there must be ten thousand other women in Amercian that have the same problem. And it's the holiday season, well then, Eva, better get up and talk about it.

So here I am, I'm talking, I'm sharing. And in the spirit of the holiday season, I wish you all a wonderful weekend. A wonderful holiday season, to those of you who don't watch me on a regular basis, have a wonderful, wonderful holiday season, and happy new year. Thanks! Bye! Eva!.

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